Bugaboo stroller reviews

Bugaboo designs some of the most beautiful and stylish strollers that are highly functional. They bring a certain chic to the world of strollers. Today, I will be giving a brief review of the bugaboo strollers, starting with the iconic bugaboo cameleon

Bugaboo Cameleon3

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Bugaboo cameleon is a versatile multi-terrain stroller that will take you and your little one from paved roads to the woods and the sandy shores of beaches. It adapts to your kid as they grows from infant to toddler.

It is made with care and love and does not sacrifice functionality for quality and style. You can personalize your stroller with the vast array of accessories and fabric colors provided by bugaboo for this stroller.

The cameleon can receive a newborn in the basinet option or the car seat option. It is very easy to attach and detach a bassinet or car seat to the stroller frame.

The bugaboo cameleon is reversible; you simply need to reverse the handlebar and put the big wheels in front when on uneven terrain to give the stroller more stability.

When riding in the cities, you can put the small wheels in front to give this stroller turning power. You can even use the two wheel option when pushing this stroller on sand to reduce resistance.

The handlebar is not only reversible but is also height adjustable.

You can also reverse the seat to face the front or the rear, depending on your preferences of your child. The seat can be reclined to multiple positions; a flat position for comfy outdoor naps, a reclined position to kick back and relax and an upright position when he/she is alert and wants to view their environment.

The stroller seat and bassinet are independent in the sense that they can stand on their own and can thus be use at home to lay the baby.

The carry handle of the stroller seat rotates out of the way to allow for easy access to the seat.

The ride in this stroller is smooth as a result of an adjustable swivel wheel suspension. When you buy the cameleon you get rain cover ,under seat basket, base seat fabric, seat/bassinet frame, leather-look carry handle, wire frame, chassis with wheels, extendable sun canopy and bassinet apron and a base bassinet fabric.

Bugaboo donkey

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This is a great stroller for one child, two children of different ages or twins. You can convert it from a mono to a duo to a twin in a heartbeat.

The mono version offers a lot of storage space both under the seat and at the side of the stroller. This additional storage in the form of a side luggage basket can hold so much making the bugaboo donkey the perfect stroller for shopping.

Both the side storage and the under seat storage are very easy to access.

You can easily remove the side storage basket and attach a seat or bassinet to make this a double stroller, double pram or a stroller/pram combination.

The seat of the bugaboo donkey is reversible and reclines to multiple positions. This stroller can accept a car seat or two to make a double travel system. The possibilities are vast with this stroller. So you can transition from newborn through infancy to toddle with this stroller.

The seats can both face the world as bugaboo puts it to allow your children to explore their environment. The seats can face each other to allow some bonding time between the kids.

This stroller can fold with the bassinet and seat attached and it can also fold compactly when they are removed.

Just like the cameleon, the seat and bassinet of the donkey can be used independently at home.

The wheels of this stroller can be configured to suit the terrain on which you are riding. In the two wheel configuration for example, the wheels are position close together to make it easy to ride on sand.

The handlebar is adjustable for height to make it comfortable for parents of a wide range of heights to push it.

The wheels are big, making it easy to push this stroller on multiple types of terrains.

You have several options to pick from when buying this stroller; the mono, the duo or the twin. This is a great stroller for the growing family.

Bugaboo bee 3

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One of the most remarkable features of the bugaboo bee is its extendable canopy. This canopy is one of the best for this class of strollers. It extends to provide a lot of coverage/protection from the sun and wind for your precious passenger.

Another great feature is the height adjustable backrest; your taller toddlers will have no trouble sitting comfortably in this stroller. The sun canopy and the five point harness adapts with the backrest too.

This stroller adapts with your child from newborn to toddler by converting from a pram stroller to a regular stroller.

The seat of the bugaboo bee is reversible and reclines to multiple positions; a flat position for naps, an upright position when they are alert and a reclined position when they want to kick back and relax.

