Baby trend skyview travel system stroller review

The baby trend skyview travel system stroller is a very simple, functional and affordable everyday stroller. It features a multi position reclining seat with a five point harness, a multi position ergonomic handlebar, one hand fold, a canopy with a peekaboo window, a large storage basket, a parent tray with two cup holders, a child tray and a flex loc infant car seat.

Ease of use and convenience


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The seat reclines to multiple positions with the help of a cord and an adjuster found on the back of the stroller. To recline you need to release the cord and pull on the back of the seat and to get back to a more upright position, you need to pull the cord through the adjuster until desired position is reached. It is not the best and most innovative way to recline a seat but it is easy and it works great.

The seat has a five point harness with padded harness covers to ensure a comfortable feeling around the shoulders of your little one when the harness is in place. The harness is easy to put on and take off and it adjust around the shoulders and around the waist to ensure proper fit for your child.

The stroller seat is recommended for babies from birth to 50 lbs. or 42″. The upright position is not recommended for babies that cannot seat on their own.


The canopy is ok and provides plenty of protection from the sun and wind. It has a viewing window for checking on your child as you stroll. The screen of the viewing window is made of a mesh material that allows air to flow through thus providing additional ventilation for your child on hot summer days.


The handlebar is ergonomic and adjust to multiple positions so that parents of various height ranges can push this stroller comfortably. A parent tray can be installed on the handlebar by aligning the slots on the tray with corresponding slots on the stroller frame. The parent tray is removable and it has a covered storage for your personal belongings like keys and phones. The parent tray also has two cup holders.

Child tray

The child tray is removable to allow easy access to the stroller seat. It has an insert that can be removed for easy cleaning. It is easy to install.


The storage is big enough for you and baby to take along all essential supplies along for the ride. It is easy to access from behind, even when the stroller is reclined.


The baby trend skyview travel system has a rear foot activated parking brake that is easy to activate and deactivate by simply pushing down or lifting on the brake pedal found on the rear axle of the stroller.

Car seat

The car seat of the baby trend skyview travel system has superior head impact protection and it features a five point safety harness that is easy to put on and take off. It can be adjusted around the shoulders and waist to provide a proper fit for your little one.

The car seat has a three panel canopy that extends in both directions to provide plenty of protection from the sun. When this car seat is installed onto the stroller, it sits such that, the canopy of the stroller can still extend to provide additional protection to the baby. In combination to the canopy of the car seat, the canopy of the stroller can provide a dark place for baby to sleep.

The car seat has a delta multi grip carrying handle which is comfortable for both left handed and right handed parents to carry. The base of the car seat has four recline positions and the car seat installs to the base easily. It is also easy to remove the car seat from the base and connect it to the stroller.

The car seat can hold a baby from 5 – 30 lbs. or 30″.

What are people saying?

The baby trend skyview travel system is carried mostly by target and Walmart. It has a 4.7 out of 5 star review on target. Below are a few reviews from target customers,

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a great everyday stroller that works well and is very affordable, then baby trend skyview travel system stroller could be the stroller for you. It features a multi position reclining seat, an ergonomic multi position handlebar, a parent tray and a child tray, a big canopy with a viewing window, a big storage and a flex loc car seat with superior head impact protection.

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