Bob Revolution Duallie review

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When you get home from the hospital after having a baby, life has to continue; you still need to go shopping and run other errands plus go to numerous doctor appointments.

This is when you realize you need extra pairs of hands or better still a stroller.

Now try imagining your life with two close siblings or you don’t have to imagine because you are already in that situation.

It will be much easier for you to maintain your active life style prior to pregnancy if you had a stroller, right?

Well today I will be writing a bob revolution duallie review for those parents with two toddles or parents with an infant an a toddler.

The specific stroller I will focus my review on is the Bob revolution Flex duallie stroller.

Bob revolution Flex duallie is the perfect stroller for enjoying the outdoors. It is also ok for running errands indoors as long as you don’t have to stop several time to put it into or out of your car.

It is made with high quality materials and  has just about anything you need in a double stroller.

It is hard to find someone who is too disappointed in the performance of  this stroller. It is a great all terrain stroller that has strolled it’s way into the hearts of many.


  • Swiveling front wheel
  • Easy two step folding
  • State of the art suspension system
  • Padded reclining seat
  • Padded five point safety harness
  • Can create a complete travel system stroller with the right adapters and car seat
  • Multi-position UPF 50+ canopies are independent and have large viewing windows
  • Has a low cargo boy underneath storage, large seat back pockets and internal seat pockets
  • Wheels are made of high impact polymers and tires are pneumatic
  • Front wheel adjustment knob
  • Parking brake
  • Padded handlebar with wrist strap
  • Adjustable padded handlebar with 9 position adjust
  • Fits through standard door frames
  • Sold for $ 639.00 at amazon

Product Description

Bob revolution flex duallie is a side by side all terrain double stroller. It has a swiveling-locking front wheel that can be left to swivel when running errands and locked when jogging or running.

It has two independently reclining seats that can recline down to 70 degrees from the vertical. Each seat has a separate UPF 50+ canopy that has a peekaboo window for checking on the kids.

Seats and harnesses are ultra padded making this stroller very comfy for little ones. The handlebar is also padded and is adjustable to 9 positions, providing comfort for parents.

It has a huge under seat storage, back seat pockets and internal seat pockets.

Things we like/don’t like about this stroller



No matter which bob stroller your pick, it is always made with safety in mind. Both the 2016 version and the old version of this stroller have foot activated breaks that are easy to use and are efficient.bob-rev-strorage


The difference however is that, the 2016 version has a plastic pedal that is bigger and easier to use while the previous version has a smaller metal pedal that is more durable.

The current pedal is easier to release but the older version instills a higher level of quality and is just slightly different from the old one in terms of release. Once engaged, there is no way anyone will be confused as to whether it has been engaged or not.


The five point safety harnesses on this stroller has an adjustable crotch strap and five shoulder height adjustment. The buckle is easy to snap on and can be released easily with one hand with just a push of a button.

All parts of the harness is easy to adjust and it is easy to put on. The harness secures children in comfortably and safely.


This stroller has a wrist strap that keeps the stroller closer to the parent. It does not have a cup holder so parents do not have to worry about falling objects that might hit the baby when they are running. Parents can buy a double cup holder separately from Bob if they need to.

According to baby gear lab, BOB has a side tip angle of about 24.5 degrees which is below average and a back tip of 47.8 pounds which is above average. This means this stroller will take a good amount of weight on the handlebar before tipping backwards.

Each canopy adjust independent of the other. Both canopies have peekaboo windows that are easy to open and close. The canopy is made from the same canvas material as the seats with a reflective outside for improved visibility of the stroller at night or dawn. The canopies are water resistant and UPF 50+ (provides protection against harmful UV radiations).

Ease of use


The bob revolution flex requires two hands to fold and when folded, it requires the use of the wrist strap to secure it manually.

It is a little disappointing for a stroller that cost more than $ 600 not to have a self standing fold and auto lock. This stroller does not fold compactly so, it cannot be squeezed into a tight space.

Because Bob folds bulkier than many strollers and is also on the heavy side, it is not the best stroller for commuters.

It was not made for taking out and putting into a vehicle repeatedly. It will be okay to put it in the trunk of your car once or twice a day but will be very tiring to do so several times a day

So you can use it in a mall since you will be able to go to several shops in one place but if you plan on going to several shops that are farther apart and require you to fold and unfold at every stop, the routine will get old very fast.



