Bob stroller strides single fitness stroller review


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This bob stroller strides single fitness stroller review will give you a thorough presentation of the major features of this strollers including convenience, safety and comfort features.


The bob stroller strides single fitness stroller is a great stroller with swiveling front wheel that locks forward for greater stability when jogging or when the terrain turns rough. It features a light weigh frame that folds easily in two steps.

It has a great suspension system that allows for smooth rides. It is can be converted into a travel system stroller when the right adapters and compatible car seats are used.

This stroller is backed by Fit4mom and thus comes with a fitness kit that contains a handlebar console, stroller strides exercise manual and tubing and a coupon for a free week of stroller strides classes by fit4mom.

The stroller strides stroller has a padded multi-position reclining seat with a five point safety harness. The canopy adjust to multiple positions and has a big viewing window. It features pneumatic tires around high impact polymer wheels. It has a big storage underneath and more storage on the seat back and internal seat pockets.

It also features a tracking adjustment knob, parking brake, padded handlebar and canopy silk screen with stroller stride logo.

Ease of use and convenience



Wheels and tires

The combination of big 16″ wheels on the rear and 12.5″ front wheel encased by air filled tires makes the stroller strides stroller easy to roll. It maneuvers around corners with ease when in the swivel mode. If the terrain gets rough or you feel like jogging, the locked mode will keep the stroller rolling straight and steady.

There is a tracking adjustment knob that can be used to adjust the front wheel and keep it rolling straight.


The canopy is big and has a five position toggle that extends enough to provide maximum protection from the sun. It has a clear viewing window that measures 18 square inches for keeping an eye on you little passenger.

This canopy has a silk screen with the stroller strides logo.



The seat is ultra padded and comfortable for babies. It reclines to a near horizontal position which is convenient for outdoor naps and diaper changes. It is however important to note that this stroller should not be used for jogging with the seat completely reclined for safety reasons.

The seat contains a padded five point harness that is easy to put on and take off with a push of a button, The harness straps are easy to adjust at all points.

The seat is made with a poly/dobby weave fabric that is water repellant and easy to clean.

Travel system

The stroller strides can convert easily to a travel system with the use of the right adapter and compatible infant car seat. Car seats click on to the adapters with ease and the connection is firm. Bob has adapters for select britax, chicco, pep perego and graco infant car seats.


This stroller folds easily in two steps. When folded, in the swivel mode, it has a dimension of 39 inches long and 16 inches high (wheels on) and 33 inches L and 12 inches H (wheels off). In the jogging mode, it has a dimension of 43 inches L and 16 inches H (wheels on) and 37 inches L and 10.5 inches H (wheels off).

It doesn’t feature an auto lock function and thus requires the use of the wrist strap to secure it. It does not stand on its own when folded.



Stroller strides has a rear foot activated parking brake with plenty of force in it. There is not a chance that someone will feel that it has been engage when it hasn’t. This metal brake is easy to apply and release even with sandals on.

Set up

This is a very easy stroller to set up. It comes with instruction manuals that are easy to follow and has images where you need them. For most people, it only takes minutes to set up.


Stroller strides has a big storage basket underneath that can hold a diaper bag, some toys and other supplies you need. It is some what difficult to access from behind because of a strap that crosses down to the bar connecting the rear wheels. This storage is not big enough to hold shopping style supplies. Remember that this stroller is designed as a fitness stroller not for everyday errands (even though it can be used for both).

It has additional pockets in the seat back where you can put personal items like phones, purse and car keys. There are also two internal seat mesh pockets that are easy to access with baby in and even when the seat is reclined. These pockets can hold snacks and favorite toys.


Suspension system

The Bob stroller strides single stroller has a state of the art suspension system that offers a smooth ride for your little one. This means it can absorb a lot of the shock generated during a fast ride or when riding on rough terrain. This suspension allows for up to 3 inches of wheel travel. This suspension can be fine tuned to two weight levels; with the first adjusting for weight ranging from 0-40 lbs. and the second for 40-70 lbs. (occupant and cargo).

Brakes and straps

It unfortunately doesn’t have a hand brakes but features a foot activated parking brake that is very effective. When activated, it requires a lot of force to move the stroller just a fraction of an inche. It features a wrist strap which is handy in keeping the stroller close to you at all times. This strap also doubles as a tool for securing the stroller when folded.

Seat and harness

The seat has a five point harness that is very effective at securing little ones in their chair in all the right places. This harness adjust easily to fit children snugly. The seat can recline to a near horizontal position but for safety reasons, children should not ride in it when it is reclined.


This stroller is made with high quality fabric that is resistant to fading. The red stays bright even after years of use and cleaning. It requires a solution of lukewarm water and mild soap to clean the fabric.

The handlebar does not adjust but is the right height (40 inches) for parents of a wide range of heights.

What are people saying? 

This stroller has a 4.8 out of 5 star review on amazon. Below are two reviews from amazon,


Final thoughts

Bob makes very good jogging strollers and the stroller strides single stroller is not an exception. It has a swiveling locking front wheel, big 16″ back wheels, state of the art suspension system, an adjustable canopy and a reclining seat with five point safety harness. It features a foot activated parking brake and wrist strap for safety.

It has plenty of storage and is made with material that is fade resistant.

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