Bob Revolution Duallie reviews; Revolution flex

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Bob revolution flex duallie is the ideal all terrain stroller for a family with two kids of different ages. Just like every Bob stroller, it is highly functional. It is robust and steady; this makes it a great jogging stroller.

This Bob revolution duallie reviews will address features like the swiveling locking front wheel, the state of the art suspension system, the padded multi position reclining seat, the adjustable padded handlebar, independent multi position canopies, storage and the parking brake.

Ease of use and convenience


The seat of the bob revolution flex duallie stroller is ultra padded and reclines to multiple positions. It can recline to a near flat position for outdoor naps and diaper changes (do not use the stroller for jogging in the reclined position).

It can sit almost upright for times when your children are active and interested in viewing their environment. The seat can be reclined with one hand, allowing the other free to take care of the kids. Recline is achieved by simply squeezing a button (no pulling of straps as in the old model).

The padding on the seat in combination to good ventilation, makes it very comfortable for your children to ride in this stroller. Each seat can hold a child up to 50lbs. The seat is designed to hold babies from 8 weeks of age till they are 50lbs. (weight of occupant and cargo). It can hold younger babies when a car seat is used.

The bob revolution flex duallie stroller can become a travel system with the use of a compatible infant car seat and adapter. At the moment, the stroller can only receive one car seat. For this reason, this stroller is good for a toddler and an infant. It is not a great stroller for infant twins.

Only the 2016 bob adapters are compatible with this stroller. All bob adapters made prior to 2016 are not compatible. It is unfortunate but Bob explains that the previous adapters had a plastic part that interfered with proper installation of the car seats.

The current bob adapter has one part for installing the car seat and the other part is a child tray for your older child.

Bob is compatible with many popular name brand car seats like chicco, graco bob/britax, peg perego and more. The seat fabric is water repellant and easy to clean


The front wheel of the revolution flex duallie stroller pivots and locks. When it is place in the pivoting mode, it can roll on a dime. Maneuvering around corners is so easy and pushing it is a dream come true.

The tires are all terrain tires; the rear ones are 16″ air filled tires and the front on is 12.5″. They are bicycle type tires and require regular maintenance to ensure that they have enough air in them (a bicycle pump will do the trick).

Bob revolution flex duallie features quick release levers for the rear wheel hub. This feature helps with easy installation and remover of the rear wheels without the use of tools. The front wheel has a tracking adjustment knob that helps to get the wheel realigned as needed.

The lock mode or jogging mode is great for off road adventures. This mode gives the stroller stability which is very important when jogging. In this mode, the stroller rolls over bumps, instead of steering off course.

Handlebar and canopy

This stroller features a padded 9 position adjustable handlebar. This is great since parents of a wide range of heights can push this stroller comfortably. The padding on the handlebar makes it comfortable to grab and push this stroller for a long period of time.

The canopy adjust independently to multiple positions to provide plenty of protection from the sun and wind. The canopies are UFP 50+; they can prevent most of the harmful UV radiations from reaching your child.

Each canopy has  a peekaboo window for viewing your children as you stroll. The window screen is big and is made of plastic. Unlike the previous canopy that was flimsy and stuck together a lot, this one has some quality to it.


This stroller offers plenty of storage spaces. First is the under seat storage that is big enough to hold all essential supplies for you and the kids. It is easy to access from behind and is accessible from the sides too. There are integrated seat pockets on the inside of the seat that are easy to access with the kids in the seat and even when it is reclined.

Parents have pockets on the back of the seat for putting personal belongings like phones, keys and purses.


This stroller folds relatively easy. It takes a little more than two steps to complete. It is a big stroller so it is not compact but it will fit in the back of a small car if you pop off the rear wheels before folding. It weighs 33.1lbs which is not too bad for a double stroller, especially if you expect it to hold two kids safely when jogging.

It is easy to set up since most parts do not require tools. The instructions are clear and there are pictures attached to help with the assembling process.


Bob strollers are always designed with safety in mind. The revolution flex duallie stroller has a foot activated rear parking brake that is very easy to apply. This brake is so tough; you won’t have doubts as to whether it is on or off. This stroller is designed for level ground or slightly inclined plane jogging so it does not have a hand brake.

Bob strollers always have a wrist strap to help secure the stroller to you when jogging. The strap has a buckle that can be used to secure the stroller for storage and transportation when folded.

The stroller seat has a padded five point harness that is very easy to put on and take off. It is pretty easy to adjust too. This way you can properly and comfortably secure your child in their seat.

Bob has a state of the art suspension system that allows for up to 3 inches of wheel travel. This suspension adjust for two levels of weight; level 1 for occupant and cargo weighing 0-40lbs and level 2 for 41-70lbs. This suspension makes the ride very smooth for your children and helps reduce shaking that could be very uncomfortable for your little passengers.

What are people saying?

The bob revolution flex duallie stroller has 4.6 out of 5 star rating from 185 people on amazon. Below is a review from a verified consumer from amazon,

Final thoughts

No stroller is perfect but if you buy the Bob revolution flex stroller for all terrain jogging, then you would have made a good decision.

This stroller is great for two kids of different ages; a toddler and a newborn or two toddlers. It can become a travel system stroller with the use of compatible car seat and adapters.

It has a padded adjustable handlebar, a padded multi position reclining seat with a padded five point harness.

They paid attention to comfort and safety when building this stroller. It has a state of the art suspension system and big bicycle type wheels that together makes the ride smooth for your little ones.

It has a big canopy and plenty of storage for you and the kids. It folds easily and is not too heavy to carry. This is a suitable stroller for an active family.

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