Bob/Britax B safe 35 infant car seat review

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The bob/britax b safe 35 infant car seat has a combination of superior safety/ protection features and unique the bob design. This car seat can be sold separately or with a stroller to form a fabulous travel system.


  • Contour shell
  • Side impact protection
  • Safe cell impact protection
  • Impact absorbing basebob-b-safe-35
  • Impact stabilizing steel frame
  • Safe Center LATCH Installation
  • removable head pad
  • Travel system ready
  • Easy release harness button
  • Spring-Assisted Recline
  • Ergonomic handle
  • large canopy
  • Certified for aircraft travel
  • Engineered, tested and made in the USA.
  • Cost $184 on Amazon

Product Description


Bob b safe 35 is jam packed with safety features that are sure to keep your baby safe in a range of situations; so you can focus on the road knowing your baby is in a safe carriage.

The safe cell impact protection system is a combination of safety feature that work together to keep your baby safe and goes above and beyond federal standards for safety.

This car seat has side impacted protection which is a thick layer of foam lining the side of the seat. This foam is designed to keep your baby’s head and neck safe from impact.

The base is impact absorbing; this means that in case of an impact, the base will compress, minimizing the effect of shock generated from the impact.

This stroller has an impact stabilizing steel frame at the point where it connects to the car. At this position, this car seat can offset the force generated during an impact better.

The latch system enable firm and easy installation of the car seat and the contour shell design minimizes shaking. Together, these two features minimizes side to side movement and thus protect your baby  further.

Comfort and ease of use

This stroller is designed to be very comfortable for both baby and parent. It has an extra large canopy that is effective at shielding baby from the sun.

The head pad is soft, comfy and helps support the neck/ head of babies, preventing it from swaying to one side.

The on and off latch connector on the base of the car seat is easy to install and release with just a push of a button.

This stroller can be easily converted into a travel system by pairing it with any Bob stroller and the use of a compatible infant car seat adapter from Britax.

You can easily adjust the angle of this car seat as you install it in your car with the use of the spring assisted recline feature. It is also easy to release the harness with a push of a button.

Bob b safe 35 infant car seat has an ergonomic handle that makes carrying easy but with all the safety feature added to this car seat, it can be a little heavy to carry.


  • Baby’s weight: 4 – 35 lbs. bob-b-safe-35
  • Baby’s standing Height: 32 in or less
  • Seated Shoulder Height: 6.5 – 11 in
  • Car seat weight: 10 lbs.
  • Base: 9 lbs.
  • Product dimensions : 17.75” W x 25” H x 26.5”
  • Seat back height: 20 in

What are people saying?

For many people, the base of this car seat is very easy to install. The quality of this stroller according to many is unmatched any where. Some people like the fact that this seat can rock when placed on the floor if the handle is in one of three positions.

This car seat has a 4.5 out of 5 star review and every costumer who reviewed it on amazon so far has given it at least a 4 star rating. Below is a couple of the reviews on amazon,



Final though

Bob/britax b safe 35 infant car seat is brilliantly made with so many safety features. It is heavy relative to other car seats, making it cumbersome to carry around,  a trade off for safety.  It is however very sturdy/safe and can pair with any bob sport stroller to make a travel system.

If safety is your priority, then bob/britax b safe 35 infant car seat is one of the best out there.

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