Top rated lightweight strollers

Strollers have become a big part of the day to day life for many parents today. Some parents use strollers to move around with their baby easily when shopping or just going for a fun walk. For others, strollers are amazing workout tools that help parents stay healthy and happy because they can share their workout with their babies.

Today, I will be writing about a few top rated lightweight strollers. There will be variety in the price ranges and design so that you can have more flexibility in your choice. Ok lets begin, yay!

Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

This stroller is the # 1 best seller in light weight strollers on amazon (this may change from the time of this review). It has been reviewed by 492 people on amazon, giving it an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Why are so many people buying this stroller? (I thought you’ll never ask!).


  • It has a durable and stylish 12lb frame
  • It has a large seat with a five point safety harness
  • The front wheels are anti-shock and the back wheels can be locked
  • This stroller can recline into multiple positions
  • It has a canopy that can be adjusted or removed completely
  • Extra large storage capacity including a basket and a rear storage pocket
  • It folds easily and has a carry strap
  • It sells for 64.99 USD on Amazon (price may change from the time of this review)


Light weight and compact 3D fold

This stroller weighs less than 12lbs but is durable and will withstand a lot of stress.  It folds easily, has an auto-lock feature and  a carry strap for easy transportation.

Adjustable canopy and sun visor

It comes with an adjustable canopy that has a pop out sun visor which according to manufacturer blocks 99.9% of UVA and UVB radiations from the sun. This canopy offers great protection from the sun for you babies dellicate skin. The canopy can be removed easily if you need to for some reason.

Reclining seat with five point safety harness

This stroller reclines easily and can recline to an almost horizontal position which is great for naps or on the go diaper changes. It has the recommended five point safety harness which can be adjusted to three height positions as your child grows. This harness is also padded and is thus comfortable for your child.

Big storage capacity

The storage basket is large enough to store oversize diaper bags, purses and other supplies. The rear storage is great for storing phones and keys.

If we talk about the good without mentioning the bad then we are fooling ourselves because nothing is perfect (except our babies of course).


I have read most of the reviews on amazon and found out these to be the main complains given by parents;

  • Poor quality canopy which does not provide enough protection from the sun
  • Stroller keeps trying to fold during a ride
  • Foot rest is not durable
  • It is not as easy to fold as the manufacturer suggest.


Considering the price for this stroller and buyer reviews on amazon, I give this stroller a 4 out of 5 star rating.

Britax B-Ready Stroller

This stroller is relatively new and thus has not gathered a lot of popularity yet. However, from the few who have taken the time to review this product on amazon, the consensus is this is a great stroller with a 4.8 out of 5 star rating.


  • Weighs 28lbs
  • 12 seating options
  • click and go system that allows you to connect to any britax infant car seat  or bassinet
  • Reversible top seat allows your child to face forward or backwards
  • Quick fold design
  • Automatic frame lock that secures the stroller when locked
  • Large under seat storage
  • Adult cup holder
  • Maximum weight recommendation is 55lbs
  • Sold for 499.99 USD at Amazon (price may change from the time of this review)


Ease of use

The B-ready stroller can easily be converted into an inline double stroller. It has 14 seating positions that can easily be adapted to suit your needs. It has a click and go feature that can allow you to place the top seat in a forward facing or rear facing position, install a basinet or an infant car seat without the need for additional adapters.

B-ready stroller has an adjustable handle with comfort grip; it can adjust higher or lower to fit the height of the parent. The second chair can hold a child up to 35lbs and you do not have to remove it to fold the stroller.

It has an oversize storage basket that is accessible from all four sides.

Comfort and safety

The B- ready stroller has a foam filled rubber tire and a suspension system that makes the ride comfortable for your child. It features a no-rethread five point safety harness that can be adjusted with no fuss as your child grows. It also has a head pad that provides extra cushion for your babies head.

It has four reclining positions and an adjustable leg rest which ensures maximum comfort for your baby. The brakes on both rear wheels can be applied by simply stepping on the break pedal ( it has a red/green indicator that lets you know if wheels are locked or not).


