Uppababy cruz 2017 gregory review

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The Uppababy Cruz 2017 stroller Gregory, is a head turner.  It is a great stroller for commuting with its slim sleek design that allows you to maneuver through tight doorways, narrow aisles and crowded sidewalks with ease.

It features an extendable UPF 50+ drop down sun shade, a front and rear facing toddler seat, a big easily accessible storage basket, travel system and pram capabilities, a one-step self-standing fold, a multi position reclining seat and a telescoping handlebar.

Ease of use, comfort and convenience


Stroller seat

The stroller seat of the Uppababy Cruz 2017 reclines to multiple positions. With just one hand, you can tilt the seat up or down until a desired position is reached.


It can recline to a flat position for comfortable outdoor naps or diaper changes. The seat can be adapted with a snug seat; which is a soft cushiony insert that cradles the littlest of babies so they too can go for the ride. One thing to note is that, the snug seat must be used with the toddler seat fully reclined.

The toddler seat can recline to an upright position for convenient outdoor or indoor exploration for your little one. When they will rather sit back and relax, you can recline anywhere in between to suit their needs. The footrest is also adjustable.

The stroller seat has a five point harness with shoulder pads. This harness is very user friendly when it comes to putting it on, taking it off and adjusting it for height and around the waist.

This stroller has a removable bumper bar with a soft comfortable texture for your little one to hold on to. The leather fabric of the bumper bar is easy to clean. It swings out of the way to allow easy access to the stroller seat.

Infant car seat

The uppababy Cruz stroller accepts and infant car seat with the use of a compatible adapter to become a travel system. It pairs with the uppababy Mesa infant car seat and select Chicco and maxi cosi infant car seats.

The mesa car seat is supper comfy and safe. It is easy to use and transitions from its base to the stroller seamlessly. It features an adjustable head rest, a five point safety harness, easy one hand release from strollers and no retreading. It offers great side impact protection. The infant car seat can face the front or the rear of the stroller.


The Uppababy Cruz can become a pram with the use of the uppababy bassinet. The bassinet is approved for overnight sleep. So, you do not have to worry when you go to grandma because baby has a comfortable place to sleep in.

The bassinet is suitable from birth till your baby is 20 lbs. and 25” long. The canopy of the bassinet unzips to allow air to flow in. The mattress is removable and breathable and the base is vented. The mattress cover and zip out liner are machine washable.

This bassinet fits into the new uppababy bassinet stand and can thus be used at home as a cot.

Handlebar and canopy

The handlebar of the Uppababy Cruz stroller adjust for the kicks and strides of parents of a wide range of heights. The adjust system is telescoping; meaning you can make the foot note of this stroller shorter or longer. This is very convenient when you find yourself in a position like on a bus or train where a shorter footnote is required. The handlebar is covered with a comfy leather fabric that is comfortable to the touch and ensures a sure non slippery grip.

Uppababy cruz has a big adjustable UPF 50+ canopy with an extendable sun visor. The UPF 50+ feature helps it stop most of the harmful UV radiations from reaching your child. The canopy has a sun visor that extends downward to provide additional protection from the sun and wind. The canopy adjust up and down to accommodate for your growing child. The canopy has a viewing window for checking on your child as you stroll.

Fold and storage

The uppababy Cruz stroller features a one-step self-standing fold. It is very intuitive and can be folded with or without the seat on. It folds to a compact unit that is easy to transport and store.

Uppababy Cruz has a big easily accessible storage under the seat. It can hold a diaper bag and have room for more. It can be reached easily from behind when the toddler seat is attached. It can be reached from front and back when car seat or bassinet is attached.


  • Uppabbay offers 3 years limited warranty on this stroller when you register your product at uppababy.
  • All fabric are removable and clean easily with warm water and mild soap.


  • Unfolded: 22.3″W x 37″L x 40.5″ H
  • Folded with seat attached: 22.3”W x 17”L x 36”H
  • Folded without seat attached: 22.3”W x 13”L x 36”H
  • Weight: Frame + Seat: 21.5 lbs.
  • Weight: Frame only: 15 lbs.

What’s included

  • Welded aluminum alloy frame
  • Toddler Seat
  • Toddler Seat Rain Shield
  • Toddler Seat Bug Shield
  • Bumper Bar


This stroller has a rear foot activated parking brake. This brake is flip flop friendly and activates by application of a gentle downward pressure and deactivates with the application of gentle upward pressure.

The car seat and stroller have five point safety harnesses with harness covers. This kind of harness is recommended by pediatricians across the nation and they work well to secure your child in their seat without making them uncomfortable.

The mesa infant car seat is side impact tested.

What are people saying?

So far, this stroller has a 5 out of 5 star rating on amazon. Below are a few the reviews,

In conclusion

Uppababy Cruz Gregory 2017 is a beautiful, versatile and durable stroller for the outgoing family. It is lean, sleek and maneuvers like a dream; making it a great stroller for commuting. It features a multi position reclining seat that can face both the rear and the front of the stroller. The handlebar and bumper bar are covered with luxurious genuine leather that is comfortable to the touch and cleans easily.

Other features include a big adjustable UPF 60+ canopy with a pull down sun visor and sunshade, a big storage basket under the seat, an adjustable footrest, an adjustable handlebar and a one step self-standing fold.

You can buy your uppababy cruz gregory 2017 stroller at Amazon.

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