Baby trend royal se travel system reviews

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Baby trend royal travel system features the baby trend royal se stroller and the EZ flex loc 32 infant car seat.


The stroller has a swiveling front wheel that locks for jogging or when on rough terrain. The stroller has a multi-position reclining seat, a large canopy with a viewing window, a removable soft parent organizer, a height adjustable handlebar,  a large storage basket, five point safety harness with cover and a removable bumper bar.


The car seat features superior head impact protection, non rethread five point safety harness and a delta multi-grip carrying handle. It is side impact tested and latch equipped.


Ease of use, comfort and convenience.

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The seat of the royal se is a bassinet which is installed simply by aligning the anchors on the sides of the seat with the anchors on the sides of the stroller and pushing down until it clicks.


Before installing the seat, the removable bumper bar should be installed by aligning its anchors to the seat and pushing down. The bumper bar is not a carry handle and should not be used for carrying the seat especially when a child is in it.The removable bumper bar can receive a child tray with three clip on positions.


The stroller seat of baby trend royal se reclines to multiple positions. It can be adjusted to an upright, recline and carriage position. To adjust to the recline and upright positions, you need to buckle the footrest strap on the rear of the seat and adjust the straps around the headrest area till you are satisfied.


The upright position is recommended for children six months and older. This is to protect the head and neck of the child. Children who cannot hold their heads up by themselves are at a higher risk of injury in the upright position.The carriage position is best for babies and good for outdoor naps and diaper changes. To adjust to the carriage position, both footrest and headrest harnesses need to be loosen to allow for full extension of the seat surround.


The seat is properly padded and features a padded five point safety harness. The harness is easy to put on and take off. The straps of the five point harness has three height adjustable positions. The waist straps adjust easily with the help of a buckle. The harness is released by pushing on a button in the center of the claps (can be done with one hand).


The seat is a basinet and will probably work for children three years and below. This stroller can receive a car seat with snap technology to form a travel system. It doesn’t receive a regular stroller seat (maybe it will in the future). You can customize your stroller with a reversible stroller frame when in the car seat mode and get up to 6 riding options.

Canopy, handlebar and storage

This stroller has a canopy that adjust to protect your child from the sun and wind. It has a viewing window for checking on your child.


The canopy is great when the stroller is reclined or in the upright position but no so great when it is in the carriage position.


It has an adjustable handlebar which makes pushing this stroller comfortable for parents of a wide range of heights. The soft parent organizer installs easily on the handlebar. It can hold personal items like keys, phones  and some drinks.


The royal se has a big storage underneath that is easy to access from behind and in front in most of the seating positions and options. This storage can hold a diaper bay and have room for more.

Wheels and brake

The baby trend royal se stroller features three wheels that measure 10″ for the front wheel and 11″ for the rear wheels. The front wheel swivels and make rolling this stroller around corners and in tight spots relatively easy. The front wheel can be locked to give this stroller stability when jogging or riding on rough terrain.


The royal se has a foot activated parking brake on the rear axle. This brake is applied by simply applying downward pressure on the pedal. It is released by lifting the pedal gently.

Folding, unfolding and assembly

baby-trend-royal-se-travel-system-foldThe royal se features a simple trigger fold for quick and compact storage. It can fit in the trunk of many cars easily. It unfolds easily too. Folding is achieved by pulling two release triggers and pushing downward on the stroller till it is completely folded and secured with the release lever. To unfold, you simply unhook the release lever and pull on the stroller frame upwards until it locks.


It is relatively easy to assemble the royal se stroller. The instruction manual contain a single language per section and is thus not difficult to find the one that works for you. Instructions are accompanied by clear pictures.


The royal se is pretty safe for an everyday stroller. It has a seat that features multiple position recline to enhance safe seating. Babies are safer in the carriage mode or in the travel system mode where their necks/head gets plenty of support.

Both stroller and car seat features five point safety harnesses that are very effective at securing children to their seats. The five point harness is recommended by pediatricians across the nation.

The stroller features a foot activated parking brake that ensures that the stroller will note roll away when parked. All seats snap into the frame securely (only snap tech approved seats should be used on this frame).

Car seat

The EZ flex loc 32 infant car seat is designed with safety in mind. It is side impact tested and offers superior head impact protection with a deluxe head support. It features an adjustable non rethread five point harness. The car seat base offers three height adjustment levels. The base is very easy to install because of the push button latch connectors.

This car seat features a delta grip carrying handle. It has a maximum weight recommendation of 32 pounds.

The car seat handle has a triangle design that is convenient and comfortable for both left handed or right handed people. The seat is well padded and feels comfortable to the touch.

What are people saying?

Many people like this stroller. It has a 4.5 star rating on babyrus. The main complain by many is it’s size. It is a little bulky and some people have trouble maneuvering it in crowed places. Below is a review from babyrus,


Bottom line

Baby trend royal se travel system is a nice stroller. It features the EZ 32 flex loc infant car seat that is parked with safety features like side protection and head protection. The stroller features a swiveling-locking front wheel, an adjustable handlebar, a multi-position reclining seat with padded five point harness, a foot activated rear parking brake and a big storage underneath.

This stroller sells cheapest on eBAY and babyrus and ships free.

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  1. I really like your site! My sister is about to have another baby so she is looking for strollers. She likes to exercise so I will have to show her this site. With the Babyrus rating of 4.5 it sounds like it would be a pretty good one to buy. Do you know if they have any problems or possible problems? Would you use one of these for your child?

    1. Hi Kenny,

      I will definitely use this stroller for my child. I can’t really think of a problem except the fact that the seat is a bassinet that your child can out grow very fast. This stroller is not appropriate for older kids. It is however a great stroller for babies. With a bassinet seat, babies can sleep comfortably during a walk.

  2. Uma das rodas traseiras do meu a espuma do pneu cedeu com o calor de alguma coisa, e estou com dificuldade de achar uma outra para reposição, alguém consegue me ajudar?

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