Baby jogger city tour reviews

Baby jogger city tour is a great travel stroller for parents on the go. It folds nicely and fits into a backpack style carry bag for easy transportation and storage. It comes in five stylish colors; onyx, cobalt, garnet, juniper and violet. At 14 lbs., it is very easy to tote around.

It folds down so compact that it meets the criteria for carry on luggage on most airplanes. This is baby jogger’s smallest folding stroller. It can be folded with one hand and it features auto lock for easy storage.

It features a multi position reclining seat, a big canopy with a peekaboo window and a storage underneath the seat.

Ease of use and comfort

For the most part, this stroller is supper easy to use especially as it is lightweight and folds down so compact it can fit on a plane luggage compartment. It is small but not flimsy.

The city tour stroller is however not a good everyday stroller. It is a good travel stroller which will hold well for a trip but not for extended everyday use.


The seat of the city tour stroller can recline to  a near flat position for comfy outdoor naps and diaper changes. The seat is some what shallow and might be uncomfortable for kids with big bottoms.

The most upright position of the seat is about 35 degree angle from the vertical. This is great when your child wants to sit back and relax but if they are alert and want a better view of their environment, it might be a problem.

The seat back is good for most kids but can be a little short for taller kids. The seat has a capacity of 45 lbs.


The canopy is UV 50+, big and extends to provide plenty of protection from the wind and sun. It has a mesh peekaboo window for viewing your child as you stroll. The window can double as a source of ventilation, especially on hot sunny days.


The storage of the city tour is small. This is understandable since the stroller is small and designed for travelling purposes. It can only hold a few small things. It is however easy to access and has a special storage space for the backpack style bag that comes with the stroller.


The city tour stroller has four small lightweight wheels which according to many who have bought this stroller is not as bad as it looks. The swiveling front wheels can be locked to give the stroller more stability especially when riding on uneven terrain.


Baby jogger is very good at designing strollers that allow for addition of a ton of accessories and the city tour is not an exception. You can personalize your stroller with accessories like a belly bar, a parent console, a cup holder and a weather shield.

What are people saying?

The baby jogger city tour has a 3.9 out of 5 star rating on amazon from 20 customers. Many people buy this because they want a small everyday stroller but find out that it cannot handle the strain of everyday use. It is small and is easy to tip over so parents advice others not to let their children lean on it. It is made for travel purposes. Below is a review from a verified amazon customer,


Final thoughts

Baby jogger city tour is a great travel stroller. It is designed with features like a multi-position reclining seat, a big canopy with a mesh viewing window, a storage basket with special storage for the backpack style carry bag and lightweight swiveling locking wheels.

It sells for $ 199.99 on amazon.

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