According to reviews on amazon, this stroller is almost perfect. So far on amazon reviews, the only complain is that the stroller is too tall, wide and not quit light weight, especially when car seats or bassinets are install.


The britax B-ready stroller is a great stroller. I give it a 4.6 out of 5 star rating. For more information about this stroller, visit Amazon by clicking here.

Maclaren Volo Dylan’s Candy Bar

This stroller is ‘tres chic’; great stroller for girls and ok for boys. It’s not very popular yet but I think its future will be as bright as its colors. It has a 5 out 5 star rating from four people on amazon (that’s a start).


  • It features five point safety harness and height adjustable shoulder harness
  • Swiveling front wheels that can be locked
  • Material is removable and machine washable
  • Foot operated parking brakes
  • Shock adsorbing four wheel suspension
  • Oversize storage basket and waterproof canopy
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Basic weight without canopy is 9.5lbs
  • Sold for 206.63 USD on amazon


  • It has a great waterproof canopy that protects against UV radiations
  • it comes with a five point safety harness which secures your child and guarantees their safety
  • The sock adsorbing wheels makes rides smooth for your child by adsorbing most of the force generated during a ride
  • A swiveling front wheel is great because it allows for great maneuverability around corners when it is unlocked and when locked it allows for a steady straight line motion (this is great for fast walks in the parks because it prevents the stroller from making a sudden turn).
  • It is ready to use out of the box (no assembly required).


  • Too colorful for some people
  • It hasn’t been reviewed by a lot of people yet. Those who have, rate it at 5 out of 5 stars.


Since this is a somewhat new product that has not been reviewed by many people yet, I think it will be safe to give it a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. I have come to this conclusion by reading reviews of other models of this stroller. For more information on this stroller, visit Amazon by clicking here.

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Cheers Denise

58 thoughts on “Top rated lightweight strollers

  1. I liked the detailed analysis you do about strollers, particularly for its light size and the ability to fold. Parents of young children, usually they have to carry too much whether they go to school, to a social visit, holiday or just to walk to the park so choosing a device that is functional, comfortable but especially if it is easy to load and pack in the car is very desirable.

    1. Hi Tommy,

      You are right about parents always carrying a lot. These strollers also have big storage baskets that can hold a lot of what parents carry. They make life with a child a lot easier. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I enjoyed reading your reviews of these 3 strollers!

    My favorite is the ‘tres chic’ stroller! I like all of the features and the price isn’t too bad. The funky colors make it unique! Another plus is that it ships fully assembled so it can be used right away! For me, the Britax is a bit too expensive, and it’s hard to ignore the complaints by parents of the Summer Convenience Stroller.

    I do believe that ultimately you get what you pay for. If price isn’t an issue, why not go for the Britax!

    1. Hi Anna,

      I love Dylan’s candy cane stroller too. I can picture my self pushing my baby in it while sporting some big colorful glasses (tres chic ). Very true, the Britax stroller is great if you can afford it.

  3. Very useful info. I am right now in a process of selecting a baby stroller – for me the most important criteria is that stroller has to be foldable as we may travel, it should have strong wheels, it should be made of good material and to be able take minimum 3 different positions.
    So I would choose Britax B-Ready Stroller, I am just wondering if it is only of black color or other colors are offered as well?

    1. Hi Evgeniya,

      The Britax B-Ready stroller is a great stroller. I believe it comes in black, copper and red. There might be other colors but those are the only three colors Amazon carries.

  4. Hey great stuff! I like how you can link straight to the strollers on amazon through your site. Great way to generate traffic. I really cant see too much to nit pick other than capitalizing all the words in the the post.
    Other than that great work. Best of luck.


    1. Hi Jesse,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Can you please clarify the point you made about capitalizing all the words in the post. I will be happy to make the necessary corrections but I didn’t understand what you meant.

      Thanks again.

