BOB sport utility jogging stroller reviews

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Bob sport utility jogging stroller is the beast of the off roads experience. These reviews will outline and elaborate on the features that makes this stroller a great jogging stroller.


  • Fixed front wheel that makes this stroller more stable and reliable for high speed running, hiking and for rough trails.
  • It has a light frame with easy two step fold for convenient storage and transportation.
  • High quality adjustable suspension system that provides an exceptionally smooth ride.
  • You can create a complete travel system with the use of the right adapters and matching BOB- B safe infant car seat.
  • More adapters that help in the quick and easy installation of snack tray and car seat.
  • Seat and five point safety harness are ultra padded for extra comfort to your little one
  • Seat reclines and five point harness helps keep your child secured
  • Canopy can be adjusted in multiple positions to protect your child against the elements. Canopy has a peek a boo window for keeping an eye on your child.
  • Tires are designed knobby to increase traction on the road and wheels are composed of high- impact polymer material for toughness
  • Ample storage provided with the low boy cargo basket underneath and additional large seat back pocket and internal seat pocket.
  • Features a simple twist front wheel adjustment knob that keeps you rolling straight
  • Has a parking brake that helps the stroller stop when engaged. When strolling, hand brake provides additional stopping assistance.
  • Features a padded handlebar for comfort, a wrist strap that helps you secure the stroller when strolling  and can double as a fold lock when stroller is folded.


What we like about BOB sport utility stroller


Bob sport utility stroller is a highly functional stroller for avid runners. It has a fixed front wheel that provides a lot of stability to the stroller even at high speed or when the trail gets rough.

It has a state of the art suspension system that works to transfer most of the force generated during a jog to the ground away from the child. This make sport utility super comfy for your baby and safe too.

The wheels are made with high impact polymer material and the tires are knobby to provide increased traction and toughness. You can also keep your stroller rolling straight with a simple twist of the front wheel tracking adjustment knob.

Easy of use

Bob utility has a light weight frame and features an easy two step folding for convenient storage and/or transportation. With the right adapters, you can easily convert your stroller into a travel system by attaching a compatible BOB B safe infant car seat. Additional accessories allow for the easy attachment of a snack tray.bob-utility


Bob sport utility jogging stroller is very comfortable for babies partly because it has a state of the art suspension system. The seats are ultra padded and can recline to multiple positons making it easy to find a comfortable position for your baby whether they are awake or asleep.

The harness is also padded and thus does not apply any uncomfortable pressure to your little ones body.

A padded handlebar makes it comfortable for parent to grab and push this stroller for an extended period of time with no distress.


Bob sport utility is designed to be safe for both parent and child. Seats have a padded five point safety harness that secures the child comfortably to their seats.

It features a multi-position adjustable canopy that protect your child from the elements, especially harmful UV radiations. This canopy has a large viewing window for the parent to easily keep an eye on the child on a regular basis during their run.

Bob sport utility has a parking brake that helps bring the stroller to a stopping positons. It also has a hand break that is easily accessible and provides additional stopping assistance when rolling.

A wrist strap provides added safety by keeping your stroller close to you at all times


Bob sport utility jogging stroller has plenty of storage space, able to carry all the supplies you will need for an extended period.

It has a big low cargo boy basket underneath and additional back seat and internal seat storage.

Recommendation and warranty information

This stroller is recommended for babies from 8 weeks (without the use of an infant carrier) to children of about 70 lbs. (without stored items). It requires very little assembly.

It has a limited five year warranty on frame and a little one year warranty on small parts and fabric.


Bob sport utility measures 29 inches from center of front wheel to centers of back wheels (horizontal distance). It measures 40 inches from handlebar to the ground (vertical distance). It measures 50 inches from front of front wheel to handlebar (horizontal distance).

When folded with wheels on, it has a length of 41.5 inches and a height of 18 inches. With wheels off, it has a length of 35 inches and height of 13.5 inches.

The interior seat width is 14.5 inches (big enough for most kids).


  • Single handlebar console
  • Travel bag
  • Single sun shield
  • Single weather shield
  • Single handlebar console with tire pump
  • single snack tray
  • Warm and fuzzy

What are people saying?

Many people buy this product without knowing that it has a fixed front wheel. Once they get it and realize that the front wheel is fixed and they are very disappointed.

You hear complains like this stroller only rolls straight and is difficult to maneuver around corners.


This however is not a problem in my opinion because BOB sport utility as its name states is meant for sports not for day to day activities like shopping. For everyday use, you should by a version like BOB revolution se stroller or BOB revolution flex stroller that has a swiveling front wheel.

Further more, many people complain about the tires getting flat. Bob’s tires are pneumatic and like any air filled tires, they lick air and become flat. There is an easy fixed to this problem; tire sealants. They can seal a leak or slow it down allowing your tire to function a while longer before needing replacement.

Bob sport utility has an overall rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 from 153 reviews.

Final say 

Bob sport utility jogging stroller is a great stroller, designed for the avid runner. It has a fixed front wheel that enhance stability of the stroller even on high speed runs. It has a variety of safety features and is a super comfy stroller for you and your child.

Please leave us a comment and let us know how you feel about this review or about your experience with this stroller.

4 thoughts on “BOB sport utility jogging stroller reviews

  1. Thanks for the review, very informative. Thanks for sharing the bit about the steering, I would have been one of those people who complained about it! I am not a runner I just liked the single front wheel as it looked different. Seems it may not be that great for average day to day users like myself. Not sure I am ready to take up running/jogging yet. Thankf for the info again, I will check out their other strollers.

    1. I am happy to be of help Jodes.

      There are so many strollers on the market that it can be very confusing for the average person when shopping.

      Some strollers are designed with swiveling locking wheels, others with swiveling wheels only and others with fixed wheels.
      Each type works better under different circumstances.
      The swiveling locking wheels type is for the person who runs not so regularly and plans on using the stroller for shopping and running other errands.
      The swiveling only type is not good for running so it is designed solely for running errands.
      The fixed wheel type is designed for serious sport.

  2. Wow this is so cool. I never knew that there were strollers for running. These things are sweet. I know when you are in rough terrain it can be a terror trying to maneuver your child in a regular stroller. So this would come in handy to keep your child safe and to take a load of you.
    For my next little one I have to get one of these. A good solid stroller that is versatile is important for you and the child.

    1. Hello,

      I couldn’t agree more, try to roll a regular stroller on rough terrain is a nightmare. This is so because they turn every time they hit a bump.

      With a fixed front wheel stroller that has a tire of at least 12″ wide, rough terrains are easy to handle. They roll over bumps with ease and stay on course.

      Now, New parents can stay active after they have a baby with the help of these sport strollers.

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