Baby trend expedition premiere jogger travel system review

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Baby trend expedition premiere jogger travel system is one of the latest release by baby trend. It is sleek and stylish and features a swiveling locking front wheel, an adjustable handlebar, a parent console with two cup holders and mp3 plugin and a multi position reclining seat with five point adjustable harness.

Ease of  use, convenience and comfort


The seat reclines to multiple positions with the help of a belt and buckle system on the rear of the seat back. It is not as easy as a push button system but it works well. You simply pull the belt through the buckle to bring the seat to an up right position and relax the belt to recline the seat.

The seat can recline low enough to provide a comfortable position for baby to nap outdoors. The stroller seat has a five point safety harness that is super easy to put on, take off and adjust both at the waist and over the shoulders.

The stroller seat is recommended from birth to 50 lbs. or 42″. Seat fabric is durable and easy to clean.

The stroller frame can receive a baby trend flex loc infant car seat to make a travel system stroller. Just like with other baby trend strollers, the car seat faces the rear and needs the child’s tray for support.

The flex loc car seat that comes with this stroller is recommended for babies 5-32 lbs or 32″. Both car seat and stroller fabric clean easily with warm water and mild soap.

Baby trend expedition premiere comes in two styles; Piscina which is a blue and black combination and the wisteria which is a mix of black and purple.

Handlebar and parent console

The handlebar of the expedition premiere jogger adjust for height, making this stroller comfortable for parents of a wide range of heights to push.

Adjusting the height is easy, requiring a simple squeeze on buttons conveniently located at the sides of the handlebar. The handlebar is made with a rubber material that is comfortable to the touch even after holding it for a while.

The parent console has two cup holders and a center portion that has MP3 speakers plug-in which are compatible with most MP3 players and Smartphones. So you and baby can enjoy some music as you stroll jog.

Wheels and tires

The front wheel of the expedition premiere stroller swivels to give the stroller great maneuverability on a variety of terrains. You can lock the wheels to give the stroller more stability when jogging or riding on uneven terrain.

This stroller has bicycle type tires that could come not inflated. Use a bicycle tire pump to inflate it to the pressure range indicated on the side of the tires. It is important to avoid inflating it above the required pressure.

Child tray

The child tray has a cup holder and room for snacks. It is easy to install and it rotates out of the way to allow access to the stroller seat. It is easy to wipe clean.

The child tray doubles as an accessory for installing the infant car seat. It needs to be installed properly before an infant car seat is attached to the stroller frame. This is so because the rear of the infant car seat sits on the child tray when it is installed.


Both the canopies of the stroller and infant car seat adjust to provide plenty of protection from the sun and wind. The canopy of the stroller has a peek a boo window for checking on your child as you stroll.

When the window is open, it can double as an additional source of ventilation for your child, especially on hot summer days. The flap that keeps the window close falls nicely on the canopy when open without interfering with little one’s view.

When the car seat is installed, it leaves the stroller’s canopy movable such that, both canopies can work in unison to give your little one a dark quiet place to take a shut eye outdoors.

Folding and storage

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The baby trend expedition premiere jogger folds to a nice compact unit for easy transportation and storage. It will fit in the rear of a car like Toyota Camry. It is relatively lightweight.

The storage basket under the stroller is big; it can hold a diaper bag and still have room for more. It is easy to access from behind.


Both the stroller and the car seat of the baby trend expedition premiere jogger travel system have five point safety harnesses that are easy to put on, take off and adjust both around the waist and shoulders.

The stroller has a rear foot activated parking brake that is flip flop friendly. To engage, you simply give the brake pedal a gentle downward push and release by lifting on the pedal.

The stroller has a wrist strap you can use to secure the stroller to you at all times.

The manufacturer advice parents not to put hot fluids on the stroller or cups that weight more than 3 lbs, in order to avoid accidents. They also recommend that parents should check with their child’s pediatrician before taking their babies for a jog in this stroller.

This stroller is recommended for babies who can sit unsupported.

The car seat features superior side impact and head protection and it is equipped with latch for safely and effectively securing the car seat in the car.

Final thoughts

Baby trend expedition premiere jogger travel system is a sleek new combo that will turn heads. It is a great everyday stroller especially as it is user friendly. It is equipped with an mp3 port, an adjustable handlebar, big bicycle type wheels, a multi position reclining seat with a five point safety harness, a big canopy with a peek a boo window, a big storage basket under the seat and a car seat with superior side impact and head protection.

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