  5. My brother and his wife recently had twin girls. Babies are a ton of work and twins are like double Or triple the work of just one baby.
    One of the neatest things They’ve got is a double stroller. I mean this stroller is like an 18 wheeler. It’s got dual wheels and everything.. Is there only one company who makes the stroller? Can you buy a triplet stroller? Torrey

    1. Hi Torrey,

      There are a variety of companies that make strollers. Some are specialized in specific types like jogging strollers while others do a little bit of everything. There are triple strollers in the market, some are arranged side by side and others in tandem. Strollers are very helpful to parents (makes moving around easy).

  6. Wow, I didn’t know that strollers make a good workout tool for parents. It’s almost like lifting weights going forward instead of up and down.

    Anyhow, I like your review about the different types of strollers for parents to choose from. I could probably see why the Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller is the highest rated product from Amazon. The reason is probably because it has the nicer price tag of almost $80.00 compared to the other three.

    Since I can’t speak for all parent as I’m not one (yet), I would want to know your best recommendation. So far, I’m leaning towards following the crowd and getting the 3D Lite as well.



    1. Hi Armand,

      I couldn’t recommend a particular stroller without knowing what your needs are. Strollers are designed to fit different purposes. For example, if you want a stroller for jogging, then you might want to buy a brand that has big pneumatic tires, shock absorbers, fixed or swiveling front wheels and a weather shield. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a stroller for walks and running errands, then a high end brand will not be necessary.

  7. These strollers are of course a must for parents these days.

    Life can be so hectic and you simply cannot fit all of your activities in a day without having your baby with you.

    I can see these have come a long way in the areas of design over the years and of course the prices can vary too.

    Is amazon the cheapest place to buy this product?



    1. Hi Chris,

      Amazon have a vast supply and many people sell these strollers through their site. Some of these sellers might sell these strollers cheaper but there are several things to consider before buying from them. You need to check return policies and warranties. EBay also has a vast market and maybe cheaper items too.

  8. There really like your site but there is one thing I see you need to change. The area where at top and widget area and posts, you need to take admin off and replace it with your name or another name. You don’t want people to see that. My site is in development and I am doing a lot of changes. That is was I was advised to do as it can attract some people who may try to get into it and change your site.

    All in all I like it. I am making so many changes on my site and got a while to go. You are further along.

    You want to concentrate on function first and content to grab attention to your site.

    1. Hi Rex,

      Thanks for the advice. I will work on that. Having a site is more work than I thought. There’s always room for growth. I’m sure your site will look great when you’re done.

  9. great review on strollers. I personally would choose the Britax B- Ready stroller. I like the bigger tires on the back. It has lots of storage area and a carseat can hook to it. Great for infants. Although the price is not the greatest. It just seems like the one I would choose.

    1. Hi Gloria,

      You are right about the Britax B-ready stroller. It is a little expensive but it has great safety features like the large tires that adsorp shock and make your baby have a smooth ride. The storage is also a great feature.

  10. Your comparisons were very detailed and I appreciate that. My kids are all grown up now but it’s time to buy a stroller to keep at my house for the grandchildren. Very exciting times!

    It would be hard for me to choose which one, but I can’t help but being drawn to the McLaren Volo Dylan’s Candy Bar, because of the bright colors, big storage area and lightweight look. Do you think the ‘tres chic’ look will remain popular for a while? Thanks again for the reviews!

    1. Hi Peggy,

      The Dylan’s candy bar stroller is gaining popularity gradually. Many people love the bold colors, it’s light weight and big storage. I am not sure how trends are going to be in the future for this stroller but with all the qualities mensioned, it should stay in the market for quit sometime.

  11. Great post! I was just looking for lightweight strollers. I like the detailed information, so I don’t have to go and search for from site to site to make up my mind.
    I love the Maclaren one and I don’t mind at all the colors. It would be perfect for the summer!
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi LenaMiglena,

      I am happy to share. You can get more information about the Maclaren Stroller and other boldly colored strollers on Amazon. This stroller will totally rock during the summer!

  12. These strollers all look very functional, practical and great for everyday use. The layout of your 3 advertisement is very easy to navigate and I found it very easy to find specific details. I am a big fan of your pro’s and con’s section because I see this as a quick summary of the good and bad aspects.

