Baby trend bolt performance travel system in asphalt black review

Baby trend bolt performance travel system in asphalt black is a beautiful, eye catching new release by baby trend. It features a lightweight aluminum frame, a swiveling locking front wheel, big bicycle type wheels, a multi position reclining seat, a big adjustable canopy with a viewing window, a soft parent console, a height adjustable handlebar and a car seat with superior head protection.

Ease of use, comfort and convenience

Stroller seat

The stroller seat of the baby trend bolt performance adjust to multiple positions. It can adjust to a flat position (carriage mode). In the carriage mode, the stroller is a pram because the seat becomes a bassinet allowing the littlest of babies to go for a ride. This is a great position for baby to sleep outdoors. This position is also great for diaper changes. You should avoid jogging when this stroller is in the carriage position.

When your baby is up and active, you can bring your stroller to an upright position so they can have a better view of their environment. There are many reclined positions in between thanks to the belt and buckle system. With this system, you can pull the belt through the buckle until you reach the desired position.

The stroller seat snaps onto the stroller frame with so much ease. It is easy to remove the seat from the stroller frame to make room for the infant car seat or to switch directions. You have to remove the stroller seat in order to install the infant car seat.

The stroller seat has a five point safety harness that is easy to put on and take off. It adjust with ease around the waist and over the shoulders.

The bolt performance travel system offers you and your baby multiple sitting configurations. The stroller seat and car seat can face both the rear and front. You can put the seat in the carriage mode and you can attach an infant car seat to make a travel system.The bolt performance stroller is recommended from birth up to 50 lbs. or 42 inches.

Infant car seat

The infant car seat features a five point safety harness that is easy to put on, take off and adjust just like that of the stroller. The handle is triangular in shape, allowing for multi grip. So both left handed and right handed parents can carry this car seat with ease.

The bolt performance infant car seat is designed with superior head and side impact protection. It is latch equipped and is recommended for babies from 5-35 lbs. or 32 inches.

The car seat connects to and disconnects from the base with ease. So transition from the car to the stroller and back is seamless. The infant car seat snaps onto the stroller frame just as easily as the stroller seat. The infant seat can face both the rear and front of the stroller.


The wheels of this stroller are big bicycle type wheels. The rear wheels measure 16″ and are all terrain. The tires are pneumatic and thus require routine pumping to maintain the recommended pressure. The front wheel of the bolt performance stroller swivels to provide excellent maneuverability, especially around corners and indoors.

The front wheel can be locked to give this stroller more stability when jogging or pushing on uneven terrain.

Handlebar, canopy and parent console

The handlebar adjust for height, making this stroller a great fit for parents of a wide range of heights. It adjust up and down, not telescoping so you cannot make it shorter.

The canopy of this stroller is big and adjust to multiple positions. It has a big nice viewing window with a mesh screen that can allow cool air in on hot summer days. The canopy also has windows on the sides with mesh screens for ventilation.

The package comes with a soft parent console that has room for a cup or two and some personal belongings like car keys and phone.


The storage under the seat of this stroller is huge compared to those of similar strollers. It can fit a big diaper bag with no struggle and have room for more. The storage has a zippered cover which is great because you don’t have to worry about losing things you put in there. This storage basket is very easy to access, especially from behind.

 Other features

Bolt performance has a comfort ride suspension that helps to make rides smooth for your little one, especially on uneven terrain.

It comes with a removable bumper bar that swings out of the way to allow easy access to the seat. Little ones like to hold on to this bumper bar for support.

This stroller folds to a nice compact unit for easy storage and transportation. It will fit the trunk of a small car like Toyota Camry.


This stroller has a foot activated parking brake located on the rear axle of the stroller. It is a push and lift type and can be done with flip flops on. When engaged, you might need to move the stroller slightly to ensure that it has engaged properly.

A wrist strap is provided and it is tied to the rear axle of the stroller. You can use this strap to keep the stroller close to you at all times when jogging.

Both the stroller and the infant car seat have five point harnesses that are great for securing children without making them feel uncomfortable.

The infant car seat is side impact tested, it is latch equipped and offers superior head impact protection.


Baby trend bolt performance is a practical everyday stroller for the parent who wants to get more out of their stroller. It can be used for shopping as it has a big storage basket, or for strolling and jogging since it has all terrain bicycle type tires.

The canopy is big and has ventilation vents and a big viewing window to encourage outdoor exploration. The seat has multiple configurations and it reclines to multiple positions.

The stroller can become a travel system or a pram when the seat is set in the carriage mode. Bolt performance has a lot to offer.

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