Top selling baby products

There are so many baby products in the market that finding one that will do the trick can be very hard. Today I will like to briefly talk about some of the best selling baby products in the market especially developmental toys. Play is very important in a child’s development.

Best sellers in balls for babies and toddlers

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

This ball is designed with multiple bright and bold colors that engages a child and stimulate their visual development. It has bumps that are very easy for children to grasp and roll or throw. The transparent plastic bumps have little colorful beads that rattle to engage your child even more.

Sassy developmental bumpy ball has a soft construction that is appropriate for kids. This ball helps kids improve on their gross motor skills.

Bright Starts Clack and Slide Activity Ball

Bright starts is a very interesting ball and is very engaging for children. It has rattles, spinning mirrors, spinning frog characters, Caterpillar bead chasers , multi-color design and multi-texture handles.  It also has clanking and squeaking movable rings.

This is an amazing ball to help capture the imagination of your child.

Sassy Developmental Sensory Ball Set

This developmental toy has three balls in the set which are all designed to engage your baby’s sense of touch and hearing skills. The soft ball future bold, contrasting colors and has a variety of textures your child can explore.

The plastic ball has rattle beads and stimulates hearing while the squishy baby- safe plastic ball has a bumpy surface and encourage touch. All three balls roll easily thus encouraging crawling.

Baby Einstein Rollar Pillar Activity Balls

This toy is recommended for babies 3 months and older. It is easy to grasp and feature five pillar balls with varying sensory activities; chime, rattle, mirror and light. All five balls are plastic and have bright colors that are very engaging for any baby.

Svance Kids Bowling Animals Friends Set Toy Soft Rubber

This eight piece bowling set is made of two balls and six vibrant color animal set all made from soft Rohs plastic which is very safe for toddlers and preschoolers. This toy is very good in helping children develop gross motor skills, fine motor skills, self esteem, emotional and conversational skills.

Best sellers in stuffed animals and teddy bears

Baby Einstein Octoplush

Octoplush is a very soft tactile developmental toy that babies can hug to hear a baby Einstein melody. It is multi textured and has colorful satin stitches on the legs that help babies in both tactile development and repetitive learning.

Octoplush has a language selector that allows you to choose either French, English or Spanish. It also feature volume control.

Gund Curious George Stuffed Animal, 12 inches

This toy features curious George, everybody’s favorite monkey. This is a 12″ plush and adorable version of curious George wearing a red t-shirt with his signature written in yellow. The surface of this plush stuffed animal is washable. This is a great gift for those curious George fans in your life who are One year and older.

Jellycat Bashful Beige Bunny

This is a luxurious and soft stuffed bunny that comes in many colors and sizes ranging from small, medium (12″) and big (26″). It is recommended for 0-2 year old. This will probably be the floppiest, softest stuffed animal you’ve ever touched. It features squishy bean filled paws that will capture the imagination of your little one.

Best sellers in children’s basic concept books

First 100 Words Board book

It is never too early to star reading to your baby. This is an amazing book with great first words for you baby to learn. This is a bright board book in which all words are accompanied by the picture representing the word. It is a great visual way for your baby to learn their first words.

There are 100 words and pictures for you and your child to read and talk about. The pages are made of hard board to withstand hours of reading and practice.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board book

This book is a classic that has been read by many generations and has been sold all over the world. I remember reading a few pages of this book at my nursery school in Africa.

This book is properly illustrated and features number words, names of days, fruits and much more. It comes in a miniature size that is just right for little hands. This very hungry caterpillar book is very colorful and the type to engage the imagination of your little one.

Dr. Seuss’s ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book

Dr. Seuss’s books are adored by my kids. They never get tired of reading them over and over and they laugh a lot at the pictures and bizarre words. They are fascinated by the very unique and unmistakable illustrations.

This ABC book is fun to read from A with Aunt Annie’s alligator to Z with Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz.There are so many toys, stuffed animals, books and much more that can help your child keep busy, active and keep learning. The list above is just a few of them that I think are very good for children.

I hope this list is helpful. Please leave a comment and don’t forget to share!

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