Babysing X-GO 2016 Reversible stroller review

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If you are in for an elegant yet functional stroller, then the Babysing X-go reversible stroller maybe the one for you. It features a magnesium alloy frame with a reversible handlebar.


It comes in three beautiful colors at Amazon; black, blue and khaki. The construction is great and everything including the fabric is top quality.


You can convert this stroller into a pram when you switch the stroller seat with the bassinet that comes with it. This stroller features a dragging mode that is super convenient when you are tired of pushing; it gives you another riding option. It has so many other features that will be discussed in detail below.

Ease of use and convenience

Stroller seat and bassinet

The stroller seat sits high to give your little one a better view of their environment. The seat is padded for comfort and it is equipped with a five point harness that is padded at the shoulder straps and crotch straps too. The harness is easy to use; it adjust for height and around the waist to ensure a proper fit for your child.


The back rest adjust to three positions to give your child different sitting options. The back rest can recline to a flat position that is great for outdoor naps and on the go diaper changes. Since this stroller seats so high, it can double as a high chair, saving you from spending more money on one.

The bumper bar provided with this stroller is made with material that is easy to clean, considering the sticky hands that will hold on to it. This bumper bar is removable, allowing easy access to the stroller seat.


The seat fabric is 100% cotton and breathable. All stroller fabric are removable and easy to wash. The bassinet is made with the same material as the stroller seat and is very comfy. The stroller weighs 32 lbs. and the bassinet weighs 10 lbs.


According to the manufacturer,  the stroller seat can hold up to 150 lbs. Babysing is very generous and ships this stroller with a mosquito net, a cup holder, a wrist strap and a rain cover as gifts.

Handle bar and brake

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Close to the handlebar is a conveniently placed hand brake that stop the stroller, keeping you and your baby safe. The package comes with a wrist strap that can be attached to the handle to keep the stroller close to you at all times.


The canopy of both the stroller and bassinet are big and adjustable. They are three paneled with a zippered mesh middle panel that can be zipped down to provide additional ventilation for your child. The canopies provide plenty of protection from the sun and wind.


The wheels are made of high quality rubber tires that roll smooth. It features all wheel suspension that help provide a very smooth and comfortable ride for your child. The front wheels swivel to provide better maneuverability on the streets, in shops and through tight alleys.


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Fold and storage

The babysing X-Go stroller folds down to a nice compact unit that is easy to store. It weighs about 32 lbs. so its a little bit heavy to lift. When folded, it can self stand to allow your hands free to attend to your child. In the self stand mode, it is easy to store in an apartment with little space.


This stroller has a nice storage basket under the sit that is easy to reach, especially from behind.

What are people saying?

This stroller has very good reviews so far on amazon. It has a 5 out of 5 star rating. Below are a two reviews from amazon,

Final thoughts

Babysing X-go is the luxury stroller which currently does not cost a fortune when you consider the price of other brands. It is made with high quality materials and it is very functional.


The seat sits high so your little one can have a better view of their environment. This high seat can double as a high chair at home or in a restaurant, saving you from having to make another purchase. It is equipped with a five point harness, a hand brake, a reversible handlebar, an adjustable canopy, a removable bumper bar, a nice easily accessible storage and big rubber wheels with all wheel suspension. It also comes with the bassinet.

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