Bob 2016 ironman stroller review

Nothing compares to the feeling you get after a long run when runners high just kicked in on a cool breezy day. This is the kind of experience you can get with the Bob 2016 Ironman jogging stroller because it is design with the runner in mind.

Many people love their exercise and worry that a baby will affect their routines and wonder if they will be able to maintain the same level of fitness. More so, many parents, especially first time parents do not feel comfortable with the idea of paying someone to watch their baby while they run.

If you fall in the groups mentioned above, worry no more because nowadays, avid runners have no problem maintaining an active life style after they have a baby because of the advent of sport strollers.

With a stroller like the Bob ironman jogging stroller, you can rest assured that baby will enjoy the ride while you get some much needed exercise.

I have a love relationship with sport strollers. Bob is one of my favorite sport stroller manufactures and today, I will be reviewing the  2016 edition of the bob ironman single jogging stroller.



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  • Fixed front wheels
  • 16″semi slick air filled tires on lightweight aluminum alloy wheels
  • Hand activated front caliber brake
  • Adjustable padded handlebar with 9 positions
  • State of the art adjustable suspension system
  • Easy two step fold
  • Travel system ready with the use of a bob car seat adapter and bob b safe car seat or any other compatible adapter and infant car seat.
  • One hand squeeze button reclining seat feature
  • Up right seating position
  • Extra large low cargo boy storage
  • Ultra padded seat with ventilation
  • Five point safety harness
  • Extra large UPF 50+ canopy with large viewing window
  • Easy wheel release for a compact fold
  • Adjustable front wheel tracking
  • Foot activated parking brake
  • Wrist strap and a buckle to secure stroller when folded.

What we like about this stroller


Ironman is build with safety in mind. It features a hand activated front caliber brakes that gives you more control of the stroller when running. This added control is very important when running down hill. This hand brake is very effective relative to those of many competing products.

In addition to the hand brake is a foot brake that is activated by pushing on the red pedal on the back of the stroller. This brake is very effective and can be released easily with the same red pedal. Additional safety and control is provided by the wrist strap that prevents the stroller from rolling away.

The fixed front wheel ensures straight line motion and can be realigned when needed with a simple twist of the adjustable tracking alignment knob. Bob stroller wheels are designed with little or no room for movement and thus rarely wobbles even on high speed.

The seat has a padded five point harness that secures baby to the stroller comfortably. It is easy to put on and take off and comes with shoulder height adjustment. The claps is easy to connect and comes right out with a push of a button.

The extra large UPF 50+ canopy adjusts enough to cover children up to their knees. It helps protect children from harmful UV radiation and keeps wind at bay. This canopy has a peekaboo window for easy monitoring of your child as you run.

The trim of this canopy is made with reflective material to enhance visibility during conditions of low visibility like at night.

There is no cup holder on the Bob ironman stroller so parents do not have to worry about any cup holder safety issues. Parents should take along a water bottle that is safely stored in the underneath storage basket; where it can’t fall on the baby when running or strolling.

Ease of use

The Bob ironman stroller has a large underneath storage basket that is placed a little further back and can be a little difficult to reach especially when putting something as big as a diaper bag in.

16″ semi-slick air filled tires on lightweight aluminum alloy wheels equal to effortless roll and speed. This stroller is design for fast action and is the official stroller for the ironman triathlon.

It has an easy two step compact fold and a buckle to secure the stroller when folded, making it convenient for storage and/or transportation. Wheels can pop out and in easily thanks to an enhanced quick-release design.

Bob 2016 ironman  can easily convert into a travel system with the use of compatible adapters and infant car seat. Stroller seat can be reclined with one hand only by squeezing the recline button.


suspension system

Bob ironman has a state of the art suspension system that provides up to 3″ of wheel travel and two stages of weight support for an extra smooth ride. Calibration at position 1 supports weight of 0-40 lbs. and position 2, 41-70 lbs.

Seat and harness are padded and provides additional cushioning. The stroller seat reclines to an upright position which offers baby a great view of his/her environment.

The seat also reclines down to 70 degrees from vertical for outdoor naps and convenient diaper changes. It is however not advisable to run with this stroller when the sit is reclined because this is not safe for your child. The complete recline mode should be used only when strolling.4

The seat back is a little difficult to adjust and requires both hands.

The adjustable padded handlebar is very comfortable and adjust to 9 positions which satisfy the stride/kick of parents of a wide range of heights.


