Uppa baby cruz stroller review

The Uppa baby cruz stroller is a compact stroller designed with aluminum alloy frame that fits through narrow spaces. It features an extendable SPF 50+ canopy that has a pull down visor and a mesh peekaboo window. It has a toddler seat that can be placed to faces both forward and backwards and can sit up right, recline fully or recline to any position in between.

It has a very large storage basket that is super easy to access especially from behind. It features an air go patent-pending wheels that mimic the cushion ride of an air-filled tire. These tires are lightweight thanks to the foam filling and they never go flat. They function well to absorb shock.
Uppababy has a unique streamline design that is beautiful and lightweight.

Ease of set up

This stroller is super easy to set up. According to many people who have bought this stroller, the instruction manual is very easy to follow. It has pictures where it is needed and explains the set up steps in clear and concise language. But the kicker here is, many people don’t even need the manual to set up this stroller. It is so easy and you can figure it out just by looking at the parts.

Ease of use, convenience and comfort

Frame and seat

uppababy-cruzUppababy cruz is designed to make life easy for parents. Its sleek and compact designed allows you to maneuver through tight doors, along narrow paths and in crowded areas with relative ease.

The Cruz stroller seat can face forward or backwards and it can sit up right, giving children a wider field of view or recline completely down for those outdoor naps or diaper changes.

It only takes a push of a button to lower or raise the seat and it can be done with one hand.

Uppababy cruz can be used for both infants and toddles. The snug seat accessory provides cushioning comfort and extra support for infants and is recommended for use when the seat is completely reclined.

Cruz can convert into a pram with the use of the very versatile bassinet when the stroller is completely reclined. This bassinet is called versatile because it is approved for overnight sleeping so if you and baby need to spend the night at grandma’s place, you need not to worry about a place for he/she to sleep.uppababy-pram

Cruz can convert into a travel system stroller with the use of an adapter, a mesa infant car seat or select chicco and maxi-cosi car seats. Car seats can be placed facing forward or backwards as needed. Uppababy is made to impressed.

Car seat installation is easy and efficient, the car seat snaps firmly on to the adapter and do not require a tether like some strollers to secure it further.


Uppababy Cruz has a huge storage that can be accessed easily from behind. It is big enough to take a diaper bag and other things you might need for your outdoor trip. It is durable and can handle a fair amount of mall shopping.

The storage has a plastic base that keeps it from sagging. It measures 2.7 cubic feet and can hold up to 25lbs.


uppababy-cruz-adjustThis stroller has a big adjustable SPF 50+ canopy that provides additional protection  from harmful UV radiations. It also has a sun visor that pulls down to provide additional protection and a mesh peekaboo window that is easy to see through.

When it is pulled down completely, it provides additional ventilation for your child.


This stroller features a telescoping handlebar that adjust to make it comfortable for parents of a wide variety of heights to roll it. The handlebar is easy to adjust with just a push of a button. So if you find yourself in a tight spot, you can push the handlebar in to make this stroller shorter.

Folding and weight

Uppababy Cruz folds nicely for a stroller that offers so much. It is however still a little bulky and might be a tight squeeze fitting it into the back of a car like  a Toyota corolla. It has a fold dimension of 22.25”W x 12”L x 37”H when the seat is not attached.

It can be folded with the seat attached and it has a dimension of 22.25”W x 14”L x 37”H. The Cruz is surprisingly light weight for a stroller that has so many features. It weighs about 21.5 lbs. (frame plus seat) and 15 lbs. (frame only). This makes it relatively easy to lift around.

It features an easy two step self standing fold with auto-lock. Unfolding is pretty easy too.

Things to note

When installing a basinet or infant car seat on to this stroller, you need to take out the stroller seat and canopy (they are attached). So, shade will be provided by the canopy of the car seat or bassinet when in the travel system mode or pram mode.

This stroller does not come with a child tray or parent tray which for me is an over sight but not a deal breaker. However, if you really need one, you can always buy it as an extra assessor.

This stroller features a wide plastic foot rest that reclines to multiple positions and is easy to clean. Uppababy Cruz comes with a bumper bar and a bug shield and an optional rain shield.

The cruz does not have a regular suspension system but it does have the patent-pending air go wheels that according the manufacturer serves the same purpose.



This stroller has a foot activated brake on the back of it, close to the storage basket. When activated, it stops the stroller relatively fine. The brake is easy to activate and release.

It features a five point safety harness that is super easy to put on, take off and adjust. It doesn’t require rethreading; straps can be adjusted .

This stroller is relatively lightweight and can be easy to tip over. So heavy objects should not be placed on the handlebar and avoid leaning on the sides.



Style and quality

Uppababy Cruz is a very stylish stroller; any fashionista will totally fall in love with this stroller. It looks good, feels good and rolls well. For something so beautiful, it is also made to last with strong aluminum frame and high quality fabric that is easy to clean.

What are people saying?

This stroller has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on amazon. Here are a couple of the amazon reviews;


Final thoughts

I am always wowed by the engineering deals Uppababy puts to its strollers and the Cruz is not an exception. It is lean and sleek and has so many cool features like the adjustable SPF 50+ canopy, a telescoping handlebar, five point harness, big storage basket, an adjustable foot rest, lightweight frame and easy and quick set up.

Check out this stroller by clicking on the image below,


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