Gb pockit stroller sale

The GB pocket stroller is an amazing lightweight travel stroller that won the Guinness World record for smallest folding stroller in 2014. It is the perfect travel stroller which doesn’t only fold nicely but is as light as a feather. It weighs about 9.5 lbs. only. It is small  but strong and self stands when folded. It comes in six beautiful colors. Some styles are currently sold on amazon for a lower price of $199.99.

Ease of us and convenience


The seat of the GB pocket stroller is tall enough for older kids to sit comfortably. It has a five point harness with both shoulder and crotch straps. This harness is easy to adjust, put on and take off.

The seat of this stroller does not recline so it is not meant for babies but for kids that can seat up on their own. The seat is comfortable such that your child will not find it hard to get some sleep if the need arise.

The seat fabric, especially the one that comes in contact with your child is easy to clean. This stroller is small but strong and can hold a child up to 55 lbs.

The stroller frame and seat are very lightweight, making this a great stroller for the on the go parent who can just pick it up and hit the road.

Canopy and storage

The canopy is very small but this shouldn’t be a problem as this stroller was designed for traveling and not everyday use. It can only provide protection if the sun is over head, if it shines from angle, this canopy is no good.

The storage basket holds surprisingly a lot for a small stroller. It can hold up to 11 lbs. and it is very easy to access.


The front wheels of the pockit stroller swivels to 360 degrees. This makes it super easy to use especially in tight places like a restaurant. If you find yourself on uneven terrain, you can lock the front wheel to give the stroller more stability.

Folding and unfolding

It can be a little tricky to fold and unfold this stroller the right way but with practice it can be done relatively quickly. It folds down to 12”x7”x20”. So small it can fit in the lockers of some gyms or under the front passenger seats of certain cars.

It requires two hands to fold this stroller and it folds in two steps. When folded, it can stand on its own, allowing your hands free to take care of your child.

When unfolding this pockit stroller, it is important to make sure that you hear a satisfying click. This is to make sure that it is properly locked and will not fold on to your child. So you want to make sure it is firm and ready to hold your little one before you put them into it.

Pushing it

The GB pockit stroller is pretty easy to push with the swivel locking wheel option. It however does not have an adjustable handlebar so there is a possibility that parents with long strides and kicks might run into it sometimes. This problem can be resolved by using the one hand option that allows you to use the middle bar and push from the side of the stroller.

It is very easy to push this stroller from the side especially as it is lightweight and it rolls like a dream.

Things to note

  • The seat of this stroller does not recline but it is set at a position that is comfortable for any child who can sit up by themselves.
  • This stroller have some play in it but this is expected given the number of joints it have. It has about a dozen joints or more that allow it to fold as compactly as it does.
  • It requires two hands to open and close but when closed, it stands on it’s own.
  • This is not an everyday stroller; it is the perfect travel stroller.

What are people saying?

This stroller has a 4.5 out of 5 star review from amazon. Below is one of the reviews from amazon,

Final thoughts

The GB pockit stroller is a great travel stroller for the on the go parent. It folds to a very small size making it easy to take on a variety of vehicles. It is as light as a feather so carrying it around is not a problem, especially as it can fit into a small tote bag. It is small but strong and will serve the purpose of most vacations.

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