  13. Hi Denise! This is a great post right here on lightweight strollers! A very detailed analysis especially on size and folding. This great option takes a lot of burden off parents with infants who wish to enjoy a lazy stroll on the outdoors! Helpful information indeed! The choices are quiet diverse in design, color, size and quality – and I can only see someone getting spoilt for choice here!

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Variety is great. Summer is coming soon and strollers will rule the outdoors.

  14. I may not be a parent, but I have an eye for design and I enjoy looking at products under a scope.

    Summer Infant 3d Lite looks great with all the features it has. And my second favourite is Britax B-Ready Stroller because of it’s looks. Actually everyone of them seems great with their specifications.

    1. Hi Tyler,

      Thanks for the great comment. True, all three strollers are great. With summer around the corner, light weight strollers are in style.

  15. Hi there! Great stroller suggestions. Actually I am currently finding a light stroller for my nephew because he is already getting bigger right now and he can’t fit on his previous stroller. So I am looking at the Britax B-Ready Stroller. I like the large storage area so I can put more stuff under the stroller. So, where can I buy this one? Is it available online? I don’t want to go in the store and have hassle.

    1. Hi John,

      You can buy this stroller online at Amazon. If you click on the image of the stroller on my post, it will take you straight to the Britax B-ready page on amazon. Let me know if I can help in any way.

  16. Nice reviews on these strollers. I personally love the Maclaren. I have one very similar to that one, but it’s all brown. It is definitely a great stroller. I wish I was in the market for a stroller right now because I am loving the design of the Candy Bar Maclaren!

    1. Hi Candace,

      The Maclaren Candy bar is a great stroller especially in the summer with all it’s bright colors. Thanks for leaving feedback.

  17. Very nice site 🙂 and also very informative:))
    I wish when we were children we could have such nice things:)))
    My best friend has 3 months old baby and because I liked your articles I will sure show her your site to have a look.Maybe she wants one of those rollers:))
    I think a lot of people will find your posts helpful :))
    Thank you for your information :))
    Have a nice day 🙂

    1. Hi Christina,

      Thanks for the encouraging words and spreading the word to your friend. My site is new but I’m working hard to add more informative articles.

  18. Thank you for the great info. I’m in the process of looking for a lightweigh stroller for my toddler. Sunmer 3d light is the one I have in my wish list for a couple months now. I think it’s the one I will be buying after all since the price is so great.

  19. Hey Denise,
    This is a great list you have, my sister just got married and I will sure be expecting a baby at some point in her life. A stroller would be a good choice but I want to give her the best there is.

    The Maclaren Volo looks really chic but is it comfortable? I’m very interested in that one though, it looks different than any regular stroller, would make a great gift.

    1. Hi Riaz,

      I do not have first hand experience with the Maclaren stroller but from reviews, I have gathered that it is comfortable. You might want to read more reviews on this stroller on Amazon. Good luck with your future purchase.

  20. You really wouldn’t think that there could be so many different features for strollers! Your site does a good job in making that apparent, though. I would think that safety and comfort should be the most important factors when choosing a stroller, but you can’t lose sight of the style either! I have to say that the Maclaren Volo Dylan’s Candy Bar stroller is just far too colorful for my taste!

    1. Hi Jared,

      I couldn’t agree more, safety and comfort are very important aspects of a stroller. A great stroller is one that meets those two aspects and has ample storage.

      Thanks for reading my post Jared.

  21. Hi Denise;
    I like the overall look and feel of your site but there are some issues that you may want to address.
    In the sidebar, you have all the regular headings, then blogs listed under them. This is well and good, but when I tried to hover the mouse over the headings and listed blogs in Comments, I ended up with the link obscured by advertising that popped up directly on top of the link, making it unusable.
    Each time I tried to tap a link, I got sent all over the place to the advertisers’ websites. Very frustrating.
    In general, your site has a good balance of text to media and excellent explanations in all areas.
    I particularly love the Safety section and the description of the lumbar cradle in the seat that protects the baby’;s spine when running.
    I did learn from you, see? You have good word skills and it shows in your writings. Overall, a good site, but the ads need to be brought under control a bit, so we can get to the titles. Keep up the good work and good luck on your MD.

