Baby trend tri-fold mini stroller review

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The baby trend tri-fold mini stroller is a cute little stroller with so many amazing features for a very affordable price at Target.


It is the perfect stroller for the on the go parent especially for its lightweight (13 lbs.) feature. It folds to a compact unit that can fit easily in the back of your car. It can also be carried around with the help of the carry strap that is provided with the package.


The tri-fold mini stroller features a padded five point harness with shoulder straps that adjust for height. It also has a foot activated rear parking brake and a storage basket underneath that can be access both from the front and the rear. The design of the handlebar is ergonomic. It features a large canopy with a peekaboo window.


The tri-fold mini has an adjustable footrest and a seat that reclines to multiple positions.

Ease of use and convenience


baby-trend-mini-foldFolding this stroller is a dream come true for many; it is easy and folds so compact to fit in the back of the smallest of cars. There is a release knob on the side of this stroller that is used to hold it in place when folded. The combination of compact fold and lightweight makes this stroller easy to store and transport. It has a carry strap that is very useful when you want to tote this along.


This stroller requires little or no assembly.

Canopy and handlebar

The tri-fold mini stroller has a big canopy that extends to provide plenty of protection against the sun. This canopy has a peekaboo window for checking on your child. The viewing window can also provide ventilation for your child.

The handlebar is ergonomic and thus makes rolling this stroller very comfortable for parents of a wide range of heights.

baby-trend-mini-canopySeat and footrest

This stroller has a multi-position reclining seat which makes it easy to find a suitable seating position for your child. The seat offers plush padding which is super comfy for your child.


The tri-fold mini stroller features a five point harness that is very easy to put on and take off (it releases with a simple push of a button). This harness is padded to provide a comfortable fit over the shoulders of your little one.


The seat is recommended for babies weighing 5 lbs. to 45 lbs. and children up to 40 inches tall.

The footrest reclines to provide a comfortable position for your child’s feet to rest.

Wheels and brakes

This stroller is designed with single front wheels which are better than double wheels because they maneuver better and do not have the problem of getting caught in rocks.

They roll like a dream and will turn on a dime. This stroller has a rear foot activated parking brake that is pretty easy to initiate and release.


The storage underneath is big enough to hold a diaper bag and other supplies for you and baby (manufacturer advice against overloading for safety reason). It is easy to access from both the front and the back of the stroller.

Final thoughts

The baby trend tri-fold mini stroller is an affordable stroller featuring a padded reclining seat with padded five point harness, an ergonomic handlebar, single front wheels, a big canopy and a storage basket. It folds to a compact lightweight unit that is easy to store and transport with the help of the carry strap.

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Cheers Denise.

6 thoughts on “Baby trend tri-fold mini stroller review

  1. Wow this looks like it really folds down compact. We used a graco stroller for my son when he was younger and it was pretty bulk and was even hard to get in the trunk of my car.

    It also looks like it would be easy to travel with in as well. I know one time we brought the big stroller in the airport and it was not fun. Especially since we had a car seat as well.

    If we have another baby I will definitely consider the Baby Trend Tri Fold Mini, thanks for the review!

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      This stroller as the name suggest folds really nice and compact. It is very portable and durable too. For a price of less than $ 100, it is a winner for people looking to buy a lightweight stroller to take on a plane and for vacations.

        1. Hi Cherie,
          I have not rolled this stroller on a plane before but I think I can help with you concerns. This stroller has a width of 19″. Whether it will fit in the aisle of a plane or not is dependent on the particular plane. Some planes have aisle as small as 16″ while others are as wide as 25″. It will be wise to check with the airline and find out what the width of the plane’s aisle is.

          I hope this was helpful.

  2. Hi Denise
    I looked all over the internet to find folded dimensions for this stroller but couldn’t find them. Are you able to help me out?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Hazem,
      I am sorry it took me this long to reply (christmas season and all). I do not own this stroller at the moment and I have also tried to no avail to find the fold dimemsion online. I will continue to investigate and hopefully have an answer for you soon.

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