Strollers and postpartum exercising


Postpartum workout is very important for the health of moms because it helps mothers stay fit and enhances good mood which is very important for mothers suffering from post-partum depression.

However, regular exercise is generally very difficult to accomplish for all day people let alone a new mom.

During pregnancy, many physical and hormonal changes occur in a woman’s body. After birth, a lot of those changes, especially those associated with weight gain are hard to get rid of without exercise.

The responsibility of a mother can be so overwhelming that exercise can seem like a luxury, but making time to exercise can be the best thing a mom ever did. Exercise restores muscle strength in the abdomen, lower back and other parts of the body. It promotes weight loss and improves on mood. Postpartum workout can reduce stress and can help prevent post-partum depression.

Why do many moms fail to exercise regularly and how can mom get her exercise without relying on someone to watch her baby?


Many parents do not exercise because they do not have someone to watch their baby while they workout. This problem can be solved with an investment in a sport stroller. Moms can burn some calories by taking walks, jogs or runs with their baby in a sport stroller. Both moms and babies can use the fresh air and human contact that occur during these out door exercises.

In the long run, investing in a stroller will not only be a healthy investment but also a social investment. As moms walk, jog or run around the block or in a park, they meet other parents with whom they can share ideas and in some cases form a community of stroller moms!

Strollers make postpartum exercising fun and moms will feel less guilty about taking sometime for themselves because they are sharing that time with their baby. There are a variety of resources ranging from books to DVDs that have great information on stroller workouts for moms. One of these is a book written by Sara Holliday and is titled “stroller workout for moms”. In this book, she explains a lot about exercising with a stroller. I think this will be a great resource for any mom looking for ways to stay active.

If you want to check this book out, click on the image below and it will keep this page open and take you to an amazon page for this book.

When should you start exercising?

Since many changes take place in a woman’s body during pregnancy and after birth, it is important to seek advice from your doctor before returning to pre-pregnancy exercise routines. More so, you need to check with your child’s pediatrician to find out if your baby’s neck muscles are strong enough before you take them with you for a run.

What kind of stroller should you chose and why?


Healthy parents are happy parents and happy parents generally have happy babies. Invest in your health and you’ll be happy you did! There are a variety of sport strollers in the market that suit different exercise needs.

For someone who was an avid runner prior to pregnancy and plan on maintaining the same level of exercise after pregnancy, the BOB revolution se single stroller or the duallie version is a great investment. It is designed with a front swiveling wheel that can lock in place for easy maneuverability. It also has reclining padded sits for your baby’s comfort. A suspension system that has two shock levels and pneumatic tires that adsorb a lot of the stress that result from exercising, making the ride smooth for your baby.

Another excellent stroller is the Thule urban glide 1 which is new in the market relative to the bob but has already found it’s place at the top of the competition. Thule is a lean slick machine with a swiveling front wheel that can lock in a forward and backward position allowing for straight line movement during a run. Thule has a padded reclining seat that has an almost infinite adjustments. In fact, the seat can be adjusted to a near horizontal laying position. Thule has rear suspension to further relief stress during rides.

The two strollers mensioned above are just examples; there are plenty you can choose from and they also vary in price depending on the quality and available features.

Moms who do not run on a regular basis do not need to invest in a high end model, Kolcraft model strollers will work great!. There are many other great products in the market. Follow this link to check them out!

I hope this post will help you to get on your feet and stay fit with the help of a stroller. Please leave a comment.

Cheers Denise

14 thoughts on “Strollers and postpartum exercising

  1. Thanks for the interesting article. I never new that the strollers were that important for an exercise does make sense yo. But I have to say one thing is that those strollers are really annoying when you walk in the city on the site walk or what ever, They are as big as a car and if it is to transport your child ok but if it is for exercise why not just go with your stroller to the beach for an hour and I think you never exercise again.
    Just and idea

    1. True strollers can be bulky, cumbersome and really annoying . However thule is revolutionizing strollers by creating lean models that can be maneuvered effortlessly on a variety of terrains, including rides on sand. Thanks for commenting on my post

  2. I’m not a mom but a single dad. But this is spot on and one of the best cardio exercises. My boy’s too big to be in a stroller now, but 2 years ago when I was competing for bodybuilding, I had to get my cardio in everyday. And I used to run around my neighbor with my boy in strollers, and man that was a hell of a work out…especially when you are trying to run up a hill. But I loved it and my boy just enjoyed the ride while I was huffing and puffing trying to push it up the hill lol. It’s killing two birds with one stone. And if you’re a workout or fitness fanatic, this is a great exercise.

    1. Thanks Joon for your comment. Riding up hill can be very demanding lol, I could only make it half way up. I think strollers have thesame effect a car ride has to many kids. My daughter was the type of child who will stop crying immediately you placed her in a stroller. It was a plus for me too!

  3. Awesome post as usual! As someone who comes from a fairly sedentary family and lifestyle (Though I’m taking steps to change that!), it’s great to see someone so invested in the Mom-Child relationship, as well as the importance of frequent exercise.
    Pretty awesome that there’s strollers out there built specifically to increase the activity levels of post-pregnancy moms who would otherwise perhaps not get as much time to do so due to their needs and those of the baby.

    Merry Christmas, and thanks for the informative article!

  4. I love this idea, I had never thought about turning a stroll with your child in to a work out. I will suggest this to the mums of my fitness class!

    Thinking about it, it makes complete sense. You are making double use of your time, and can save money on gym membership and lessons, all you need is a simple purchase of the book!

    Thank you for opening my eyes to the possibilities of stroller exercises!

    Have a great day

    1. Hi Jammysammy,

      I’m happy you like the idea and that you’re going to share it. It’s really hard when you become a parent to stay active but with these innovations(jogging strollers), you can totally do it!

  5. Thank you for the information! I think post partum exercise is a very good thing for mother and baby, but also could be nice for the father too join as well 🙂 Fresh air and walks can be a great stress reliever! Also the fresh air is great for baby, same with social engagement! The wife and I were thinking about getting a sports stroller for walks and runs, but they seemed expensive, thank you for showing us the more cheaper ones for people that wouldn’t be using it as avidly. Thank you agian for this article!

    1. Hi Jesse,

      You’re welcome. It’s a great idea to take those leisurely walks as a family. I love walking and like you mentioned, the fresh air is great for relieving stress.

  6. strollers and post partum exercising is an interesting article, I never thought about exercise with the right stroller before to be such an important thing to consider before.

    This stroller does seem to supply many benefits for mothers to get exercise, this company has really thought out the best with this stroller with mom’s in mind. Would have made a great mothers day gift for the right mother this weekend.

    1. Hi there,

      Strollers are great instruments not just for transportation but can also function as a mobile gym. Oh yeah a stroller will definitely make a great mother’s day gift and father’s day gift too. Many dad love to run and with a stroller they can do that with their baby (no need to hire a sitter to watch the baby when you exercise).

  7. Hello,

    very nice and appealing website and very relevant niche! I really think that a sport stroller can be very necessary especially for some people. Of course, it’s definitely possible to exercise at home and do very well without any equipment. But if you want to exercise outside, It’s definitely the way to go. That Thule urban glide 1 looks really good and worth the price!


    1. Hi Julius,

      Very true, sports strollers are very good for the outdoors. It doesn’t only keep parents healthy but help many parents feel less guilty about taking the time from caring for their kids to exercise because they get to share the fun with their kids.

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