    1. Hi Ian,

      Thanks so much for the heads up. I had no idea that was happening. I had moved all my ads to the bottom hoping it won’t interfere but I guess that was not enough. I might just take it all down.

      Thanks for taking the time to explain it to me.

  22. I didn’t realize some strollers were so expensive but it also seem, based on your evaluation and the feedback on Amazon, that you get what you pay for.

    I would think that for the budget conscious, the Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller, would be your best bet, though it seems like the quality is somewhat lacking.

    Thanks for the helpful reviews and evaluations.

    1. Hi Stuart,

      Some strollers sell from $1000 and up. It all depends on what you’ll be using your stroller for. Most of the high end ones are sport strollers and are designed to withstand a lot of stress.

      I like the summer infant 2015 stroller too, just like the other two. I am in love with strollers (they are amazing little machines). Thanks for reading Stuart.

  23. Hi, I must sincerely acknowledge that I enjoyed reading your review on the 3 strollers. Such an amazing detail you provided. You took your time to compare them and was clear on the pros and cons. I’m sure this ha answered a lot of questions on doubting minds and could convert to sales :). Well done and keep it up.

  24. I Love the design, but sometimes these sport strollers handles are way to Should be adjustable for height! My husband is 6’2 and he already has back problems. But all in all the stroller is nice. And has plenty of storage. Maybe I should write to the manufacturer about the adjustable handles!

    1. Hi Kristina,

      You are right about the handles. Adjustable handles are good especially as they let your assume a proper posture. It is a good idea to write to the manufacturer. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  25. if only this site existed 11 years ago when i was in the market for a stroller for my daughter. We had to go down the conventional route of visiting a shop and listening to a sales person advise us. Obviously they had a vested interest in what we purchased.
    Great detail in each review, plenty of links to the relevant site, good work!!
    One point you missed and id have liked to seen, is of the three which one would you choose?

    1. Hi Jeff,

      I really love all three strollers but if I had to choose one it will be the Britax B ready stroller. It has great features like 14 sitting options, your child’s top seat can face forward or to the rear, the frame is pretty sturdy, it comes in colors suitable for both boys and girls.

  26. Hi there, I’m so glad I cam across your site. This is an excellent review and just in time as I am looking for a lightweight stroller to take on holidays with us this summer. I need something that is not too expensive but just handy for the little one to have her daily naps while we are out and about.
    I like the large storage in the summer infant lite and that it can fold easily. I also like the britax b ready stroller but it might be too heavy to carry on holidays.

    1. Hi Paula,

      You’re welcome. I hope you find a great stroller and enjoy your summer holidays. Both strollers are great according to reviews on Amazon. Just checked their site for more.

  27. I really like the look and style of the Mclaren here.
    The first one has that terrible problem of possible folding during use which Is actually quite terrifying if it has ever happened to you.
    Which of these strollers are the easiest to fold? I always love a one handed simple fold when you have a child or a bag in your arms!
    Thanks for the into!

    1. Hi Kris,

      Very true, the Maclarene volo dylan’s candy bar stroller is very stylish. The summer infant lite is a very good stroller that folds easily and has autolocking when it is folded. There have been a few defective ones but if you get it from Amazon and it is defective, you can always return it for another.

      All three strollers are supper easy to fold however, the Maclaren is the lightest and will probably been the easiest to handle with one hand while holding the baby.

  28. I am enamored with this stroller. It’s exclusive marginally greater that the routine umbrella stroller. I cherish how the handles are super delicate with a hold and sufficiently tall you don’t need to curve the distance over. The wicker container, cupholder, leaning back seat and umbrella are incredible to have as well. So advantageous. Also, that looks pleasant and rides easily. The main drawback I can see is that when collapsing it up in a lock position, it’s somewhat free. I will most likely utilize a strap just to guarantee it doesn’t come open while voyaging. So content with my buy.

    Yours Truly,

    1. Hi Carlton,

      Thanks for leaving this great review. You however didn’t state which of the three strollers you liked so much. Thanks

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