Baby Sport Stroller

What are baby sport strollers?

Sport strollers are a class of strollers that are designed for avid runners. They can handle marathon level speed and work well on a variety of terrains. They are designed with safety in mind for both the runner and their little companion(s).  They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

There are many features that differentiates a sport stroller from regular or standard  strollers. I will discus them below.

Wheels & tires

Baby sport strollers generally have three wheels; one in front and two on the rear. The front wheel of a most sport strollers are fixed, giving the stroller a lot of stability during a high speed run.

These fix wheels also enable these strollers to run straight, a quality that is important for avid runners. It is hard to maneuver around corners with fixed wheels but anyone who is serious about sport will not have a problem with this as in most cases, a slight  downward push on the handlebar will do the trick.

The tires of sport strollers are typically big bicycle type tires which range in diameter from 12″ to 16″. Air filled tires are common but there many innovations in wheels nowadays. These big wheels rolls effortlessly making the strollers very suitable for runners.

Many people have problems with air filled tired because they leak air and get flat but there is a simple fix to this problem; bicycle tire sealants. These sealants prevent the tire from deflating even after multiple punctures.


Suspension system

Seeing how sport strollers are used for exercise and for extended periods of time, a good baby sport stroller should be comfortable for both the driver and the baby.

There are many features that make a stroller comfortable; padded seats, multi-position reclining seats, adjustable handlebars and good suspension system. Padded seats provide cushioning that help take away some of the shock generated during exercise and a good suspension system help make the ride smoother. .

A padded head area serves a safety purpose by protecting the head and neck of your child during runs. Multi-position reclining seats great as you can adjust them to a position that is comfy for your child.

Remember though that when jogging or running, your stroller seat should always be upright as this is the safest position for your child then. Reclining seats than go all the way to horizontal or near horizontal are great for outdoor naps and the occasional diaper.

Adjustable handle bars are an important comfort feature because it guarantees comfort for parents of a wide range of heights. If you are going to enjoy running or jogging with a stroller, you need to be able to assume proper body posture which is only possible when your stroller’s handlebar is of the right height.

Avid runners, run on a variety of terrains and go through a lot of bumps on the way. Without a good suspension system, the ride will be very unsafe and uncomfortable for your little one because most if not all of the shock generated during the run will be transferred to their little bodies..


Hand brake

Safety should be the most important consideration when determining the quality of a sport stroller. Safety and and comfort features are similar because with safety comes comfort.

A safe stroller for marathon type running is one with fixed front wheels. A safe stroller for your baby should have a five point safety harness, head and neck protection, some type of brake whether hand or foot activated should be present. A hand brake is preferable when you are going downhill.

A tether that attaches to your hand or waist or any suitable part of you is advisable so you don’t loose your stroller at anytime during your run. Reflective logos are very helpful when you are running in conditions of low visibility. A sturdy frame that won’t collapse on you is nice.

Convenience and ease of use

If you are going to be using a stroller for an extended period of time as most avid runners do, it is important for it to be easy to use. Wheels that roll effortlessly, easy folding for transport or storage, easy cleaning are all features that make a stroller convenient.

A large storage is also very convenient since on those long runs, you will need to take along supplies like water, food, a diaper bag and more. A canopy with an extendable visor is important for those very sunny days and accessories like sun shields, weather/ rain shields and mosquito shields are very important too.

A stroller that is not too heavy is great for extended exercise.

Making a choice

For many parents, picking the right sport stroller is a nightmare. Moms have to go through so many reviews before making up their minds. It is hard to find a stroller that has all the qualities listed above so when picking a stroller, think of the places you will be taking the stroller to. For example, if you will be using your stroller mostly on paved roads and gravel roads, you can do fine with one that doesn’t have a suspension system.

However, if you will take your stroller off roads, then one with a good suspension system is required because off road terrains are pretty rough. If you are not an avid runner then you can buy one of those jogging strollers with swivel


ing front wheels and it will satisfy your exercise needs just fine.

Sport strollers come with many features and no stroller has it all, so the best sport stroller for you depends on your exercise needs. Sport strollers are a great investment as it helps parents stay active and healthy. That said, there is no need to buy more sport stroller than you need. Be honest with yourself and choose what works best for you!

If you were an avid runner prior to pregnancy, you might want to invest more in your stroller. If you only run or jog once in a while, you might not want to invest in a high end stroller model.

I hope this page is helpful to you. For more  info  on  this  topic , go to the review tab for reviews and detailed  product descriptions of several sport strollers. Happy shopping!

