Phil teds sport stroller

Phil and ted sport stroller is an inline stroller that is good for the parent who wants to ride on a variety of terrains and do some light jogging. It is made with tough good quality fabric. It features an auto stop brake, multi-position reclining seat, adjustable handlebar, swivel locking front wheel, five point safety harness, adjustable sun canopy, plastic footrest and a compact easy fold.

It has 26 seating configuration from newborn to toddler. It is a very versatile stroller.

Ease of use, comfort and convenience


phil-and-teds-double-strollerThe seat of the Phil and teds sport stroller reclines to multiple positions, including a flat position that is baby/newborn ready. When it is reclined, there is plenty of ventilation provided for your child. With the help of the zip feature that allows you to unzip the fabric, this seat is deeper when reclined than those of many strollers. The fabric is very tough and good quality.

The sport stroller can become a double stroller with the attachment of the double kit that is sold separately. The second seat just like the main stroller seat adjust to multiple positions. The second seat gets in the way of the storage basket and the baby in this seat can have access to the contents of the basket. However, it is not too hard to get things in and out of the stroller when the second seat is attached.

With the right adapters, the Phil and Ted sport stroller frame can receive a carrycot to form a pram stroller. It can also receive a car seat or two to make a travel system stroller. The double kit can be used in the parent facing mode on the regular stroller seat. This mode allows your baby to face you and interact with you while you push this stroller

Wheels and tires

The Phil and Teds sport stroller features a swivel locking front wheel. When the swivel mode is used, it makes maneuvering along city streets and in stores easy. In addition to its slim design, it fits through tight spots and is relatively easy to maneuvers in crowded places.

With three 12” wheels and all terrain air filled tires, this stroller rolls like a dream. It has an amazing curb pop feature that allows for easy riding over curbs. This feature in addition to its slim design and swivel/locking front wheel makes this a great all around stroller.

Folding, storage and transportation

The tires of this stroller pop in and out easily allowing for a very compact fold. Even when wheels are left in place, the fold is still relatively compact. Folding is pretty easy and require both hands and it self-locks when folded.

Handlebar and canopy

Phil and teds sport stroller features a height adjustable handlebar, with nine options. The handlebar adjust for the strides and kicks for parents of a wide range of heights, allowing parents to assume proper biomechanics. The handlebar is padded and comfortable on the hands even for long rides.

The canopy is big and adjust to multiple positions to provide maximum shade for your child from the sun and wind. It has a pop out sun visor which provides further protection from the sun.


Auto brake

phil-and-teds-handlebar-and-auto-brakeThe Phil and teds sport stroller has an auto brake which is a pretty neat safety feature. The brake is designed such that it can be secured to the handlebar with a rotating clip. When it is released from the clip, the stroller stops every time you let go of the handlebar. Also is a conveniently place tether that securely hook to the wrist and secure the stroller.


This stroller has a five point harness (recommended by pediatricians across US). This harness is very easy to put on and take off. It adjust easily around the shoulders and thighs. It can be adjusted to three height levels. The harness is padded around the shoulder to provide a comfortable experience to your little one.

Things to note

The Phil and teds sport stroller is not a real sport stroller. By this I mean, it is not made to endure intense running and jogging. It is ok for the light jogger. It has big wheels but they are not enough to counter the amount of shaking, bouncing and bumping generated by intense exercise especially on a rough terrain.

Sport strollers typically have fixed front wheels and suspension systems to make the ride smooth for your little passenger. If you are looking for a sport stroller, check out the Thule Glide, Thule Urban Glide and Bob Sport Utility strollers.

The Phil and teds sport stroller weighs about 27 lbs. and each seat can hold up to 44 lbs. The storage basket is big and can hold up to 11 lbs.

It is compatible with one or two of the following infant car seats (adapters sold separately): Phil & Teds Alpha, Mountain Buggy Protect, Graco Snugride Classic & Click Connect models, Chicco Keyfit, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio and Maxi Cosi Mico (including AP) & Cybex .

The slim design of this stroller makes it great for fitting through many places but it might become small for your child faster.

What are people saying?

Phil and teds sport stroller has many good reviews. It has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Kohl’s. Below is a review from Kohl’s,


Bottom Line

Phil and teds sport is a great all around stroller. It is slim with big 12″ swivel wheels which makes it easy to manuever around corners, through crowded places and on a variety of terrains. It features a big canopy that can be adjusted which ever way the sun goes. The seat is adjustable especially to a flat position that is infant ready.

It can receive a car seat or two to make a double stroller. It can also recieve a carry cot to become a pram stroller. It has an adjustable handlebar and an auto-lock system. This is a very versatile stroller.

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