Thule Urban Glide

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Today I will be writing about the Thule urban glide 1, a high quality stroller manufactured by Thule. Thule is known for making high quality products ranging from bike carriers to roof racks. Thule urban glide is relatively new, when compared with BoB but has already proven it’s worth!


Weight: 23 lb.
sitting height: 21 in.
Shoulder width: 13.5 in.
Folded dimension (L*W*H): 14 in *21 in *34.5 in
Weight capacity: 75 lb.
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    • Thule infant car seat adapter
    • Thule mesh cover
    • Thule rain cover
    • Thule snack tray


Lean stroller with swiveling front wheel, rear suspension system and adjustable tracking

The Thule Urban Glide 1 is a lean sleek machine. It comes with a swiveling front wheel that can be locked in a forward or backward position, enhancing a straight line movement when exercising on uneven terrains (dirt road, sand, snow…). This double locking position feature is great because you can try both positions to find out what works best for you. When it swivels, you can maneuver better and it can literally turn on a dime.

This stroller has a rear suspension system that makes the ride smooth for the baby. The front wheels have adjustable tracking that help the stroller roll straight when locked. These features provide additional comfort for babies and parents during a run. You do not need a tool to adjust the tracking system.

Light weight and ergonomic handle bars

The Thule is light weight (weighs 23 lbs.) and has an ergonomic handle bar that can be adjusted to suit the needs of parents of a wide range of heights. This handle is not only convenient but good for overall posture, especially the back muscles. It is padded and comfy to grip.

Padded reclining seat and one hand folding capability

This stroller has a padded reclining seat that reclines to multiple positions. The seat can be reclined to an almost horizontal laying position which is especially great for outdoor naps or for on the go diaper changes. It can be reclined up to a comfortable upright position, great for curious viewing.

The thule urban glide stroller seat has a five point safety harness that is padded along the shoulders and at the crotch strap for comfort.  The harness is easy to use; it adjust for height and around the waist to ensure a proper fit.

This stroller can accept an infant car seat to become a travel system. It is compatible with a variety of car seats as long as the right adapters are used. Car seat is sold separately.

Thule Urban glide can be folded effortlessly with one hand for easy storage. You can easily handle your baby while folding your baby’s stroller at the same time! All you need to do is grab the blue fold handle and lift and it will fold on its self. It is not super compact when folded, so you might struggle to fit it in the trunk of a small car.

Spacious storage and other features

The under seat storage is large and zippered allowing for storage of toys, food and more without fear of losing anything while exercising. This storage is easy to access, especially from the rear.

This stroller has many features like an adjustable multi-position canopy that protects your baby from the sun. This canopy has a mesh sun visor that provide additional protection while allowing proper ventilation. There is a viewing window on the canopy with magnetic covers that allow you to check on your child quietly without waking them up.

What are people saying?

This stroller has a 4.4 out of 5 star review from 122 people on amazon. After going through the reviews on Amazon, these are the top complains;

  • No padding / cushioning on the sides of the stroller by the head.
  • No auto-locking mechanism. It has a black strap that holds the stroller in place after folding but this strap according to a few parents breaks easily. Once broken, folding the stroller becomes a problem.
  • Because Thule urban glide is a lean design, it might not be the best stroller for bigger kids..

Below are some reviews from amazon,


Thule Urban Glide 1, is new relative to other sport strollers like the BOB revolution se but is standing up just fine to the competition. It features big bicycle type all terrain tires, swiveling locking front wheel, a multi position reclining seat, an excellent suspension system,a big adjustable canopy, easy fold, a big storage basket and a foot activated parking brake.

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8 thoughts on “Thule Urban Glide

  1. Thanks for this helpful review, I was looking for something exactly like this for my toddler. I’m a bit disappointed though that it doesn’t have an auto-lock function because for me, safety is the top priority. I was wondering if you could recommend something similar in the market that comes with an auto lock feature?

    1. Hi Julie,

      Check the Bob revolution see stroller. I believe it has semi automatic folding. It has a lot of great reviews on Amazon. You could check the reviews on Amazon for more details. Thanks for leaving a comment Julie.

  2. l like the way that you listed the negatives as well as the positives as I know that this well help the reader make an informed decision as to whether or not they wish to purchase the stroller. The Urban glide I feel has been given a good, fair review and I notice from your last comment that listing the negatives obviously helped someone, great job indeed.

    1. Hi Simon,

      It is only fair that I give my readers a complete picture of the product. No one likes a sales person and I try not to be that. As Kyle from WA always says, you need to help people first before trying to sell something to them. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  3. Wow this thing is ridiculous! One of my close friends has a 4 month old baby girl and this would be the perfect gift for her. Love the idea of built in suspension for a more comfortable ride and the cover to keep the sun off of her.
    One question, is there a warranty granted something were to happen to this super stroller?

    Glad to have come across this review, thanks for sharing:)


    1. Hi Dylan

      I’m happy you like the stroller. Thule urban glide has a limited life time warranty. I could’t find details from the manufacture’s website as to exactly what is covered by their limited warranty but like other strollers out in the market, I believe it is for parts and not the whole stroller. Thanks you for leaving a comment.

  4. I appreciate the review of the Thule sport stroller, my grandson is only 8 months and my daughter in law is looking to get back into exercise, but they are currently operating the traditional stroller with the small tires I think the Thule will be a great way for her to get back into the park and run off some energy for her and the baby.
    Again Thank you

    1. Hi Mark,

      I am happy you found my review helpful . An investment in a sport stroller is an investment in health. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

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