Top 6 baby strollers

Top 6 baby strollers

With spring here and summer around the corner, many parents can’t wait to visit the beach, parks, malls and many other places with their kids. Taking kids anywhere can be a hassle if you don’t have the proper tools. A stroller could be the thing that makes those trips a lot bearable for both you and the kids.

There are a variety of strollers in the markets and choosing the right one for your family can be a daunting task. To learn more on how to pick a stroller, read the post what to look for when buying a sport stroller. Here are a few of the top quality strollers that might work for your family.

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

Great stroller for the outdoors. It is designed to take a car seat without needing adapters. It is very compact and measures just about 22” wide and weighs 13lbs. The package includes a travel bag and a shoulder strap. It folds easily and compact in two steps. In the folded position, it meets the rules for an airplane carryon luggage. You can use your Nano until your baby is four years old or weighs 44lbs.

Nano is light weight and has a compact fold for travelling. It comes with its own satchel bag for easy transportation. It has a curb pop technology that allows you to pop up the front wheel in order to maneuver over curbs when riding. It is built with an on-board car seat adapter and can support any car seat with a belt-type adaptor.

Nano has been tested on planes, trains and buses and has been proven to have style and functionality. The two front wheels can be locked in place or left in the swiveling position; this makes it a lot easier to maneuver. It is built with rear wheel suspension and color coded pedal brakes.

Nano is a top buy at amazon and for a price range of 185 USD to 199 USD, it is a good buy!.

Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

This is another great stroller with features like;

  • 4- position recline and a five point safety harness which is the safest type of harness for your child.
  • Lockable rear wheels and anti-shock front wheels
  • Large storage basket and rear storage pockets
  • Compact fold, carry strap and auto lock function.
  • Durable 12lb frame

This stroller comes in six stylish colors. It is very light, easy to fold and has plenty of storage space. It has a five point safety harness that can adjust to three height positions. Read more about this stroller from the post 3 top rated lightweight strollers(click and it will open in a new page).

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

The city select stroller is a stroller that is going to grow with your family. It has 16+ position configurations that allows you to convert your stroller into a pram, double, triple or an all-in-one stroller. Each additional seat has a maximum capacity of 45lbs. The city select has a reclining seat that is great for your child’s comfort. It comes with a UV 50+ adjustable canopy with a magnetic peek-a-boo window.

The city select has an adjustable handle bar which makes rides comfortable for both taller and shorter parents. It also possesses a hand brake which is very accessible and easy to maneuver. City select comes with front wheels that can swivel for easy maneuverability around corners and when you want to go for a long walk you can lock it to add stability to the stroller. The rear wheels are air filled 12″ all terrain wheels.

This stroller folds to a compact unit and very easily in one step. It has a latch to hold the compact seat in place for storage or transportation. The city select is a very versatile stroller and will hold kids from infancy to 45lbs. For more on this stroller, click here!

Bob revolution flex stroller

The revolution flex stroller comes with 9 position padded, adjustable handle bars that provides fit and comfort for people of a wide range of heights. The revolution flex stroller comes with swiveling front wheels for greater maneuverability around corners and very convenient for shopping. This front wheel can lock in place to allow for a more stable ride during jogs or when riding on rough terrain.

This Bob stroller has a two level adjustable suspension system that accommodates for two weight stages and also allows for a very smooth ride for your child. You can create a complete travel system with a combination of a matching Bob-b-safe infant car seat and a Bob car seat adapter. This stroller is recommended for babies of about 8 weeks old to children about 70 lbs. in weight. You can use it for babies younger than 8 weeks if you use a Bob B safe infant car seat and adapter.

Bob revolution flex comes with padded reclining seats that ensures comfort for you child. It also comes with a five point safety harness that secures your child in place and ensures their safety when running or just walking. To read more about the Bob revolution flex stroller, click here (will open in a different page).

The Thule urban Glide 1

Thule is a lean stroller with an ergonomic handle that can adjust to suit the height of parents of a wide range of heights. It designed with swiveling front wheel that makes maneuvering around corners a bliss. The front wheels can also lock in place; this feature is especially important when jogging or riding on rough terrain.

Thule has padded seats that recline to a near horizontal position which is great for outdoor diaper changes and ensures that your child is seating comfortably. It has a rear suspension that allows for a smooth and comfortable ride for your baby. It has a one hand compact fold feature for easy storage.

Read more about this stroller by reading the post/review for the Thule Urban glide 1or by clicking here.

