Bob stroller accessories

Bob accessories are designed for use on most bob strollers and some Britax, chicco, Graco and peg perego strollers.

BOB Handlebar Console, Single

This console comes with four hooks and loop straps for easy and secure attachment to the stroller. It has a zippered storage pocket for items like phones, car keys and purse.
It has two insulated bottle holders. It is made with a polyester material that is water resistant and resistant to stain.
According to some reviews on amazon, this console is floppy and doesn’t hold a lot. But many people love it and it has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating on amazon from 204 people.

Bob Stroller Handlebar Console with Tire Pump, Single


This set has a handlebar console just like the one describe above and a pump. The two insulated beverage pockets have structured bottom surfaces for easy removal of bottles. The center compartment is large and has a secured cover to keep your belongings inside.

The console has three exterior front pockets for storing small things. There is an additional storage pocket in the back for storing the pump. This console is compatible with all bob strollers.

The pump is expandable and lightweight and retracts back to a compact size for storage. The pump hose is flexible and make it very convenient especially in hard to reach places. It has an ergonomic grip for comfort and single stroke pumping action for efficiency.

Some people on amazon feel that the pump design is poor but many people like the set. This stroller has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 star on amazon from 255 people.

BOB Single Snack Tray, Black


This tray attaches easily and securely to all Bob strollers made from 2011 featuring the accessory adapter. It has one sippy cup holder and an area for putting snacks or toys.

Some people on amazon feel that the sippy cup holder is too small and the tray snaps in at a very high position (some kids struggle to see above it).

This tray has a 3.9 out of 5 star rating on amazon.

BOB 2016 Single Infant Car Seat Adapter for Britax & BOB

This adapter can help you convert your bob stroller into a travel system with the use of this adapter and a compatible Bob or Britax infant car seat. It features a click and go system. Manufacturer advice parents not to use this stroller for jogging with infants. This adapter installs and remove easily and the stroller can fold with this adapter on.
Some reviews on amazon state that the stroller does not fold with the adapter and the attachment to the car seat is kind of shaky. This adapter has a 4.5 out of 5 start review from amazon. There are other adapters for chicco, graco and peg perego strollers.

BOB Sun Shield Swivel Wheel, Gray 


This shield protects kids from the sun, wind and insects. It is made with breathable mesh material that reduces your child’s exposure to UVA and UVB radiations from the sun. It attaches securely and easily and is compatible with most bob strollers in the swivel mode.

BOB Weather Shield for Single Revolution

This accessories keep kids warm and dry in rainy and windy weather. The design is water resistant and has a clear viewing window that allows your child to enjoy the environment even in rainy whether.

It has strategically placed vents to allow for proper air flow without letting rain in. It attaches quick and easy. It is compatible with most bob strollers.

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