Jogging stroller ratings

This jogging stroller ratings takes into consideration my opinion and those of Amazon reviewers. I have used some of these jogging strollers and feel i am in a good position to rate them.

In The past, strollers were meant for taking walks in the park and shopping in the mall. Many strollers were design to roll on roads and very few could perform well off roads. Nowadays, strollers are made to be very versatile. True jogging strollers can handle a variety of terrains and can handle the kind of speed generated during jogging or running.

They come with big wheels, suspension systems, big canopies, at least a brake or two, five point harnesses and more. I will like to talk about some strollers I consider true jogging strollers. The kind any avid runner should look at when considering to by a stroller.

Among the strollers I consider true jogging strollers, Bob sport utility stroller, Bob stroller strides fitness stroller, Thule Glide, Thule Urban glide and Bob revolution flex are at the top of my list.

Many jogging strollers are made with fixed front wheels that can handle rough terrain well. This kind of stroller keeps running straight most times when a swivel wheel will sway suddenly when they come across a bump. They are safe when speed is involved. They are sturdy and have very strong frames.

Customer ratings say a lot about a product but sometimes it can be misleading. For example; many people prefer strollers with swiveling/locking front wheels than those with fixed front wheels. This is because many people like to still be able to use their jogging stroller for things other than jogging.

Now some people buy a stroller thinking that it is a swivel front wheel only to find out that it is fixed. Then they write bad reviews about how difficult it is to take a corner with such a stroller. Well it should be because it is designed to roll straight.

Before you stake your purchase on reviews, make sure you understand them. Now without further ado, let us look at some great jogging strollers and their ratings.

The Thule Glide Jogging sport stroller




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The Thule glide sport stroller is an amazing jogging stroller with a very good rating on Amazon and other baby product sites. If there is a perfect stroller out there then it is this stroller and it’s sibling the urban glide.

It features a fixed front wheel. This feature together with the big tires and rear suspension system, makes this stroller superb for the outdoors off road intense jogging experience.

It is made with comfort and safety in mind. It features an ergonomic handlebar that is adjustable for height. There is a hand brake conveniently placed closed to the handlebar. This brake is very effective and comes in handy in those unforeseen circumstances especially when jogging on speed.

The seats of the Glide are padded for comfort and they have padded five point safety harness for an effective and  a comfortable harnessing experience for your child. This seat reclines to a near horizontal position which is mighty nice for outdoor naps and diaper changes. The seat is vented at the top to provide cooling to your child on hot days.

Thule Glide has a big multi-position adjustable canopy with a peekaboo window. The flap that covers the window stays securely in a convenient upper pocket when opened. The window is covered with a mesh material that allows air to flow through it and provide additional cooling for your child. The mesh also allows easy view so you can check on your child as you jog.

This stroller folds easily for transportation and storage. It can hold up to 75 lbs. and it weighs 22 lbs. I could spend the whole day talking about this amazing stroller but let us leave it here and take a look at some customer reviews. This jogging stroller has a 4 star rating on amazon and other popular shops. I think this is so because many people fail to realize when buying this stroller that the front wheel is fixed.

Below is a review from amazon,


Thule Urban Glide stroller


Thule urban glide is a mean lean machine. It has three big wheels that roll like a dream. It features a padded seat that reclines to an almost flat position which is great for outdoor naps and diaper changes. The seat offers plenty of ventilation for your child even when reclined. In this seat is a five point harness that is very effective at securing children safely.

Urban glide stays true to its name with the help of a lean design, big wheels and a rear suspension system. You will feel like this stroller is pushing its self and your child will have the smoothest ride ever.

This stroller is built with comfort in mind, with the ergonomic handlebar that adjust for height. This feature makes pushing this stroller very comfortable for parents of various heights. There is unfortunately no conveniently placed hand brake but there is a foot activated parking brake that is easy to activate and effectively stops the stroller whenever you need it to.

The front wheel can pivot or be locked just with the twist of a knob. In the pivoting mode, it turns on a dime, making walks in the park, neighborhood street and crowded places like the mall a breeze.

