Elle Baby Journey Convertible Stroller review

Product: Elle baby journey convertible stroller

Category: Everyday use, luxury stroller

Price: $299.99 to $349.99

Best place to buy: Amazon

Elle baby journey convertible stroller is an affordable luxury stroller that is designed to adapt with your growing child from birth to when they are 40lbs. It features a multi position reclining seat with a five point harness, a reversible and convertible seat and a large storage basket. It is equipped with swiveling locking front wheels, EVA filled tires, an adjustable handlebar, one step brake and a removable bumper bar.

Ease of use and convenience

Stroller seat

The stroller seat of the elle baby journey reclines to 4 positions. At one point, it is a carriage or pram as the seat lies flat and becomes a bassinet. This position is great for babies from birth till they are 6 months old. The stroller seat is reversible; so you can have it facing you when baby wants some bonding time with you and away from you when he/she will rather have a view of their environment.

It can recline to a more upright position to become a toddler seat which is recommended for babies from 6 months till they are 40lbs. The stroller seat is equipped with a five point harness that is easy to use and it adjust for height and around the waist.

This stroller comes in four fabric colors; black, blue, sand and pink. The last three colors are easy to spot among other strollers and they are fun and attractive. The seat fabric is made with polyester which is easy to clean and maintain.

This stroller can receive an infant car seat to make a travel system (adapters are sold separately). This stroller is recommended from birth to 40lbs.


The handlebar adjust for height to accommodate for the kick and strides of parents of various heights. It adjust to three height positions which conforms to the height needs of a vast amount of people. The handlebar is ergonomic and comfortable to grip.


The front wheel of the elle baby journey stroller can rotate at a 360 degree angle, giving this stroller a full range of motion. It is super easy to maneuver around corners, through crowded places and tight spots. The front wheel can be locked to give this stroller additional stability, especially when riding on uneven terrain.

The tires are filled with a durable foam that are low maintenance as you won’t have to pump it regularly as you would air filled tires.


This stroller has a big storage basket that is easy to access from all sides, especially in the carriage mode. There are additional storage pouches in the child’s seat for small toys, snacks and drinks.


The elle baby journey stroller folds in one easy step. It locks when folded for easy transportation and storage. It folds down to a slim size that is easy to store.


  • Elle baby journey has a one-step brake that secures the stroller efficiently to a stop position.
  • The stroller seat is equipped with a five point safety harness as recommended by pediatricians across the nation.
  • The bassinet is recommended for babies from birth and the toddler seat is recommended for children from 6 months.
  • The front wheel of this stroller swivels and locks for a steadier ride when on uneven terrain.
  • A removable bumper bar is provided for your child to hold on to when the seat is in the upright position.

What are people saying?

A lot is still to be said about this stroller and I think it will be mostly good when it happens. So far on amazon, only one review has been made.


This is a great stroller for a family to start with. It is designed to hold babies from birth till when they are 40lbs. It can receive an infant car seat to expand your options. It is easy and convenient to use. It falls under the category of luxury strollers that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Cheers Denise

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