Britax b ready double stroller reviews

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Britax 2017 b-ready double stroller is a very versatile stroller and features a big storage basket and a click and go system for attaching any Britax infant car seat. It comes in five colors and has a modern look to it. It also receives a bassinet to form a pram style stroller. It can receive two seats in variety of position combinations.

The 2017 b-ready stroller offers a quick fold design that folds in a few seconds even with two seats attached. It features foam filled rubber tires and a suspension system for smooth ride on a variety of terrains.

The top seat of this stroller is reversible and it reclines to four positions.

Ease of use and convenience b-ready-2017-recline


The top seat of the b-ready stroller is very versatile. It can face forward for when your child wants to view his/her environment and face backwards if baby will rather see you. This seat reclines to four positions making it easy to find a suitable sitting position for your child.

Reclining is achieved with the use of a lever and this seat reclines up pretty well to allow your child to get a great view of their environment. It can also recline to a near horizontal position which is great for outdoor naps and diaper changes.

This stroller can receive a second seat, in fact it offers 12 seating options. You can attach two infant car seats, a basinet and a regular stroller seat, two regular stroller seats and so on. These seats can all face forward or backwards as it suits you and the baby (the bassinet only faces backwards).


The britax car seats click-attach to the stroller; no adapters are required. The top seat can hold children from 6 months and up to 55 lbs. Children younger than 6 months old should ride in a car seat or bassinet.

This stroller can receive other major infant car seat with the use of infant car seat adapters from britax.


The handlebar adjust up and down to provide a comfort fit ride for parents of a variety of heights. The handlebar features comfort grip which is very important when the stroller is used for extended periods of time.



Folding is very easy and fast even with two seats attached. It folds to a dimension of 19 inches high and 42 inches long. When folded, the stroller auto locks for easy storage and transportation. This stroller features self standing lock when folded with one seat on.

This stroller is not super compact and is a little heavy so storage in the trunk of a small car will not be a breeze.


The canopy is huge and features a magnetic viewing window which is very convenient to use (especially as you can check on your baby without alerting them; unlike the viewing windows of some strollers with Velcro straps that open very noisily).

The viewing window has a mesh screen which allows air in to increase ventilation as necessary.


The storage is big, really big (you can totally go coo coo crazy shopping at the mall because it will hold a lot). This storage is well designed and won’t sag easily. This storage is easy to access from all sides. When second seat is attached, accessing from behind is not easy so you can access if from the front via the zipper access.

The storage space is reduced by a lot when second seat is installed.

Wheels and suspension system

This stroller maneuvers pretty well and smoothly along a variety of terrains thanks to its foam filled wheels and frame suspension system. It is not as easy to maneuver as the bob strollers but it is good. The suspension system makes it possible to maneuver on a variety of terrains.


Harness b-ready-harness

It has a five point harness that is easy to put on and take off. It adjust easily and fits snuggly (it is padded for comfort).


The second seat gets in the way of the storage basket; it grants the child in this seat access to the storage basket. So it is important to mind what you put in the basket because they might eat it, hurt themselves with it or toss it out.


It features foot activated rear parking brakes. The parking brakes has both red and green lock indicators. It locks both back wheels in a single easy step. It is easy to release.


Canopy is big enough to provide plenty of protection against the sun and other elements. The canopy offers ventilation and thus provides cool comfortable rides for your child. The viewing window has a mesh layer that can be left open to provide additional ventilation as needed.

Things to noteb-ready-adjustable-handle

  • Only the top seat reverses
  • The second seat takes a lot of the storage space
  • It doesn’t have a cup holder
  • This stroller is relatively high so you won’t have to bend down a lot to interact with your child.
  • It weighs 28 lbs.
  • It stands on its own when folded (doesn’t stand when folded with both seats on).
  • The handlebar adjust up and down so parents of a wide range of heights can roll this stroller comfortably.
  • It can receive a britax three wheel stroller board that attaches easily to provided room for an additional child. This stroller board attaches securely and is properly elevated and each wheel has independent suspension for a smooth ride.

What are people saying?

b-ready-stroller-boardThis stroller has a 4.5 out of 5 star review on amazon.

Many people like the multiple seat options and the huge storage. Some people don’t like the fact that you loose some storage when you attach the second seat. Parents with older children, like that they can attach a stroller board for them to ride on.

Below are two four star reviews from amazon:



Final thoughts

The Britax 2017 B-ready stroller is a versatile stroller that features a big canopy with a viewing window, a reclining top seat, 12 seat options, big storage basket, an adjustable handlebar, five point harness and a suspension system.

It is easy to maneuver and made with good quality material. It is made for the family with ever changing needs.

I hope this review was helpful. Please leave us a comment, review or questions below.

Cheers Denise


2 thoughts on “Britax b ready double stroller reviews

  1. Hi Denise,

    This stroller looks like a good option for parents looking for a travel system compatible stroller. How much does it cost? Do you know where I can get it the cheapest? Also, do you know what is the best infant car seat I can pair it with? Thanks a lot!


    1. Hi Pitin,

      This stroller currently sells at $499 on Amazon. I believe amazon has the lowest price so far. Prices will drop with time as more people learn about the 2017 version of the Britax B-ready stroller. This stroller will pair well with the britax/bob B ready 35 infant car seat. It also pairs with other popular name brand car seats with the use of the right adapters.

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