Cynebaby newborn baby stroller review

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Product: Cynebaby newborn baby stroller

Type: luxury, convertible, pram

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Best place to buy: Amazon


Cynebaby newborn baby stroller is a high quality luxury stroller with features like an aluminum alloy frame, an adjustable handle, weather shield, a big padded bassinet, a suspension system, swiveling front wheels with suspension springs, fully adjustable five point harness and more.


Ease of use and convenience

Stroller seat

The cynebaby stroller seat is  a bassinet. It is reversible so you can have baby facing towards you or away from you. This seat can be reclined to multiple positions; it can sit up right for older kids or you can set it any where in the middle when your little one wants to kick back and relax.For the youngest ones, you can recline your seat even deeper for comfy outdoor naps or on the go diaper changes.


This stroller seat is recommended for 0 to 3 year old and can hold a maximum of 50 lbs. The seat has a high view so putting baby in does not require too much bending (convenient for taller parents). Plus a high seat offers your child a better view of their environment.The stroller seat/bassinet is padded for comfort and have a five point harness that is easy to use. The harness adjust for height and around the waist to ensure proper fit for your child.


The bassinet can be detached from the frame but according to the manufacturer, it should not be used alone like on the floor for safety reasons. The bassinet has a removable bumper bar which makes putting your child in and taking them out easy.

Handlebar and Canopy

The handlebar adjust for height to accommodate for the needs of parents of a wide range of heights. This is a very good stroller for tall parents as the seat is high and the handlebar can go really high.


The canopy adjust fully to provide protection from the sun and wind.


Cynebaby has big bicycle type rubber tires that are all terrain. These tire are durable and do not require pumping like bicycle tires; so they are low maintenance. The front wheels swivel to provide it with better maneuverability around corners and through tight passage ways. The front wheels can be locked to give the stroller additional stability, especially when using it on uneven terrain.


The front wheels have suspension springs that help make the ride smooth for your child.


This stroller folds easily and self stands when folded. At about 25 lbs., it is not hard to carry and it will fit in the rear of many small cars.


The under seat storage is big and can hold plenty. It is easy to reach from pretty much any direction. It is set high so it won’t sag and rob on the ground. There is a little storage pouch on the rear of the seat that can hold personal belongings like phones and car keys. A small mesh pocket located on the rear of the seat is deep enough to hold a water bottle.


This stroller has a rear foot activated parking brake which helps stop the stroller when in motion and when parked so that your child is safe every time. It has a wrist strap that helps in keeping the stroller close to you at all times.

What are people saying?

This stroller has a very positive review. Below are some reviews from amazon,

Content of package 

  • A mosquito net for stroller
  • A foot cover
  • A cup holder
  • A cotton cushion
  • A wrist strap
  • A baby food tray
  • Stroller frame
  • Bassinet


Cynebaby newborn baby stroller is a stylish luxury stroller that cost less than $300 on Amazon. It comes equipped with a multi position reclining seat with a five point harness, front wheel suspension, bicycle type non inflatable tires, adjustable handlebar and canopy, a big storage and many other accessories.

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  1. I think it’s a great product. Especially the vibration,sounds and Mesh sides for great air circulation,nice color and design,maneuvers out of the way easily

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