The handlebar adjust for height allowing parents of a wide range of heights to assume proper posture when pushing this stroller. The frame of the bugaboo bee is light and it folds easy and compact. The frame of this stroller can accept an infant car seat to make a travel system.

Riding in the bee is smooth thanks to the four wheel independent suspension feature. The wheels can turn on a dime.

The harness is comfortable and it is easy to put on and take off. It adjust for height and around the waste to ensure proper fit.

The stroller is designed to be easy to carry either by grabbing the aluminum frame or placing the handlebar on your shoulders.

There are so many accessories with a wide range of colors to mix and match as you see fit.

Bugaboo buffalo

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Bugaboo buffalo as the name suggest is a robust, versatile and spacious stroller. It is designed with four big wheels for easy maneuverability on a variety of terrains.

It features a high sitting seat which is great especially for tall parents; no excessive bending when putting baby in the stroller or taking them out. The seat can recline to multiple positions. The flat position is especially important for outdoor naps and diaper changes.

The seat is reversible; it can face the rear when you and baby want to have a special moment or it can face forward if he/she will rather explore their environment.

The carry handle of the stroller seat can rotate out of the way to allow for easy access to the seat.

The stroller frame can receive a bassinet to hold newborns or an infant car seat with the right adapters.

Both stroller seat and bassinet can be used independent of the frame for holding the baby indoors or outdoors as needed.

The under seat basket of the buffalo is huge. In combination with the integrated bag hooks on the handlebar, it can hold up to 35 lbs.

Just like the bugaboo bee, the bugaboo buffalo has a big extendable canopy to provide plenty of protection from the sun and wind. It will provide a lot of shade to your sleeping child when the seat is lying flat.

The handlebar adjust for height making it comfortable for parents of a wide range of heights to push this stroller.

The buffalo folds nicely with both the bassinet and seat, and stands on its own when folded. It can fold compactly for easy storage and/or transportation when the seat and bassinet are removed.

You can personalize your stroller with the vast array of accessories provided by bugaboo for this specific stroller. You can even choose the color of the frame.

Bugaboo runner complete and chassis

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There are two kinds of bugaboo runners; the complete which is includes its own chair and the chassis which is just the frame or an extension for the bugaboo cameleon, bee, donkey and buffalo. In other words, the chassis version is like an accessory that previous owners of any bugaboo model (2010 and up) can buy to use with their stroller seat for jogging.

The runner is designed for active parents. It features three big bicycle type wheels that are made to handle speed and a variety of terrains. When running, the front wheel can be kept in line with the help of the tracking adjustment controls. The front wheel does not swivel; this makes sense since this stroller is meant for running.

It can be difficult to maneuver around corners with the runner but shouldn’t be a big deal as it adds to your exercise. The bugaboo runner has a built-in suspension system that makes riding in this stroller smooth for your child.

The speed control or handbrake is located in close proximity on the handlebar of the stroller to facilitate easy activation as the need arises. The handlebar adjust for height and makes it possible for parents of a wide range of heights to assume proper posture when pushing this stroller.

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The seat of the runner is reversible and it reclines to multiple positions. You can recline it when your child wants to relax or sit it up right when they are awake. The near flat position is not advisable when jogging.

The runner has a big under seat basket that can hold all essential supplies for you and your child.

As stated earlier, you can use the chassis with the seat of other bugaboo strollers. You should note however that, this chassis is meant for one child only. So if you have a duo or twin version of the bugaboo donkey and you are looking for a jogging stroller, you are better off buying another brand that offer a double jogging stroller.

Bugaboo runner folds compactly for storage and transportation. The wheels have mud guards to help keep your child clean from all the debris that lift as you run across various terrains.

Final thoughts

Bugaboo strollers are luxurious, stylish and highly functional. The price tags are high but well worth it. They have features like reversible seats, multi position seats, big canopies, big storage baskets and travel system and pram capabilities.

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