BOB Revolution FLEX Stroller review

Product: Bob revolution flex stroller lagoon

Category: Jogging stroller

Best place to buy: Amazon

Price: 389.99 USD

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars by 331 people

Specs and features

      • Swiveling front wheel that locks
      • Padded reclining seat
      • Padded adjustable handle bar with 9 position options
      • Easy two step folding
      • Adjustable suspension system
      • Padded five point safety harness
      • Recieves car seat when proper adapter and compatible car seats are used
      • Minimum weight of 5 lbs and maximum weight of 70 lbs
      • Material is lead free
      • Weighs 26.2 lbs
      • All terrain stroller
      • Multi-position canopy
      • Plenty of under carriage storage
      • Parking brakes
      • Wrist strap
      • Double stroller available
      • Frame is made of high strength aluminum alloy


      • Distance from center of front wheel to center of back wheel is 30.5 in
      • Distance from front wheels to handle bar (overall length) is 48 inches in swivel mode and 53 inches in jogging mode.
      • Height of handle bar is 33.5 inches to 45.8 inches
      • Overall width of this stroller is 25.4 inches
      • Interior seat width is 14.7 inches
      • Folded length with wheels on in swivel mode is 39 inches and jogging mode is 43 inches
      • Folded length with wheels of in swivel mode is 33 inches and in jogging mode 37 inches
      • Folded height with wheels on in both swivel mode and jogging mode is 16 inches
      • Folded height with wheels off in swivel mode is 12 inches and jogging mode is 10.5 inches.


        • Handlebar console
        • Travel bag
        • Sun shield
        • Weather shield
        • Tire pump snack tray
        • Car seat adapters
        • Fitness kit
        • Warm and fuzzy


The swiveling front wheel feature allows for better maneuverability on a variety of terrains. This is especially important if you need to make a lot of turns, especially those tight ones. The capability to lock the front wheel is also great since this allows the stroller to run in a relative straight line and avoid unpredictable turns when running. Sudden turns could be disastrous if the stroller tips over.

Ultra-padded multi-position reclining seats provides comfort for your child and helps absorb some of the stress that is generated during a ride. The seat feature a padded five point safety harness which is especially great for securing a child in the seat properly (allows no wiggle room).

The suspension system with two weight adjustment levels is state of the art. It allows for 3 inches of wheel travel and adsorbs most of the shock generated during a run. The adjustable shock release knob allows you to fine tune the suspension for occupants and cargo of 0-40 lbs. and 41-70 lbs.

The bob revolution flex stroller can convert into a travel system with the use of car seat adapters and a compatible infant car seat. This feature is very important if you want to use your stroller for a newborn. Bob recommends that only babies 8 weeks and older be place directly in the stroller. If a baby is younger than 8 weeks, then the use of an infant car seat with the proper adapters is highly advised.

The wrist strap and foot activated parking brake are both great safety features than help keep your baby safe. Bob revolution flex has an adjustable canopy with a window through which you can peek every now and then to check on your baby.

Bob revolution flex stroller takes care of the parent by designing a padded 9 position adjustable handlebar. Good posture is very important when driving a stroller to avoid back problems. This multi-position adjustable handlebar makes this stroller convenient height wise to a wide range of parents.

This stroller has a plenty of storage room with 2 interior mesh seat pockets, 1 large pocket on seatback and large Low Boy Cargo Basket underneath seat.

What are people saying?

Bob revolution flex stroller has a 4.7 out of 5 stars from 331 customer reviews on Amazon. The over whelming majority (80 %) of these people give this stroller a 5 star rating.

Amazon review

However, nothing is perfect so some people are not happy with this stroller. About 3% of the customers who reviewed this stroller gave it a 2 star rating or less.

Amazon review 2


In conclusion, Bob revolution flex stroller is a great stroller with adjustable handlebar, adjustable canopy, multi-position reclining seat, swiveling front wheel and a state of the art suspension system.

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