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Bob makes some of the best jogging strollers in the market. The 2016 version of the Bob revolution flex jogging stroller is one of the most popular jogging strollers in the market.

It features a swiveling locking front wheel, a padded adjustable handlebar, a state of the art suspension system, 16″ air filled rear tires and 12″ front tires, a multi position reclining seat, an adjustable sun canopy with a viewing window and a large storage basket.

Ease of use and convenience


The seat of the 2016 Bob revolution flex stroller reclines to multiple position. Recline can be achieved with a simple squeeze of a button. It can seat upright when your child is alert and in the mood of exploring their environment. It can recline to a near flat position which is great for outdoor naps and/or diaper changes.

The seat comes in five fabric colors; black, lagoon, canyon, meadow and red (the red color is sold exclusively at target). The stroller is designed to hold babies from 8 weeks to 75 lbs. (this includes luggage weight). New born babies can ride in this stroller when a compatible infant car seat is used.

The bob revolution flex is compatible with many popular name brand strollers like chicco, Bob/britax, peg perego and graco when the right adapters are used. The maximum height for this stroller is 44″.

The stroller fabric is water repellant and it cleans easily with just luke warm water and mild soap. The bob revolution seat is super padded and very comfy.


The front wheel of the 2016 bob revolution flex stroller swivels and locks. The transition from swivel to lock is very easy and require no tools. The front wheel rides straight with the help of a front wheel adjustment knob that is controlled by simply twisting the knob..

The locked or jogging mode is important when running or when riding on uneven terrain. It gives the stroller more stability such that, instead of veering out of course when it hits a bump, it rolls over it. All of this reduces the chance of tumbling especially when used for jogging off roads.

The swivel mode is great for use on roads and around parks with lots of corners. This mode makes maneuvering around corners easy and this stroller can literally turn on a dime.

Both the front and rear wheels are big bicycle type wheels. They are air filled and require routine maintenance to ensure maximum function. The rear wheels measure 16″ and the front wheel 12″.

Handlebar and canopy

The 2016 version of the Bob revolution flex stroller has an adjustable handlebar. It adjust to 9 height positions. This is great because parents of a wide range of heights can push this stroller without compromising their healthy (they can assume proper posture).

The handlebar is padded which makes it very comfortable to grab even for an extended period.

The canopy of the 2016 bob revolution flex stroller is big and provides plenty of protection from the sun and wind. It is UV 50+ which means it can block most of the harmful UV radiations from the sun. It has a peekaboo window for viewing on your child as you stroll or jog. This window is big but is unfortunately plastic which means it cannot double as a ventilator. This is however not a trade of as the seat of the revolution is well ventilated.


This stroller has plenty of storage spaces for you and your child. The under seat storage is big enough to hold a diaper bag and more. It is easy to access especially from behind.

There is additional storage in the form of integrated seat pockets on the insides of your child’s seat. These pockets are easy to access even when your child is in the stroller and regardless of the position of the seat.

There is a large seat back storage for you to put your personal belongings like phones, car keys and purse.


Suspension system

The 2016 bob revolution flex stroller is designed with safety in mind. It features a state of the art suspension system that is adjustable. It adjust to provide support to two levels of weight; level 1 for occupant and cargo weighing from 0-40 lbs. and level two for 41-70 lbs. This suspension allows for 3 inches of wheel travel when adjusted to the proper weight level.

The suspension system reduces bouncing and minimizes side and head impact. The manufacturer advice parents to seek the advice of their pediatrician before taking their baby for jogging in this stroller. A child should be able to seat unsupported before you take them along when you jog.

Five point harness, wrist strap and brakes

The seat of this stroller has a padded five point harness that is very easy to put on and take off. It is also easy to adjust in order to ensure that it fits properly and will not allow too much wiggle room.

There is a wrist strap located on the handlebar of the stroller to help secure the stroller to you especially when you jog. The wrist strap has a buckle which is used to secure the stroller when folded.

Bob revolution flex has a foot activated parking brake that helps prevent your stroller from rolling away when it stops or is unattended.


According to Bob, this stroller folds in two easy steps but most people who own this stroller say it is a little more than that. It folds down nicely but not compact.

If you remove the wheels, you can get it to fold down smaller. When folded, it is held in place by the wrist strap. It weighs 28.5 lbs., so it is not too heavy to carry.

It will fit in the back of a small car if the rear wheels are removed. The easy wheel pop out feature makes it very easy to remove and reattach the rear wheels.


  • The 2016 Bob revolution flex stroller weighs 28.5 lbs.
  • It measures 34.5 to 48 inches high, 25.4 inches wide and 39 to 43 inches long (depends on whether it is in the swivel mode or jogging mode).
  • Fold dimension is 16 H x 39 L (wheels on in swivel mode), 16 H x 43 L (wheels on in jogging mode), 10 H x 35 L (wheels off in swivel mode) and 10 H x 36 L (wheels off in jogging mode).

What are people saying?

The 2016 Bob revolution flex stroller has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating from 138 people from amazon. Many people are happy with their stroller regardless of its price. For many, it is a great investment in their health.

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Final thoughts

Bob revolution flex is Bob’s best all terrain stroller. It is packed with great features like an adjustable handlebar, a multi-position reclining seat, a big UV 50+ canopy with a viewing window, a big storage basket and multiple storage pockets, a foot activated rear parking brake, big bicycle type wheels and a swiveling locking front wheel.

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