Cheers Denise

18 thoughts on “Baby Sport Stroller

  1. Hi, thanks for such an informative article about sport strollers.. I haven’t got a baby yet but I am a nanny so I’ve got some experience with strollers…

    Once a woman has a baby it’s very hard to find time to do some excercise… When I saw this article I realised that you can do the excercise together with baby! It’s a great ideal and these sport strollers look very safe so why not… 🙂

    I will probably buy one once I have a baby 🙂

  2. Great post Tatihden! I had no idea that you there were strollers made specifically for exercising with the stroller. This would be a great gift for a fit friend who just had a baby. Do you think it would be possible to rollerblade with the sport stroller? I like to rollerblade a lot and I think it would be a great way to take the baby for a stroll.

    1. Evans thanks for commenting. Yes you can rollerblade with a stroller. A stroller will be a great give for a friend especially one who is fit. The book attached to the post titled Strollnectic has great information on this topic. I will research into this and write a post about rollerblading with a stroller. Stay in touch.

  3. This post was SUPER helpful for me. Me and my sister are marathon training, but she has two kids. One major concern we both have is their safety- the stroller she’s using right now is a bit unstable and extremely difficult to manuever. I’ll be honest – I had no idea these even existed, but they look and sound great. Are you aware of any sport strollers that have full frontal covering? Perhaps a plastic screen? It tends to rain a lot where we live, and we’d both love to do anything we can to prevent the kids from getting soaked while we run!


    1. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. The thule urban glide 2 has a protective rain screen. BOB Weather Shield for Single Ironman/SUS Strollers are available too and are compatible with all BOB sport utility strollers and iron man single strollers. I’m happy you found my post helpful.

  4. I was so impressed with all of the information on your site. I wish we had Sport-Strollers back 35 years ago when I had my first child.
    Finding time to exercise with a baby at home can be very hard.
    Thank you so much for all of the information.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Cherree,
      Thanks for the kind words; I love having feedback. It can be very hard to find time to exercise but with a sport stroller that problem can be overcome.
      Best wishes to you too,

  5. Great Post! I had no idea there were different types of strollers for specific reasons. Everything was well explained and the pictures really supported the info well! I’m glad I stumbled across this!
    I’ll definitely send this to my cousin. She’ll absolutely love reading this.
    How did you find out about these?
    Great Job 🙂

    1. Hi Stephen,

      I’m happy you love the idea. I’m a mom of three and finding time to exercise was one of my biggest problems. I started trying things I could share with the baby while my other two were in school. I did kickboxing and step aerobics(all good but I needed air an people). I went to a park and spotted this lady running with her baby in this slick stroller. I was wowed and just feel in love with jogging strollers.

  6. You make a lot of great points in this article I didn’t think of for instance I didn’t know they made strollers with shock absorbers. It makes sense though. I live in Vegas so it’s very important to have a canopy here with the heat of the sun. How much of a difference in pricing is there for a mom like me that doesn’t run much verses the higher end models?

    1. Hi Julie,

      You can get a great standard or travel system stroller for 100-150 USD less than the cost of a high end jogging stroller. Many strollers come with canopy and weather shields to protect your little one from Sun and rain. Thanks for leaving feedback Julie.

  7. HI there,

    There are some awesome sports strollers that you have mentioned. Help the new mum or mum again to get back in to the regime and getting fit again.

    I seen, believe it or not a smart sports stroller that connects to smart phone or watch.

    Brillant site, keep up the hard work.

    1. Hi Derek,

      I have read about some smart strollers and I’m still researching them. Every day there are innovations in baby products. I get really excited when I stumble on to that information. Thanks for leaving me a comment.

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      These sport strollers are amazing machines that are multi-functional. Those with swivel wheels are designed mostly for running errands, those with swivel locking front wheels can handle errands and moderate running/jogging. The strollers with fixed front wheels are perfect for running.

      A stroller is a great investment in the life of many parents and make a great gift.

  8. This is a very well written and helpful article, very enjoyable to read and a lot of information on a sports strollers.
    I did not know you could get a sports stroller to be able to do exercise with , it is a very good to be able to get out and exercise after having a baby, in your opinion what age does the exercise stroller go to for the childs safety?

    1. Hi Gareth,

      A sport stroller can be the difference between staying cooped up at home and going out and enjoying the outdoors with your baby.

      Sport strollers are made for jogging and running. It is advisable to visit with your pediatrician before taking your baby out for a jog.

      Because every child is different and reach milestones at different times, there is not a specific age when it is best to start taking a child jogging.

      In my opinion, if a child can hold their head up properly with no help for an extended period of time, then they are old enough. Usually, this happens between the ages of 6 months and 9 months but like I mentioned before, talk to your pediatrician.

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