Top stroller fitness programs

Top stroller fitness programs

If you are like me, you know how important exercise is for your overall health and mood but you need motivation. You might be the type that will fail miserably if you try to go at it alone.

Do not worry, you are not alone. There are many great programs out there that bring moms together to exercise with their babies. These programs typically use strollers for a lot of their exercises which is also great because mom and child can share in the fun.

I will talk about two major ones that you can locate in almost every state. These two stroller fitness programs are Fit4Mom and Baby boot camp.



This is an organization that offer moms a variety of fitness classes and the ability to open a franchise of their own under Fit4Mom. Moms with the right qualifications can also apply to be instructors for the classes. They offer a wide variety of programs including;

  1. Fit4baby; This program gets the body ready for all the changes that occur during pregnancy. This class is designed for pregnant moms and are aimed at reducing aches and increasing energy.

  2. Stroller strides; This program is a stroller based program designed for moms with babies. It is a sixty minute workout session that include power walks, toning, strength exercises, songs and many other activities. These classes take place both indoors and outdoors.

  3. Stroller barre; This program is unique in that it is a combination of ballet, Pilates, barre, stroller based exercises and yoga. This program is aimed at helping mom improve on posture, develop strength and muscle tone.

  4. Body back: This program is designed for both new moms and old moms ( even those who had their babies ten years ago). It helps moms get their body back with a series of high intensity workouts.

  5. Our village; This program provides and environment where moms can support and connect with other moms. Activities like moms night out, play groups, book clubs  and many more activities are organized regularly.

For more information about Fit4Mom, click here!

Baby Boot Camp


Baby boot camp is a stroller fitness program founded by Kristen Horler shortly after having her first child in August 2001. They offer stroller fitness classes all over the US and also offer the chance of developing a baby boot camp franchise. Classes focus on helping moms return to their pre-pregnancy fitness and also meet up with the physical demands of parenting. Baby boot camp offers the following programs;


This is a program with two sub-programs aimed at helping new moms recover their muscles strength after delivery. There is a core 9 birth recovery program that supports a mom during the first 9 weeks of motherhood and a core 9 diastasis repair program which is a four weeks intensive class that help moms reduce back pain, strengthen core muscles and repair diastasis recti. During late pregnancy, a separation occurs in the connective tissue (linea alba) between the left and right rectus abdominis (an abdominal muscle) and lead to what is called diastasis recti.


This is baby boot camp’s most popular fitness class. This is a 60 minute class designed for mommy and baby. This class includes moms in varying levels of fitness like pregnant moms, new moms and conditioned moms. Exercises routines include cardio, strength training and stretching classes.


This is a yoga inspired stroller fitness class. The stroller is used in this class as a prop to strength, posture and balance.

5K training program

5K training program is an 8 week class that provide moms with the tools that any mom needs to complete a 5k with a jog/walk interval training.

Nutrition solution

Nutrition solution is a 4 week program that teaches moms about changes in eating that will lead to better health.

Stroller friends

Stroller Friends is a free mom club that encourages healthy families. They design weekly play dates that allow parents to connect and the kids get to play with other children.


Mother love wellness challenge (MOLO), held each year from February to April is a 12 week wellness challenge which is aimed at helping moms across the U.S, to achieve their health and wellness goals.

This are just two of the well-known stroller fitness programs. You do not have to do it alone but if you can it’s still good. Exercise will keep you healthy and happy and will also give you the energy to do all you have to do as a mom. Happy moms usually have happy families.

For more information about baby boot camp, click here!

I hope this post have motivated you to get up and move, shake them bones and muscles and if you need company join a group like the two mentioned above.

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4 thoughts on “Top stroller fitness programs

  1. This is a great page. I wish I knew something like this existed a number of years ago. To be able to participate in different activities after birth in order to get your weight and fitness back down to pre-birth stage is great. My wife is currently trying to get her weight back down to where is was pre-birth but it is so difficult. Had we known we would have participated in classes like these.
    Your site is great for mothers in this situation. Good stuff.

    1. Thanks Arif,

      it’s not too late for your wife to join one of these programs. They have classes for moms at all stages. It is difficult to loose weight but with some help it’s possible.

  2. There’s some really good stroller fitness program information on your page! My wife is pregnant and very much into yoga. That’s why I think when we have our baby she will enjoy partaking in StrollGa. I’m a little curious as to how this works exactly. Can you give me a little more clarification on how she will be doing yoga with the baby in the stroller? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Bimmerguy,

      The explanation I got was that strollga involves using the baby’s weight plus stroller as a prop to improve strength and balance. They have various techniques taught by certified trainers and they ensure safety for both mom and child. According to body boot camp, this is a 45minute class. Any detail other than what I just mentioned can only be learned from the class or someone who is currently a member. I’ll visit the branches in my state soon and hopefully will have more information for you.

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