Kolcraft Sprint Pro Jogging Stroller review

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The kolcraft sprint pro jogging stroller is a versatile and affordable jogging stroller with fixed front wheels for optimal performance. 

It has 16″ air-filled rear wheels with precision ball-bearings and aerodynamic to make pushing it effortless.

It comes with Reflective wheel trim, hand brake and jogging tether to ensure your run is as safe as possible. 

Kolcraft sprint pro jogging stroller is a sport stroller in the long list of jogging strollers that is not a high end brand but works just fine for moderate runners.

For a price tag of $ 182.90 (prices may change from the time of this review), Kolcraft Sprint pro jogging stroller is an affordable sport stroller for someone who is not ready to buy the high end brands.


  • Fixed front wheel which per manufacturer is wobble free
  • Three 16″ wheels
  • Aerodynamic lightweight aluminum frame
  • Hand brake and tether
  • Reflective wheel trim
  • Parent tray includes 2 deep cup holders and storage area
  • Adjustable smart handlebar
  • Multi-position reclining seat
  • Padded five point safety harness
  • Removable child tray with cup holder
  • Canopy with expandable visor
  • Large storage basket
  • Self standing fold
  • JPMA certified
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty

Tech Specs

  • Assembled Dimensions: 22.8″L x 54.5″W x 43.5″H.
  • Folded Dimensions: 22.8″L x 24″W x 38.5″H.
  • Stroller weighs 26 lbs.
  • Maximum child weight of 45 lbs.
  • Minimum weight recommendation of 12 lbs.
  • Does not accommodate car seat

What we like about the Kolcraft sprint pro jogging stroller

                                                                                                                             Ease of use


With three 16″ wheels, this stroller rolls effortlessly allowing you to get the best out of your run. It features a removable child’s tray which makes putting in and taking out your child very easy.

The fixed front wheel makes running with this stroller easy and safe; no need stop every now and then to adjust the alignment of the front wheel.

This stroller stands on its own when folded which is very convenient when out doors and is also great for storage and transportation.


The adjustable smart handlebar makes this stroller very comfortable for parents of a wide range of heights. With this feature, parents can assume good posture and achieve maximum stride without bumping into the stroller.

Kolcraft sprint pro has a multi position reclining seat that can recline to an upright position when junior is awake and active or to a horizontal position when junior falls asleep. The horizontal position is also convenient for out door diaper changes.

The five point safety harness is padded and very comfortable  around your child’s shoulders and secures them comfortably. The parent tray is well placed and have two deep cup holders for all the beverages you can handle. It has a storage area for your phone, car keys and other personal items.



Kolcraft sprint pro jogging stroller has reflective wheel trims that increases the visibility of this stroller when there is very low visibility like in  a foggy weather.

It features a tether that when used secures the stroller to you at all times; no run away strollers, keeps your little one safe.  It also has a conveniently placed hand brake that will stop the stroller when jogging.

Baby is protected from the elements by a canopy with expandable sun visor which extends all the way down.


There is a big storage basket underneath for all the supplies you and baby will need. There is an additional storage area close to the parent tray for your personal items like phone and car keys.

Some things to note

One thing I want you to know before buying this stroller is that, it is not designed to receive a car seat so you cannot convert it into a travel system stroller.

Another thing is the fact that the front wheel is fixed so this stroller is meant for sports not for running errands. This is so because with a fixed front wheel, it is a little stiff around corners. It is meant to roll straight.

Some people who have bought this stroller say it is very easy to stir around corners if you lean ever so slightly on the handlebar. So these people use it for day to day activities like shopping.

This stroller does not have shock absorbers so it could be a little bumpy on rough road. Many people say the 16″ tires does a good job of relieving the stress.

What are people saying?


Many of the complains are about the fixed wheels and how hard it is to stir around corners. I presume these people bought this stroller thinking all three wheels swivel.

This stroller is designed for jogging and thus has a fixed front wheel to ensure that it will continue to roll straight even if you are on rough terrain. If you want a stroller for everyday usage like in stores and parks, you need one with swiveling front wheels like the baby trend expedition stroller.

Some people complain about the poor quality of the materials but most of the reviews are positive, with many saying it is a great stroller for the price.

Final thought

For $ 182.90 at amazon, Kolcraft sprint jogging stroller is a good buy.

It has fixed front wheels for stability when running, reflective wheel trims for safety, three 16″ wheels for effortless ride, big storage basket, parent and child trays with cup holders, hand brake and tether, canopy with expandable visor, reclining seat with padded five point harness and a smart adjustable handlebar.

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Cheers Denise.

6 thoughts on “Kolcraft Sprint Pro Jogging Stroller review

  1. For the price I agree with you that it’s a decent product. My wife really likes a stable stroller when she’s running the fixed wheel may actually be a bonus when you are trying to jog.

    The larger wheels from the pictures I saw also make me think I would consider buying as it would work good on the rough terrain in my home area. The island of Kauai can be a bit rural.

    Thank you for the informative review and I was just wondering if you thought they should have a swivel wheel version of this model?

    1. Hi Michael,

      You’re right, the fixed wheel makes this stroller safe for high speed jogging. This particular stroller does not have a swiveling wheel version.

      There are other strollers like the Bob revolution flex and Bob revolution se that have swiveling front wheels.

      For very rough terrain, you might want to try the Bob ironman stroller or the Thule glide sport stroller.

  2. Excellent Review. I have a 2 year old who still goes in a pram and i have started jogging, so this is why I am looking for something like this. Do you think it is suitable for a larger / older child?

    I would only be using it for running on roads. And probably only be using it for about 6 more months. Do you think it’s good value for my use?

    1. Hi Ruth,

      If you will be using your stroller on roads only, then the Kolcraft Sprint pro jogging stroller is good value for you. Maximum weight that this stroller can handle and still function properly is 45 lbs. So if you have a kid who weighs more, you might need a stroller like Bob ironman but seeing how you only need it for six months, it might not be wise to Invest in a Bob except you plan on gifting it to someone when you’re done.

  3. Hi Denise
    Can I just say this is the most detailed review I have seen in a long time. Unfortunately my son is now a toddler, but I wish there were great reviews like this when I bought his. I ended up with a stroller which didn’t fit in my car boot and fell apart sooner than expected. The price of this stroller seems quite reasonable to me and would definitely consider purchasing it if I needed one.

    1. Hi Melanie,

      Thanks for leaving this feedback. Kolcraft Sprint pro is definitely a great jogger for an affordable price.

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