Britax b agile double stroller reviews


Britax b agile double stroller is a side by side stroller designed for a family with a newborn and toddle or two toddles. It has an aluminum lightweight frame. It folds easily and maneuvers nicely. It features all wheel suspension and front wheels that swivel/lock.

The canopy is big and has a ventilation window. The B-agile double stroller has a big storage basket underneath. It has independently reclining seat with five point safety harness. The handlebar adjust for height and this stroller can receive a britax infant car seat to form a travel system stroller.

Ease of use, comfort and convenience

Seat and harness

The B-agile double stroller features seats that recline independent of each other. Recline is achieved by pulling the recline adjuster release lever  and sliding it away from the seat till you are satisfied or you come to the end of the strap. It is pretty easy to recline and bring chair back to a more upright position. The seats don’t seat all the way up so it might be difficult for a child who is interested in their environment to enjoy the ride. Both seats contain five point harnesses that are easy to put on and remove. Both shoulder and waist straps adjust with ease too.

Folding and unfolding

This stroller folds in two steps that are relatively easy. First you need to press the frame release button and then lift on the frame release straps in the middle of the seats until the seats collapses and the chassis lock engages.

Unfolding is very easy and require the release of the chassis lock and lifting on the handle untiled the frame locks in an upright position. B-agile double stroller does not fold compactly so it might be a struggle fitting it into the trunk of a small car. On the plus side, the frame is some what lightweight, so lifting this stroller is not too bad.

Canopy and handlebarbritax-b-agile-double-stroller

It features a large canopy with ventilation for keeping your children cool. When the car seat is installed, it unfortunately gets in the way of the canopy so you can only depend on the canopy of the car seat to protect your infant.

The handlebar is adjustable for height and thus makes this stroller comfortable for parents of  a wide range of heights.


The b-agile double stroller features double wheels on each side of the front of this stroller. This wheels swivel and in combination to the bigger rear wheels help this stroller maneuver easily. All wheels have a suspension system that makes the ride in this stroller smooth. In addition to the suspension system, the front wheel lock feature makes riding on rough terrain smoother and safer. This stroller might not work well on gravel if rocks get caught up between the wheels.


The b-agile double stroller has a big storage underneath that is a little hard to access from behind. It has a zippered access in front of the stroller that is easy to access if you dont have a toddle on the seat, otherwise, you will need them to lift their feet so you can reach the basket.

This basket can take a diaper bag and some supplies for you and the kids.

Travel system

This stroller can convert into a travel system by receiving a britax infant car seat. It is ok to use this stroller for infants as long as they are in a car seat. Each seat can carry up to 50 pounds for a total of 100 pounds for the whole stroller.

The B-agile double stroller can only receives one car seat and is therefore not the best stroller for twins except in the case of toddlers who can seat directly in the stroller seat. The stroller comes with click and go car seat receivers that install properly only on the right seat so for safety reasons, car seats should only be installed on the right seat.

The car seat is always rear facing. The click and go receivers should be removed before folding this stroller.

Set up

This stroller is pretty easy to install because you only have to attach the wheels and canopies. There are plenty of pictures to help with the set up process and each manual features a single language.


The material for this stroller stains some what easily and can be difficult to clean. Some people say the material also fades kind of fast. There are only two fabric colors to choose from for this stroller.

Material is not machine washable; it has to be hand washed and air dried to avoid shrinking.  This stroller has a limited two year warranty for defective parts.


The B-agile double stroller has a rear parking brake that is activated simply by pushing down on the pedal to lock and lifting the pedal to release. When the brake pedal is lifted, it takes a few seconds for the brakes to completely release.

The five point harness adjust around the waist and shoulders for a snug fit. The suspension system limits side to side shaking especially on rough terrain.

The canopy provides protection against the sun and wind and has a ventilation that provide cooling to your little ones.

What are people saying?

The Britax 2016 B-agile double strollers has a 4.7 out of 5 star review on amazon. Many people like the way it rolls but do not like that it can only receive one car seat. Below is a review from amazon,


Final thoughts

The Britax B-agile double stroller is made for an infant and a toddle or two toddlers. It is a side by side stroller that features independently reclining seats with five point harnesses, big canopies and storage, swiveling locking double front wheels, a parking brakes and all wheel suspension system.

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