UPPAbaby Vista reviews; # 1 in innovation

UPPAbaby Vista; # 1 in innovation

When you say innovation, many people think of smart phones and wheels. There have been a lot of innovation in the wheels sector; yes innovation in cars that drive themselves or park themselves but those are not the kind of wheels I’m going to be writing about today.

When I say wheels I mean strollers; yes these little machines are being made stronger, smarter and eco-friendlier than ever before. Some are able to charge a phone and do even more.

I will be talking about the features and power of what I believe is one of the most innovative strollers in the market; the UPPAbaby Vista!

UPPAbaby Vista stroller reviews

Vista has it all, the looks, the strength, versatility and if it was a person you will say charisma. Very dependable stroller that give you the feeling it is bending over backwards to please you!. Let’s get to the very important innovative details.



With a bassinet, you can convert your Vista into a baby buggy and when you want to take your sleeping baby inside after a beautiful walk, just detach your bassinet and take it with you (supper easy, you only need one hand to detach the bassinet)

Vista’s bassinet has been approved for overnight sleep so you need not worry when you and baby visit aunt X overnight. The material make it so breathable and it is deep enough to provide room for baby to stretch. Many people who have written reviews on this bassinet say it was able to hold their child till they were 6 months old.

The makers of this bassinet thought of everything with the extendable SPF 50+ canopy that drops down to provide your baby with protection from harmful UV radiation. The back of this canopy unzip to expose a net like super breathable fabric that allow for proper ventilation and cooling for you baby (genius).

With these innovations, you can enjoy even the sunniest of weathers with you baby.

Full size rear facing and forward facing toddler seat

The toddler seat is another prove of the ingenuity of UPPAbaby Vista. This seat can face both forward and backwards. It can sit up right or recline completely; in fact, you can recline it to any position in between.

With such combinations, Vista allows room for your toddler to grow and for both of you to experiment. When completely reclined, you can change diapers outdoors with so much easy.

Just like the bassinet, Vista’s SPF 50+ canopy for the toddler seat pulls down and protects your child from UV rays. For even better flexibility, the canopy adjust for height thus accommodating for your growing child.

Telescoping handle bar and all-weather protection

Vista is designed with parents of a wide range of heights in mind with its adjustable handle bar. No straining for tall, short or in-between drivers means no back problems as a result of driving this fine machine.

Included with this stroller is a toddler seat rain shield and bug shield that protects your child from the elements and tiny wildlife (especially annoying mosquitoes) respectively.

Double or triple capability

Do you have two toddlers or three?, no worries Vista got you covered. The combinations are mind blowing. If you have an infant and a toddler, Vista can accommodate for both with the use of a bassinet and a full size toddler sit OR an infant car seat and toddle seat.

If you have two toddlers, Vista can adapt a rumble seat and a full size toddler seat and if you have twin babies, no worries either. For twins, vista can accept two bassinets or two infant car seats.

All these additional carriers can be installed with the help of proper adapters. Some combinations require an upper and lower adapter while others require one type only. Switching and mixing seats is just the tip of the iceberg for the dynamism of the UUPAbaby Vista stroller.

All carrier types excluding infant car seat and bassinet, whether place above or below can face in either the rear of forward facing position. Both seats do not have to face in the same direction. I will let you imagine all possible combinations (there are a lot).

You can easily tow three kids on the Vista by letting the third kid ride on the piggy-back ride along board. This stroller is truly versatile. Follow this link to read more about adapters.

More features

  • Front and rear suspension
  • Large and easily accessible storage basket
  • Self-standing one step fold (stroller can be folded with or without seat attached).

Dimensions and weight

  • Unfolded: 26.5”W x 37”L x 39.5”H
  • Folded with seat attached: 26.5”W x 14”L x 33”H
  • Folded without seat attached: 26.5”W x 13.5”L x 33”H
  • Frame + Seat: 27.5 lbs.
  • Frame: 20 lbs.
  • Seat: 7.5 lbs.
  • Bassinet: 8.4 lbs.

Items included in package

  • Aluminum alloy/Magnesium frame
  • Wheels
  • Bassinet
  • Bassinet Bug Shield
  • Bassinet Storage Bag
  • Toddler Seat
  • Toddler Seat Rain Shield
  • Toddler Seat Bug Shield
  • Bumper Bar

Follow this link to read more on technical specifications.