That said, everything else about this stroller is easy. Unfolding is pretty easy and can be done with one or both hands depending on how experienced you are.


Bob revolution flex duallie has a big storage underneath the seat that is easy to reach from behind and from the sides. It is also easy to access even when the seats are fully reclined.

It can carry a diaper bag and still have room to spare for several small items. Putting a diaper bag in it can be tricky especially as there is a strap behind the seat that can interfere with this process.

Bob has large pockets on the back of the seat that can be used to store personal items like car keys and cell phones.

Convenience and comfort

The bob revolution can receive a car seat with the use of adapters and compatible car seats. When placed, car seats face the parent, making it easy to interact with the baby. Compatible car seats include bob car seats, britax seats, some chicco, peg perego and graco seats.

After they are connected to their appropriate adapters, all seats require the use of a strap to attach it plus adapter to the stroller securely.

Both seats recline individually down to 70 degrees from the vertical, allowing each child to be comfortable in their seat. When fully reclined, the seat is well ventilated.

Bob has a state of the art suspension system that adjust for two weight levels (0-50 lbs. and 51-100 lbs.) and allow for up to 3 inches of wheel travel.


BOB is very easy to maneuver both indoors and outdoors. With three big pneumatic tires and a swiveling front wheel Bob is smooth. The swiveling wheel can be locked to increase stability on rough terrain.

When going down hill or uphill, Bob can be controlled easily with the help of the pedal bar that effectively stops it. It is also relatively easy and smooth to climb on to curbs with Bob, thanks to large back wheels and amazing suspension system.

With a 9 position adjustable handlebar, parents can assume the proper posture for strolling, jogging or running with Bob revolution.

Things to note

Bob revolution flex is recommended for use with children 8 months or older, except when using a car seat. Bob can only accept one infant car seat, so this stroller is not advisable for twin infants.

You should only place a child in the stroller seat if they can hold their head up by themselves since there is no head support attached to the stroller seat. Even when car seats are used, avoid running with this stroller until babies are old enough to hold their heads up.

So this stroller is more suited for children of different ages or twins who are eight months or older.

Bob is  a little bulky when folded and it is kind of heavy, so it is not meant for commuters but for someone who loves the outdoors. It will work fine in a mall because you can go to several shops without having to stop between shops to fold, store and unfold later.

The leg rest on the revolution is not adjustable but is very well placed and padded. The foot rest is very big and provides enough room for both occupants.

Bob revolution is very easy to set up and require no tools. The package comes with manuals in many different languages, with each manual using only one language and images as needed.

Tech specs

  • Stroller weighs 34.1 lbs.
  • Earliest use with 8 week old babies when used with a car seat
  • Maximum weight of 100 lbs. (50lbs per seat, plus luggage)
  • Maximum height of 44″
  • Made from high strength chromoly and aluminum
  • Pneumatic tires measure 16″ by 1.75″ for the rear and 12.5″ by 1.75 for the front
  • Standing dimension is 53.5″/59.5 “(length swivel/jogging modes) by 31.5″-47.5″ (height) by 30.6” (width).
  • Folded dimension with wheels on in swivel mode is 39″ (length) by 16″ (height).
  • Folded dimension with wheels on in jogging mode is 44.5″ long by 16″ high
  • Folded dimension with wheels off in swivel mode 34.5″ long by 13″ high
  • Folded dimension with wheels off in jogging mode 39″ long by 11″ high


  1. Duallie handlebar console
  2. Duallie sun shield swivel wheel
  3. Duallie snack tray
  4. Duallie weather shield swivel wheel
  5. Duallie car seat adapters
  6. Duallie fitness kit
  7. Warm and fuzzy

What are people saying?

This stroller has a 4.7 out of 5 star review on amazon from 181 customers. Less than 4% of these reviews are graded 2 stars and below. Most of the complains are about the tires leaking air. Most of the reviews are good for design, maneuverability, quality and easy of use.

Below is a 4 star review from an amazon customer,





Bob revolution flex is a great stroller for parents of two children of different ages or twins that are older than eight months old. It is a great outdoor stroller and works well inside too. It is a little pricy for the list price of $ 688.99 but there are always sales on this stroller and it is a good investment.

It is one of the most easy to maneuver and is made with high quality material; both frame and fabric. It is easy to clean and is made to last.

I hope this review was helpful, please leave your comments below.

Cheers Denise