Baby jogger city select reviews

Baby jogger city select is a very versatile stroller that can work as a single stroller, a double stroller, a travel system stroller and a pram. It has over 16 possible configurations. This stroller is super easy to adapt with your growing family. It features a multi-position reclining seat, a big UV 50+canopy with a viewing window, a pair of 8 ” swivel locking front wheels and 12″ rear wheels. It is designed with a telescoping handlebar, and a hand activated parking brake.

Ease of use, comfort and convenience


baby-jogger-city-select-seatBaby jogger city select has a multi-position reclining seat. This seat can recline to a near horizontal position that is great for out door naps and diaper changes. The upright position is upright enough and the seat sits high to keep a curious child comfortable so they can watch their environment with relative ease. The reclining seat feature is great in that you will always find a comfortable sitting position for your child with this stroller. The seats come in multiple colors so you can personalize your stroller.


Baby jogger city select offers at least 16 seating configurations. Each seat can hold 45 lbs. and has a multi position footrest. So your child can kick back and relax in this stroller.


Baby jogger city select offers so many configurations. There are at least 16 of them that can be formed with bassinets, car seats and a second chair. With the right conversion kit and adapters, you can convert this stroller into a pram, travel system and double stroller in a heartbeat.


Double stroller configuration baby-jogger-double-stroller-seat

Baby jogger city select can be converted into a double stroller by adding another stroller seat. To add a second seat, you need a second seat kit (bought separately). Both seats can face forward and backwards regardless of the direction of the other (both seats do not have to face in the same direction). So when the kids feel like sharing a game, you can make the seat to face each other. When they are in the combative mode, you can change seat positions so they are facing in opposite directions.


There are some configurations of the second seat that get in the way of the storage basket but the good news is, there are other configurations to choose from. The only problem here is in such configurations, the child in the second seat can have access to the storage basket and eat, play or throw away thing you put in the basket.

Pram configuration

Baby jogger city select can be converted into a single pram, double pram or a pram/stroller combination with the use of a bassinet (deluxe pram), a bassinet kit or two and a second seat kit depending on the configuration chosen. The bassinets can face either forward or backward.


Baby jogger deluxe pram

baby-jogger-deluxe-pramPrams are great for outdoor naps and diaper changes. The bassinet (deluxe pram) is bought separately. Its interior is soft and made with luxurious quilted material that is very comfortable for babies. It features a large vented UV 50+ canopy with a pop out sun visor and wind guard to protect your little one from the elements.


The bassinet has a plush mattress pad with a cover that is machine washable. It stays cool in the summer due to a vent that is found in the bottom to keep air flowing through. It is sold with the adapters needed to install it on to the stroller. These adapters can later be used as car seat adapters for Britax infant car seats. It has a maximum allowed weight of 25 lbs.

The deluxe pram is not meant for overnight sleep. The city select stroller can only receive one deluxe pram at a time.

Baby jogger city select bassinet kitbaby-jogger-double-pram

This bassinet kit converts your stroller into a pram in very easy steps. It has a padded carry handle and a machine washable mattress cover. It has a foot apron to protect your baby from the sun. It is recommended for babies from birth to 6 months. The maximum weight recommendation is 25 lbs. This configuration is not intended for overnight sleeping and it is only compatible with the city select stroller. It requires a city select seat to complete the conversion.


Travel system configuration

baby-jogger-city-select-travel-systemWith the use of a compatible car seat adapter and an infant car seat, you can convert your stroller into a travel system in a heartbeat. Baby jogger city select is a great stroller for twins because it can receive two infant car seats, two bassinet conversion kits and two regular stroller chairs. With a bassinet kit, it can receive the littlest of babies as a double pram.


This stroller is compatible with some Britax/Bob car seats, Graco car seats and baby jogger city GO car seat.

Handlebar and canopy

baby-trend-city-select-canopyBaby jogger city select has a telescoping handlebar that adjust for height, making it comfortable for parents of a variety of height ranges to push it. With a telescoping handlebar, you can adjust the length of the stroller to make it fit in many places especially in churches and restaurants.


The canopy is big and adjust for different head heights (maximum head height of 21″). It also adjust to many open and close positions. It is UV 50+ and provide your child with a lot of protection from the sun. It has a viewing window with a magnetic attachment that opens quietly, allowing you to check on your child without waking them up or alerting them.

Wheels and fold

The city select stroller has a pair of 8″ front wheels that can be set to swivel or lock. In the swivel mode, it rolls like a dream. When on rough terrain or when jogging, it can be locked to give the stroller more stability and avoid sudden turns. The rear wheels are surrounded by 12″ forever air tires that help make this stroller all terrain. These rubber wheels are great because you never have to pump them.


This stroller is super easy to fold. All you have to do is lift on the sides and the stroller will fold its self. It folds compact and is locked in place with a latch for easy transportation and storage. It is easy to separate the seat when folding to make this stroller really compact. It can fit in the trunk of many small cars when the seat is taken out before folding. You can even take out the wheels to make it even smaller.

Storage and assembly

The storage basket of the city select stroller is big. It can hold a big diaper bag and have room for more. This storage basket can expand to hold supplies from a quick shopping trip to the store or mall. It is pretty easy to access from behind. The second seat might get in the way of the stroller in some position configurations.


This stroller is very easy to assemble. Many people can figure it out without the help  of the instruction manual. The manual is clear and easy to follow with pictures to help with the process.


The city select stroller features a five point safety harness that is easy to install and remove. This harness is efficient at securing children comfortable to their seat. It can adjust around the waist and shoulders to ensure a snug fit for your child.

It has a conveniently placed hand activated parking brake that is very easy to use.


Things to note

  • The city select stroller is pretty heavy so it might not be the most convenient stroller to lift into and out of your trunk (especially if you have to run errands that require driving to many different locations).
  • Accessories like the bassinet kit, car seat adapters, child tray, parent tray, rain cover, weather shield and more are all sold separately.
  • Folding is not that easy, You need to take the seats out to fold it compactly. With some practice, it can be done very fast.
  • This stroller is not good for jogging (people get confused because of the brand name baby jogger).

What are people saying?

For many people, this stroller is love at first sight. They love the design, the color, the way it maneuvers and the way it folds. Many people are not so impressed with the price but think it is worth it. Some people feel that the manufacturer should have at least thrown in a parent console and child tray for a stroller that cost  $ 400+.

Below is a couple reviews from amazon,




Final thoughts

Baby jogger city select is a very versatile stroller that can grow with your family. It is made sturdy and will last for a long time. It offers so many seating positions that will make your head spin. It features a multi-position reclining seat, a multi-position footrest, a telescoping handlebar, a big UV 50+ canopy with a peekaboo window, a hand activated parking brake, pram and travel system capability and a big storage basket. It can convert into a double and even a triple stroller with an additional seat and a roller board.

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