The low cargo boy basket underneath the stroller is huge, with about 15% more storage space. Bob ironman has 2 interior seat pockets and 1 large seat back pocket.

You can pack things like a diaper bag, some toys and food for baby but it will not hold a lot of bags. Mind you though that this storage is not designed for shopping but is meant to hold a few and necessary items.


Bob strollers are always made with high quality materials and Bob ironman 2016 is not an exception. The seat material is made with heavy duty canvas that is durable and wears well over time. This fabric is reflective which is good for conditions of low visibility. This fabric is resistant to tears and is stain and water resistant. The fabric is easy to maintain, requiring mostly spot cleaning.

The sun shade looks a little low quality even when open but this is not a big problem because this shade does its work well.

The aluminum alloy frame is very tough and resistant to bending.

Tech Specs

  • Stroller weighs 27 lbs.
  • It is recommended for babies 8 weeks to 75 lbs. (occupant plus luggage weight).
  • It can be used from birth with an infant car seat and adapter.
  • Maximum occupant height is 44 inches


  • Handlebar height of 35-48.5 inches.
  • Overall width of 24 inches
  • Interior seat width of 14.7 inches
  • Folded length of 38 inches with wheels on and height of 24 inches
  • Folded length of 35 inches with wheels off and height of 16 inches

Things to note

This stroller is designed for the avid runner and thus has a fixed front wheel that keeps it running straight, preventing sudden turns that can be catastrophic on high speed runs.

Bob ironman can convert into a travel system stroller with the right adapter and infant car seat. This stroller can be used to carry a newborn when the car seat is used but according to manufacturer recommendations, it should only be used for running when babies are eight months or older.

The tires are air filled and like bicycle tires require refilling every now and then. I recommend investing in a pump.

This strollers has no head support. It is designed on the premise that your precious cargo should be able to hold their head up with no help. So it is not for newborns who can’t hold their head up by themselves. You should only use it for newborns with the use of an infant car seat.


  • 2016 single car seat adapter for Britax-Bob


  • 2016 single car seat adapter for Chicco
  • 2016 single car seat adapter for Graco
  • 2016 single car seat adapter for Peg Perego
  • Single handlebar console
  • Travel bag
  • Single handlebar console with tire pump
  • Single snack tray
  • Single fitness kit

What are people saying?

So far on amazon, all the ratings are at least four stars out of 5. People love the semi-slick air filled tires and the lightweight wheel; a combination that makes it feel like the stroller is almost pushing its self. The adjustable handlebar is another plus as it accommodated for the kick/stride of a wide range of parents.


Bob is a top quality sport stroller that is going to last for a long time even with repeated high speed running. It is made for the active mom/dad and works best outdoors. It is a mean lean machine, more like a beast that needs to run free, not entangled inside some shop. So don’t take this stroller to the mall because it will be very clumsy.

I am very satisfied with Bob 2016 ironman stroller and highly recommend it for the avid runner.

I hope this review was helpful to you. Please leave us a comment and remember to share.

6 thoughts on “Bob 2016 ironman stroller review

  1. This is a great review of the BOB Ironman Stroller. It seems to have been made with the runner in mind without sacrificing safety and comfort for the baby. If it has a fixed front wheel do you use the back wheels for corners? If so, doesn’t this make it hard to steer? it is good and light weight and it does click all the boxes but as a non runner I don’t the concept of the fixed front wheel.

    1. Hi Margaret,

      With the fixed front wheel, it is hard to maneuver around corners. If you had to go around a corner, you will have to lean on the handlebar and lift the front wheel slightly but why do that when you can buy another version like the Bob revolution flex stroller or the Bob revolution Se stroller both with swiveling front wheels.

      Bob ironman is made for the avid runner and it is made to run straight.

  2. The Bob Ironman. I love it. I remember when my daughter was young we couldn’t afford it. looking at your Site today, I could easily afford one. They are such tough strollers that I think I could probally take it out on a mountain hike, lol. Have a great day, and keep on strolling.

    1. Hi Tony,

      The Bob group of strollers are really well engineered. They are cheaper on amazon and are worth the extra $ 100. You can definitely take it out mountain hiking; it is made for serious sport.

    1. Hi EJ,
      I enjoyed writing the review especially as the Bob ironman stroller is a top quality sport stroller. It is made for the avid runner. Strollers like the ironman make possible for parents to get out and move while sharing the fun with their little one.

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