When you are on rough terrain or in the mood of jogging, you can twist the knob to lock the front wheel forward or backward, depending on your preference.

In the jogging mode, you can engage in intense exercise and be sure that this stroller will handle it and run straight. And if for any reason your stroller starts stirring to the side, you can realign it with the tracking adjustment knob (no tools required).

The urban glide has a large zippered under seat storage basket that can hold a big diaper bag and more. The zippered storage takes your mind off worrying about falling items to focusing on your run/jog.The basket is easy to access and is water resistant too.

Thule urban glide has a 4.3 out of five star rating on amazon. Below is a review from amazon,


Bob sport utility stroller


The sport utility like many Bob stroller is an amazing jogging stroller with a state of the art suspension system that allows for up to 3 inches of wheel travel. It allows for two level of weight adjustment; level one, 0-40lbs and level two, 41-70lbs. It features fixed front wheels that make this stroller very stable, regardless of the type of terrain you jog on.

A hand activated front caliber brake puts control in your hands especially when jogging downhill.

Sport utility is designed with comfort in mind with a padded adjustable handlebar, a padded multi-position reclining seat with a padded five point safety harness. The 16” wheels surrounded by air-filled tires plus the suspension system, makes the ride in this stroller super smooth for your child.

You can take your newborn with you for a walk in the Bob travel system made of the sport utility stroller, a compatible infant car seat and adapters (the travel mode should not be used for jogging, per manufacturer).

The seat of the sport utility stroller can be placed completely upright, to allow your curious child to have a better view of their environment. It can be reclined to a near horizontal position for outdoor naps and diaper changes. The seat is made with water resistant fabric and cleans easily.

Bob is easy to fold but is not the lightest stroller out there. The weight (28.6 lbs.) is not a problem as it makes this stroller steady and sure even on high speed.

Other important features include a big multi-position UPF 50+ canopy, plenty of storage space underneath the stroller, on the back of the seat (for personal items like phones and wallets) and integrated seat pockets for snacks and toys.

For additional safety, the sport utility have a wrist strap and a foot activated parking brake.

The sport utility stroller has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating on amazon. Below is a review from amazon,



Bob stroller strides fitness stroller


The stroller strides fitness stroller is like the revolution flex. The difference here is that with the stroller strides stroller, you get a package that contain a stroller stride one week fitness class coupon and a stroller strides fitness kit that contains a parent console and Stroller Strides exercise manual and fitness resistance bands.

This stroller has a swiveling locking front wheel. When you feel like jogging around the neighborhood where you take a lot of corners, the swivel mode is excellent. Together with the big 16” and air filled tires, this stroller rolls like a dream. The front wheel locks forward for stability when you find yourself on rough terrain or when you want to run straight.

Just like the sport utility stroller, it has a padded adjustable handlebar that offers 9 position adjust for parents of a variety of heights. It also has a padded multi-position reclining seat that reclines to a near flat position (convenient for outdoor naps and diaper changes) and a fully upright position for a better view of the environment by your little one.

The stroller strides stroller is equipped with a state of the art suspension system that offers 3 inches of wheel travel and can be adjusted to accommodate for two levels of weight (level one, 0-40lbs and level two, 41-70lbs).

There is plenty of room for storage on this stroller. It has a big low cargo boy basket underneath that can hold a diaper bag and more. The seat back pocket can hold personal items like car keys and phones and the integrated inner seat pocket can hold, snacks toys and more. All pockets are easy to access.

With the right car seat adapter and infant car seat, the stroller strides stroller can convert into a travel system in a heartbeat.

There are many safety features put into this stroller like the wrist strap, the five point harness, the foot activated parking brake and the UPF 50+ canopy.

This stroller has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating on amazon. Below is a review from a verified amazon customer,


There are many fine strollers out there but Bob and Thule are on top when it comes to jogging strollers. They can handle rough terrain easily and they are made to last.

I have only looked at two Bob strollers here but there are many other top strollers made by Bob like the revolution flex and the revolution pro. All the strollers I have reviewed here have a double version. For both types of strollers (Bob and Thule), the double versions can only take one car seat at a time. This means that these strollers are not the best strollers for twins.

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