What are people saying?

UPPAbaby Vista has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars (I noticed this rating was a mix of Vista from 2010 to 2015). Many people are very satisfied with this stroller but others think it is a little expensive for what is offered. Some people  complain that it is bulky when folded with chairs.


Uppababy vista is a stroller that will grow with your family. It is made to last. It is also made with safety in mind. It features multiple seating configurations, big storage capacity and many convenience features.

Before buying this or any other stroller please read as many reviews as possible to make sure it meets your expectations. No stroller is perfect but it should at least meet about 80% of your expectations. Thanks for reading, I hope this review was helpful. Please leave a comment; all constructive comments are welcome.

 Cheers Denise

11 thoughts on “UPPAbaby Vista reviews; # 1 in innovation

  1. I don`t have a kid of my own yet but someday I wil. The stroller has triple capacity and all of its components just seem to be so optimized, that they ensure that both the baby and the person pushing the stroller are comfortable. If I had a child I would certainly buy it. 🙂

  2. Hi Denise, I see strollers have come a long way. So has the price tag. When my kids were little we did not have multi purpose stroller. I have to admit the new strollers appear better constructed. The price tag still scares me though. I do like the way I can go right to the source for the price and any other information the company offers.

    1. Hi Carroll,

      You’re right about the price tag of some of these strollers; scary. I think it also has something to do with inflation thus money is not worth the same now as it was say ten or twenty years ago.

  3. Very impressive baby buggy-yes when I think of technology I never consider a product such as this but you have impressed me with your article today.

    Price is a very important consideration today with our expensive economy- but grandparents and aunts and uncles often will spend more on baby products then parents for such luxury products.

    Safety is the most important feature we worry about with baby products-then comfortable for our baby- then we consider the price.

    1. Hi,

      It is true that safety comes first and then the price. Grand-parents love spoiling their little grand kids with luxury gifts. Today, strollers are very important especially for the on the go parent. One that can hold more than one baby is even better for a bigger family.

  4. I definitely like the fact that the Uppababy Vista toddler seat can face both directions.

    Myself and my partner were told that babies will always want to face their parents when in the stroller but we’ve discovered that every baby is different. Our little one loves facing outwards in the carrier way more than inwards. And we know another baby like this.

    Thinking he’ll like to face outwards when we move him from his car seat into a toddler seat too.

    Also loving the idea of a telescopic handle. Since me and my partner are very different heights and we both share the pushing a lot.

    1. Hi Nathan,

      Couldn’t agree more that all babies are different. My boys hate facing me they like facing forward. I don’t blame them because watching the same thing everyday gets boring really fast. The telescoping handle is definitely a needed feature especially for parents of different heights like you and your spouse.

  5. Hi Denise,
    My wife and I just recently had our first baby. We have an everyday stroller that can handle the normal wear and tear, but we’ve been looking for one that is designed more for a fitness/fast walking style. My wife has had a hard time with the extra baby weight and our daughter loves when we take her for walks in the stroller. Can you recommend a good quality stroller that can stand up to a fast paced walk or maybe even a slow jog? Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Bobby,

      Check out the bumbleride indie all terrain jogging stroller. It is great for fast walks and jogging and comfortable for baby because it has all wheel suspension. It has a big storage basket. Check my post on the bumbleride indie for more information.

      You can also check the other strollers I have written reviews on before making a decision.

      I hope this was helpful!

  6. I have two children who are 20 months apart – a quality double stroller like the Uppababy Vista is not a “want”… it’s a NEED. You NEED a good stroller. One easy to pack away and unfold, one easy to adjust to your current changing needs, one easy to turn on a dime… even/especially in double stroller capacity.
    Advice I received before our first was born was “if you spend money on ANYTHING for your baby, get a GREAT STROLLER.” We did, and I can’t even remember the number of times I’ve passed on that same advice. It’s golden.
    Second piece of advice was to buy one that will hold it’s value for resale afterwards. The UppaBaby definitely does!

    1. Hi Marlaine,

      Thanks for the great comment and advice. Uppababy will definitely hold on to it’s value for resale. It is a great all around stroller with amazing features.

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