Rollerblading while pushing a stroller

Hello guys, today I am going to be writing about rollerblading while pushing a stroller. I have been asked by several people if it is safe to roller blade while pushing a stroller so I set out to do some research and found out that it can be very safe if you take the necessary precautions.

Check with your doctor


First of all, before putting your little one in a sport stroller , you need advice from your pediatrician to find out if your baby is ready. Many babies are ready to ride in a sport stroller when they can sit up by themselves. This is usually when their neck muscles are strong enough to handle the stress of the ride. This is around the age of 9 months and sometimes even up to a year.

Sport type strollers are the only kind of strollers you should ever put your baby in when you plan to roller-blade. But do not just take it from me!, do your own test. Find something about the weight of your baby, put it in your stroller just like you will your baby and take it for a ride. You might get a weird look here and there but guest what? You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to feel comfortable about rollerblading while pushing your baby in a stroller. That said, lets look at some things that will make it safer for your baby when you roller blade.

Tips for safe rollerblading while pushing a stroller.


    • Your stroller’s front wheel should be fixed or have a swiveling front wheel that can lock in place. This will allow for straight line movement and prevent a sudden change in course that can lead to a flip or other kinds of accident. Rollerblading is fast and fixed front wheels can handle it. It can be hard to maneuver around corners with fixed front wheels but it does not hurt to slow down and put some muscle into the handle bar. Look at the bright side, you are out to workout so do it
    • Air filled tires are preferable and those with a diameter of 16″ are best because they provide a smoother ride for the baby.
    • A hand break is a must have for your sport stroller. Make sure the hand break actually stops the stroller; some hand breaks only slow down the stroller, these types are not good enough
    • Always make sure your baby is strapped in. Strollers with five point harnesses are the best. Also use an additional protective pillow around your babies head to limit movement.
    • Another safety feature is a safety wrist stripe that connects your arm to the stroller and stops the stroller from rolling away from you
    • Roll slower ! There will be a time again when you can roll at full speed, when you don’t have to take your baby with you any more. But until then, keep the speed slow and safe
    • Avoid crowded areas. The safest places to roller-blade are places with low car, children and pet traffic. An alarm system if possible will be a great addition to alert people of your presence
    • Never roller blade with headsets on. You want to pay attention to your environment and the baby. You need to check your baby at least every 15-20 minutes. Avoid using sunglasses during your rollerblading exercises with the baby because as much as they block the sun from reaching your eyes, they also impede your vision.

I haven’t roller bladed my self but I have been told by those who have that it is very hard to fall when rollerblading with a stroller and it is a great way to improve on your skills because of the fact that you go slower and have the stroller for support.

However, make sure your stroller has all of the safety requirements listed above and that you are a good driver because rollerblading safely is like driving safely. Stay in your lane, watch your speed and pay attention to your environment and you and your baby will be OK! For more information on strollers, check the page on sport strollers.

Rollerblading safely with your baby also require the proper set of roller-blades. Roller-blades are designed for use in different kinds environments.

Choosing the perfect roller-blades


There are a variety of roller-blades that are designed for various skating terrains. Generally there are three kinds of skates for adults;


This type of skate is designed for fitness and recreational purposes for use at parks and on bike trails. It has smaller wheels that turn quicker but roll slower. This will be a great skate for rollerblading while pushing a stroller.


This type of roller-blade is designed for training. They are light weight and have large wheels for skating for long sessions and on a variety of surfaces.


This kind of roller-blade is designed for freestyle street skating.

As mentioned above, if you are a careful skater, have the right roller-blades and stroller, your baby and you should be safe for this exercise! If you will like to join a discussion about rollerblading with a stroller, click here!

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Cheers Denise

10 thoughts on “Rollerblading while pushing a stroller

  1. What an awesome idea. I also see parents running pushing the stroller and I say what a great workout they must be getting. I am sure most parents would like to know if they could roller blade while they push the stroller.

    Your tips for safe rollerblading while pushing a stroller are very comprehensive and will become useful for those parents who want to stay active.

    1. Thanks Juan for commenting on my post. I agree, there are many parents out there who will be happy to know that they can rollerblade while pushing a stroller. Active parents are generally healthy parents.

  2. Awesome!!!

    I actually could see myself and my daughter flashing up and down the local main hall parking space( after closing time or very early in the morning)

    What you say is true, for me could be a totally safe way to improve my skills in rollerblading and to have a lots of fun with my little one!!

    I can also image putting her a super cool aviator glasses and a pilot hat!
    Thanks for the great idea!

    1. Hi Andrea,

      There you go, nothing is as important as spending quality time with your child and looking cool too.Rollerblading can be lots of fun, just do it slower than usual when you’re with you little one

  3. Hi

    Hope all is well

    Nice Post..When i started reading it..i was like WHAT !!..Pushing a Baby in a stroller and you on roller blades..

    Well that sounds very adventures..

    Maybe not a good idea for a armature blader.. i will stick to the walking thing..

    Thanks for an interesting read..

    Have a stunning day

    from Jaco

    1. Hi Jaco,

      I felt the same way when one of my readers asked me if the could rollerblade while pushing a stroller. I decided to do some research on it and found out that many people do it and it can be very safe if you are experienced and careful.

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    I think you have done an amazing job with the layout especially. It makes you want to really explore around, to see the different articles you have written. I really enjoyed reading your pages:and the way you wrote it. You call readers to attention.

  5. It is a great idea however I first think you should know your own ability whether you are a good roller blader or not. And also know the area you are blading and taking your toddler on. After all, you are pushinng your little treasure. They will love the ride and are unaware of the danger. But still a great way to get exercise if you know what you are doing!

    1. Very true Sharon. It’s going to be exciting for little ones but one needs to be very care when rollerblading with a stroller. It is a great way to exercise.

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