Chicco Bravo Stroller

Chicco bravo is a very versatile stroller with removable seat that allows the frame to be transformed into a frame carrier for all chicco infant car seats.  All  wheels of this stroller have a suspension system that ensures smooth and comfortable ride for your child. This stroller folds easily and compactly; you can fold it with one hand while holding your baby in the other. When folded, its wheels are auto-positioned allowing it to stand without support.

The handle bar of the Chicco Bravo stroller adjust for different heights making it comfortable for parents since they can maintain a good posture when pushing this stroller. Chicco Bravo can convert into a travel system and it features a multi-positon reclining seat. It has an extendable canopy with a peek-a-boo window, five point safety harness and linked rear brakes.

To learn more about the Chicco Bravo stroller, click here (will open in a new window).

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17 thoughts on “Top 6 baby strollers

  1. You have given me some really great reviews of baby strollers for the active mother.
    I am looking for a gift for a mother-to-be who is very active, loves running, and will be using a stroller for in town errands as well.
    It would be nice to have a comparison chart to look at, but there is some good information here.
    I will keep your site in mind as I continue to shop.

    1. Hi Karilee,
      Thanks for the comment. I will try to put up a comparison chart of the top sport strollers as soon as I can. Active moms can now stay active after having their baby with the help of these strollers.

  2. Hi Tati, great content, love the newsletter, and as a father you covered many aspect of the purchase and offer great details information. I would change the little icon on the left upside of the tab, you still have the Word press icon, maybe a more baby like icon would be better for the site. Good use of internal links, also I have noticed that you only promote Amazon products, did you consider another such as Best buy or Bay R Us? Anyway, keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Walter,

      Thanks for the encouragement and advice. I will check these other sites for baby products I can review because putting all my eggs in one basket might hurt me in the future.

  3. This article is really nice, a recommendation for those we never see in the stores. It´s really basic the task of buy strollers but no one ever gave that kind of information so I find this article really useful for all the people that are taking care of their children. You have a very good and lucrative niche I know you can make tons of success always. Best regards.

    1. Hi Alfred,

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Buying strollers is a basic task but with all the variety in the market, the task has become a little complicated. People have different needs and thus need strollers with specific features. Thanks for the encouragement.


  4. Hey Denise

    I liked how your website has lots of great baby stroller products. Straight forward and well explained on each product. If I have another baby I would consider buying one and exercising with it. Great job!

    Which baby stroller do you like the most and which one would you recommend?

    1. Hi Vince,

      If I were to recommend any stroller it will depend on what it will be used for. For jogging, I like the thule urban glide and bumbleride Indie stroller. For every day activities, like shopping and taking walks, I will recommend the Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller.

  5. Hi,
    I love the article on baby stroller, it’s detailed and informative. I really like the flex stroller and the baby jogger city select stroller. They look robust and heavy duty, others look very delicate. Which one doyou think is the most comfortable ? Thanks for sharing the information.
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Abdul,

      The Bob revolution flex stroller is very comfortable as it has padded seats and harness. It also reclines which is a plus.

  6. Hi Tati,

    I always had a hard time in choosing the right stroller. Though I am no longer using a stroller for my child anymore, I like Chico Bravo stroller for the removable seat and the one hand folding, in fact it scored 5 stars user ratings after checking your link to Amazon. I will recommend this site to my friends. You have made it so much easier to make the best choice!

    1. Hi Jenna,

      Thanks for the encouraging words and for spreading the word about my site. It is hard to pick strollers especially now with all the variety in the market. I seek to make this easier for my readers.

  7. Great site for sport strollers, especially as it’s combined with exercise which is so important for everyone.

    I’m from the UK and do parkrun – and every week I see at least 1 parent running with one of these, to my surprise they often pass me on a 5k so they must be pretty sturdy, they look good too.

    1. Hi Dave,

      Many sport strollers are built very sturdy and also has shock absorbers to make ride smooth and safe for babies. They usually have bicycle type wheels that make it easy to maneuver. I’m not surprised they can keep up with a 5k.

  8. One of the things I used the most for my babies was their prams. From birth I had them sleep in a carry cot in their pram next to my bed at night and during the day when they slept in the pram it was so convenient to push them around with me wherever I went.
    That Baby Jogger stroller looks like a lovely product, especially with all those positions! That would be the one I would chose in a second if I had another baby!

  9. Great article on baby strollers I love how you mentioned in a lot of them that they fold easy and they have a five point harness too. Safety first. Keeping the kiddos from harm should be priority in my opinion. I think out of the list of strollers you wrote on I would lean towards the Thule Urban Glide 1. Thanks for a great article.

    1. Hi Tim,

      I agree that safety should come first; our babies are precious and should be treated as such. Easy of use should follow close behind too; any thing that makes life easy to live is great. I love love the thule urban glide, it is one mean lean machine.

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