About Denise


Who is Denise and why did I creat this site?

I am married and a mom of three beautiful kids. I’m a full-time medical technologist and an aspiring MD. Like many parents, I love my babies very much and want to give them the best care possible but I also want to be able to take care of my self.

There are many things a parent can do to make parenting easier. I have chosen to live and share my passion as a mom with you. By starting this site, I will be able to learn many things from research and from your replies to the post on this site.

I am very thrilled and a little anxious too since this is my first time doing this but I intend to make it a wonderful experience for us all. I’m hoping to spend more time at home or outdoors with my babies while they are still little.

There are a lot of products in the market that can make the life of a parent easier and that is what this site is about.  I’ve had plenty of experience with baby gears and will love to share this knowledge with you.I will also love to learn what you know. As a community we can help each other.

What is sport strollers all about?

This is a community where parents can find information on a variety of baby products, especially strollers and car seats. We will review and share our experiences about a variety of baby products.

It can be very time consuming for new parents to find baby products that works for them let alone finding a great, reliable, durable and affordable one. I am going to try to help fellow parents narrow down their choices by offering product reviews.

This site will be part of a community; by this I mean I will try to link this site to other similar sites to improve your reach to resources.

Your opinion counts!

Please don’t hesitate to leave comments about my post or reviews.If you find my site interesting or lacking in anyway please let me know. I will be very happy to make improvements.

Ask away!

If you have any questions pertaining to baby products , mom’s healthy, exercise and healthy diets for new moms, don’t hesitate to ask them. I will try to help you as best as I can. I can be reached by email at tatihdenise@strollerwithcarseatcombo.com or on my profile page at wealthy affiliate. Thanks for visiting my site. Please come again.

Founder of Sport Strollers.