Baby jogger summit x3 reviews

baby-jogger-summit-x3Baby jogger summit x3 stroller is a great stroller for jogging on a variety of terrains. It features all wheel suspension system, a remote front wheel lock and open control, one hand fold, hand activated rear drum brake and a swiveling locking front wheel. The seat is made to recline to multiple positions, including an a near flat position. It has a UV 50+ canopy with a peekaboo window and two side vents for air circulation. It can receive an infant car seat in a heartbeat to become a travel system stroller. It can also accept a bassinet and pram. The manufacturer offers three colors for personalization.

Ease of use, comfort and convenience


The seat of the summit x3 can recline to a near horizontal position which is great for outdoor naps and diaper changes. This recline position is good when walking or strolling but should not be used for jogging for safety reasons.

baby-jogger-summit-x3-travel-systemThe seat has a vent for cooling which is very useful when reclined. The retractable weather cover also offers a lot of protection from the elements when strolling.

The padding on this seat is not the best there is out there; it is ok though. The seat back height is 18.7″ (taller when compared with Bob) and a head height of 22.2″ which is not bad but is also not the best for older or taller kids.

This seat can receive an infant car seat when the right adapter is used. When car seat is installed, it sits high and gets in the way of the canopy. So you can’t use the stroller’s canopy to provide additional protection for your child (it is basically useless when car seat is installed).

Adapters are available for the cybex and maxi cosi car seats.

The fabric of this stroller is easy to clean. It can be machine washed in cold water using gentle detergent. It is advisable to reattach the seat on the frame to dry, in order to avoid shrinking.

The summit x3 can also receive a bassinet/pram to for a pram stroller. In this mode, even the smallest babies can come along for the ride. The manufacturer however warns against jogging with babies younger than 12 months old. They advise parents to seek the advice of their pediatrician before they take their little one on the road.


The summit x3 features a big multi-position adjustable UV50+ canopy. This canopy has a peekaboo window for checking on your child as you stroll or jog. The peekaboo window has a Velcro cover instead of a magnetic cover.

Velcro covers are not the best for times when your child is sleeping because they open very noisily. This is however not a deal breaker because this canopy is one of the best there is in the group of similar strollers. It extends to provide a lot of protection from the sun and wind. It has two side vents that provide ventilation/cooling for your child on hot days.


baby-jogger-summit-x3-front-wheelThe summit has three big wheels that roll easy on a variety of terrains. The front wheel can be set to swivel for strolls and walks in the park or around the mall. It rolls like a dream and is easy to maneuver around corners.

The front wheel can be locked to give the stroller more stability when jogging or rolling on rough terrain. There is a remote button on the underside of the handlebar for switching the stroller from swivel mode to locked mode, without having to stop and go in front of the stroller to manually do it (a plus).

There is a tracking adjustment knob that can be used to keep the front wheel rolling straight whenever it tracks to one side.

The summit x3 features an all-wheel suspension system that makes riding in this stroller smooth and comfortable for children. The suspension system limits shaking and minimizes the effects of bumps and potholes.

With this suspension system and the hand brake, the summit performs well going down stairs when compared to other strollers. The manufacturer however states that, any damage to the stroller that arises because of using it on stairs will not be covered under the stroller’s warranty.

Folding, storage and transportation

baby-jogger-summit-foldThe summit x3 can fold easily with one hand. All it takes is for you to pull on a strap and the seat will collapse on itself. This stroller folds with the seat facing out. This is very convenient when you lay the stroller down on the ground since the seat will stay clean.

Wheels can pop out very easily with just a push of a button to make the fold very compact. The summit weighs 28.44lbs which is not too heavy for carrying into and out of the trunk of a car.

When folded, the summit is compact enough to fit in the back of many small cars, including the trunk of a Toyota corolla.

This is a very easy stroller to assemble, requiring only the attachment of the wheels, canopy and a few other parts.

Storage space

The summit x3 has a big storage basket underneath the stroller. The storage is somewhat easy to access from behind. It is not very easy to put a big diaper bag in it but it will hold many little things well.

There is a mesh pocket on the back of the stroller for storing personal items like phones, purses and car keys.

Handlebar, brakes and safety

baby-joger-summit-x3-handlebar-and-brakeThe handlebar of the summit x3 is unfortunately not adjustable. It is however placed at a height that is comfortable for parents of a wide range of heights, strides and kicks.

The summit x3 has a hand activated rear drum brake located on the handlebar. It is conveniently placed and allows easy access for active parents to safely stop their stroller when jogging uphill, downhill or on speed. There is a wrist strap that is very useful when attached to the stroller and parent for preventing the stroller from rolling away unattended.

The summit also has a foot activate brake on the rear axle of the stroller. This brake unlike the hand brake is not very easy to activate, especially if you have sandals on. 

The seat of the summit features a five point safety harness for securing children effectively and comfortably to their seats. The shoulder straps are padded and are easy to adjust (they can adjust to three height levels).

Things to note

  • The accessories used for the baby jogger summit x3 stroller works for the baby jogger Mini GT stroller too.
  • The handlebar is not adjustable
  • It does not come with a child tray or parent console
  • Some people complain that the front wheel shakes when in the swivel mode, especially if they are walking fast.

What are peple saying?

Just like with any product in the market, some people are thrilled to have it and others, not so much. Below is a review from amazon,



Final thoughts

Baby jogger summit x3 is a great stroller for jogging on a variety of terrains. It is equipped with big tires and all wheel suspension system for smooth and steady rides. It features a multi-position reclining seat that is able to recline to a near flat position for outdoor naps and diaper changes.

It has a big UV 50+ adjustable canopy with a viewing window and ventilation vents to provide cooling in hot weather. It folds easily with one hand and the fold is compact enough to fit it in the trunk of most small cars.

It has a remote wheel switch on the handlebar and a conveniently placed hand activated rear drum brake. It can convert into a travel system or pram stroller in a heartbeat with the use of compatible adapters. This is a great stroller for children from infancy up to 75lbs.

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