Baby trend expedition rg jogger moonstruck review

Product : Baby trend expedition RG Jogger- Moonstruck and Topaz

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Price: $117.05 on Amazon

The baby trend expedition RG jogger is a simple, durable, functional and affordable stroller. It features an easy trigger fold, a big storage basket under the seat, a multi position reclining seat with a five point harness, a big canopy with a viewing window, a swiveling locking front wheel, parent and child trays and dual foot rest reflectors.

Ease of use and convenience

Stroller seat

The stroller seat reclines to multiple positions, using a simple belt and buckle recline system on the rear of the seat. It can recline low enough to allow for comfortable outdoor naps and diaper changes. It will recline up to allow your child to get a better view of their environment and you can get it to any position in between so your child can kick back and relax.

This stroller seat has a five point safety harness which like most baby trend stroller harnesses, is easy to put on, take off and adjust for height and around the waist.

The stroller frame can receive a baby trend infant car seat to make a travel system. No adapters are required for installation to be complete. The infant car seat always face the rear when installed and need the child’s tray for complete installation. The canopy of the stroller and car seat work together to give your child a dark place to sleep outdoors.

The baby trend expedition RG jogger is recommended for babies from 6 months till when they are 50 lbs. or 42”. It is advisable to only take children that can seat on their own for a jog in this stroller and to never use this stroller for jogging when it is reclined.


The wheels of this stroller are big 16” bicycle type all terrain wheels. The front wheel swivels to provide better maneuverability around corners and a variety of terrains. When jogging or riding on uneven terrain, you can lock the front wheel to give this stroller additional stability. These wheels are the quick release type, for easy storage.


There is a deluxe parent tray with two cup holders and a covered storage for your personal belongings like phones and keys. It also comes with a child tray with two cup holders and room for snacks. Both trays are easy to clean and are durable.


The canopy is big and adjust to provide protection from the sun and wind. It has a big viewing window for checking on your child as you jog. The screen of the window has a mesh lining that helps to keep the stroller well ventilated.

Storage and fold

The storage basket under the stroller seat is big and easy to access from behind. It can hold a diaper bag and still have room for more.

This stroller features an easy trigger fold. When the quick wheel release feature is used, this stroller can fold into a very compact unit that is easy to transport and store. It can fit in the rear of a small car like a Toyota Camry.


This stroller has a five point safety harness that is very efficient at securing kids in their seat, without making them uncomfortable. So you can jog freely knowing that it will hold and your child won’t slide out of their seat (when properly installed. It adjust for height and around the waist to allow for proper installation).

This stroller has a rear foot activated parking brake that is easy to engage and disengage. It is a simple push and lift type and it is flip flop friendly. This jogger comes with a wrist strap to help secure the stroller to you when you are jogging. It also has dual reflectors on the footrest for times of low visibility like when it is dark or foggy.

What are people saying?

This is a new release so it has not been reviewed by many. The few people who have, like it and give it a 5 or 4 star rating (out of 5 stars). Below are a few of those reviews by Target customers,

Final thoughts

If you are looking for something practical to use for light jogging and everyday use, then baby trend expedition RG jogger might be the stroller for you. It can receive a car seat to become a travel system with ease. It has big wheels that roll like a dream. The handlebar is comfortable to grab even for long periods of time. It is set at a height that is comfortable for many parents to push.  It has a decent storage under the stroller seat and the canopy is big and has a viewing window. The front wheel swivels and lock to give you more riding options. Finally, it is very affordable.

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