Bob revolution flex 2016

Product: Bob revolution flex 2016 jogging stroller

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Price: 399.99 USD


  • Swiveling-locking front wheel
  • Adjustable padded handle bar
  • Adjustable padded reclining and ventilated seat with five point harness
  • State of the art adjustable suspension system
  • Travel system ready with appropriate adapters and infant car seat.
  • One hand push button recline adjustment
  • Air filled tire on high impact polymer wheels
  • Full upright seating position
  • Multiple storage space
  • UPF 50+ adjustable canopy
  • Easy release design for front and back wheels
  • Adjustable tracking for front wheel
  • Foot activated parking brake
  • Wrist straps


  • Net weight of stroller is 28.5 lbs
  • Has a capacity of 8weeks to 75lbs (luggage and occupants). Can be used for 8 week olds with the use of appropriate adapters and infant car seat. Maximum occupant height is 44 inches. In order to avoid having an unstable stroller, do not exceed maximum height and weight.
  • Frame is made of high strength aluminum alloy
  • Seat reclines to about 70 degrees from the vertical.
  • Suspension system provides three inches of wheel travel and can be adjusted to fit the suspension need of two range of weights (0-40) lbs and (41-70) lbs.


  • Handlebar height is 34.5 inches to 48 inches
  • Overall width of the stroller is 25.4 inches
  • Folded length of the stroller with wheels on in swivel mode is 39 inches and in jogging mode is 43 inches
  • The folded length of stroller with wheels off in swivel mode is 35 inches and in jogging mode is 36 inches
  • Folded height with wheels on in swivel mode and jogging mode is 16 inches
  • Folded height with wheels off swivel mode is and in jogging mode is 10 inches.


Swiveling-locking front wheel

The swiveling locking front wheel of the Bob revolution flex 2016 stroller is very important in that it makes this stroller very versatile.

First, when in the swiveling mode, it can be used to perform more leisurely activities like walking, shopping and much more. In this mode, it is very easy to navigate around corners.

The jogging mode, when the wheels are locked is very important to the runner/jogger because this increases stability of the stroller by enabling it to roll in a relatively straight line and avoiding sudden turns which can be a disaster when you are on high speed.

9 position adjustable handlebar

There is nothing as uncomfortable as hunching over or tippy toeing to push a stroller that is too short or tall for you.

With the adjustable handlebar feature of Bob revolution flex 2016 stroller, the height needs of parents of a wide range of heights can be reached. This will save many people from developing back problems due to improper posture.

Adjustable, ventilated reclining seat

You can only fulfill your exercise needs if your tiny companion is cooperating. If they are comfortable in their seats, chances are they will not cooperate.

To make things work out for both you and your little one, Bob revolution flex is designed with ultra padded reclining seat that is ventilated. When your companion is wide awake and wants to enjoy the view, they can with the upright seating position and if they just want to lay back and relax, it is also very possible.

Bob’s seat can recline up to 70 degrees from the vertical. For added comfort, this seat is ventilated! No more sweaty uncomfortable babies (yay!).

State of the are suspension system

No one will want to ride in a shake shake any thing (well maybe rollercoaster will be an exception). Anyway, a jogging stroller with a great suspension system is the best for babies because it offers protection and comfort to these little angles when you are jogging.

If many babies could talk, they will say smooth ride to the Bob revolution flex stroller with its two levels of weight adjustment suspension system that provides three whole inches of wheel ride.

Furthermore, shock from the ride is also absorbed by 16inches worthy air filled tires. With Bob, it’s all about safety and comfort for both you and your little one.

Safety features

Bob revolution flex is designed with safety in mind. The stroller seat has a five point safety harness which is the recommended harness for securing babies/children in their seats such that there is no chance of them wiggling out.

A wrist strap is also another important safety feature that ensures that your stroller stays close to you at all times (no run away strollers).

A foot activated parking brake is also another great safety feature that ensures that your stroller will stop and not just slow down when you want it to.

Ample storage

There is so much storage space in this stroller that I think you can bring almost anything you and the baby will need along for the ride.

It is designed with a huge under seat storage basket and more interior and back seat storage puckets.

Bob revolution flex can also be stored easily when folded and folding is pretty easy too.


Bob revolution flex 2016 stroller, can be converted into a travel system stroller which can hold babies as young as 8 weeks old.

However, Bob do not advice the use of the stroller for jogging when in the travel system mode. You can only jog when your baby is placed directly into the stroller.

Bob revolution flex stroller 2016 has a swiveling front wheel which makes it not stable enough for marathon style jogging.

Before you take your baby out for jogging, seek the advice of their pediatrician to find out if they are old enough. They are old enough when the neck muscles can handle the stress of the ride.

What are people saying

This stroller is the # 1 best seller on Amazon. It is loved by many and has received so many four and five star reviews. Below is one of the five star reviews,

review for bob

Like with many products, Bob flex does not have a perfect rating. Some people are not that psyched about it. Here is a 1 star review by an amazon customer,

Bob review

Overall, Bob revolution flex 2016 is a great stroller for jogging and has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating from amazon.

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