Thule urban glide stroller reviews

Thule Urban glide is a state of the art stroller. It is an excellent stroller for the avid runner. It is slim, slick, stylish and tough.

It is design for multi-use; like outdoors for jogs and indoors for shopping. The front wheel swivels and locks to allow easy transition from running to strolling.

This thule urban glide stroller reviews will give you a detailed list and explanation of the major features of this stroller.


  • Swiveling locking front wheel
  • Can receive an infant car seat to make a travel system
  • Padded, vented seat that reclines to an almost flat position
  • Rear suspension system
  • Large water resistance storage basket that zip’s the top shut
  • Ergonomic handlebar
  • Rear brakes
  • Removable wrist strap
  • One hand fold
  • Weighs 23 lbs.
  • five point safety harness
  • Maximum weight capacity of 75 lbs.
  • Adjustable sun shade with peekaboo window
  • 16″ back wheels and 12.5″ front wheel

Product description

Ease of use

Swivel locking front wheel

The thule urban glide sport stroller is made with a swiveling locking front wheel. This means that this stroller can work well both indoors and outdoors. In the swiveling mode, it rolls easily around corners and thus will work well in crowded places like the mall or a busy park. This stroller maneuvers so good that it can turn on a dime. It is a great stroller for commuters.

In the locked/jogging mode, it is steady, strong and rolls easily over bumps without changing course. This locked front wheel feature is especially important when the stroller is on high speed; it keeps it steady and prevents sudden turns that can cause it to tumble.

Thule urban glide is therefore the perfect multi-purpose stroller.

Ergonomic handlebar


The ergonomic handlebar is not only easy on parents, it is also comfortable. This handlebar adjust to accommodate for the strides and kicks of parents of a variety of heights. This means parents can assume proper biomechanics especially when running.

One hand fold

This stroller folds easily with just a twist of a handle, to a compact fold that allows for easy storage and transportation. Parents with small cars like a Toyota corolla will have no trouble storing this stroller when folded in their booth, especially with the wheels off.

Parents can hold their babies in one hand while folding this stroller with the other effortlessly. It is also relatively light, at only 23 lbs. parents can lift it into cars without struggling. It doesn’t feature a self standing fold or auto locking mechanism. Unfolding this stroller is also very easy.

Since this stroller folds into such a small unit, it is great for people who leave in a city like New York where riding on a bus or train is the way of life because it folds easily and will fit easily into a small space.


This stroller has a large storage basket with zippers that keep the top of the basket closed thus securing its content especially when you are running. So parents do not have to worry about loosing stuff as they run.

This storage basket is very easy to access from behind and on both sides. Fitting a big diaper bag into it is a breeze. It can take up to 10 lbs., enough for a diaper bag and other supplies.

There is additional storage; a back seat mesh pocket that can hold personal items like phones and car keys (it can hold a water bottle with a little squeeze) and an internal seat pocket for the baby (big enough for a sippy cup and some snack).


Thule urban glide is made with safety in mind. The stroller seat has a five point safety harness that is easy to put on and take off. This harness secures children in safely and comfortably.

The urban glide has a tether that when attached to the parents secures the stroller and keeps it close to parents at all times. It has a single action foot brake on the rear of the stroller.

The state of the art back suspension system is very effective at absorbing the shock generated during a ride even on very rough terrain. This feauture in combination to the large 16 ” back wheels make urban glide an all terrain stroller.


Pushing this stroller is amazing; it rolls almost on its own and tracks straight with the help of the track adjustment feature. The track adjustment knob is easy to reach and easy to adjust without using tools. The urban glide rolls smooth due to the rear suspension system and big 16″ rear wheels. Anyone using this stroller will fell like they are rolling the prime stroller.

The seat of this stroller is padded and ventilated, providing extra comfort especially in hot weather. This seat reclines to multiple positions making it impossible not to find a comfortable position for your child. It also reclines to a near horizontal position that is very convenient for outdoor naps and diaper changes. It is however not advisable to run with this stroller when it is fully reclined for safety reasons.


The urban glide has a nice canopy that is able to adjust to multiple positions in order to provide adequate protection from the sun. It has a mesh visor that can pull down to provide additional protection from the sun while still allowing children to see through it. The canopy has a peekaboo window through which parents can check every now and then on their child. When fully extended, the canopy stays firm and in place.

Things to note

Thule urban glide does not have a hand brake; something that comes as a surprise to me, given the details put in every other aspect of this stroller. Having no hand brake might be a problem for running especially down hill.

According to baby gear lab, this stroller scores below average for the amount of pressure needed to make it tilt forward (28 lbs.) and backwards (25 lbs.). So the advice here is not to apply any unnecessary pressure on this stroller (avoid leaning on it, especially on the handlebars. Don’t put diaper bags on the handlebar too or let children hang on it).

The urban glide is very easy to set up. The manual has clear instructions and helpful pictures.

What are people saying?

This stroller has a 4.3 out of 5 star review from 125 people on amazon. People love love the quality of this stroller. The stroller is well built, the fabric is of high quality, the wheels are large and the frame is lightweight but strong.

Some people ran into a problem with this stroller being too narrow for their child. It is a sleek design and might be a tight to fit for older kids.

Below is a four star review if this stroller,


Final thoughts

If there is any stroller in the market that comes very close to perfection, then it is the Thule urban glide. It is made with quality and pride. It is designed with comfort in mind, with features like a five point safety harness, and adjustable canopy with peekaboo window and a state of the art suspension system.

It has big rear wheels and swivel locking front wheels that make this stroller extremely easy to maneuver. It has an ergonomic handle that adjust to provide comfort for parents of a variety of heights. It has a huge storage that is easy to access and has an enclosed top.

The seat is padded and reclines to multiple positions, including a near horizontal position that is great for those outdoor naps and diaper changes. The Thule urban glide stroller is a master piece.

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