Hot mom 3 in 1 multifunctional baby stroller review

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If luxury strollers is what you are looking for, then hot mom 3 in 1 stroller will do the trick. This stroller has an elegant design and is sure to turn heads and earn a lot of compliments. It comes with seven functional gifts to compliment it. It features 100% pu leather seat fabric, an adjustable seat and handlebar, a reversible stroller seat and a multi position reclining seat.


Ease of use and convenience

Stroller seat

The stroller seat reclines to multiple positions, including a near flat position for outdoor naps and on the go diaper changes. The seat fabric is made with 100% pu leather that is comfy to the touch.


The seat adjust for height up to 87 cm up from the ground. The seat is 360 degree reversible; so when your little one wants to face you, he/she can and if they rather face the world, it is possible too.


The seat is very easy to clean and is waterproof. You can attach a removable bumper bar to the stroller frame in front of the egg seat. The seat has an insert that is soft and comfy. The stroller seat has a five point safety harness that is easy to use. The harness adjust for height and around the waist to ensure a proper fit for your child. The shoulder straps are padded for comfort.

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The stroller seat is recommended for babies from 6 months.


The bassinet is big and comes with a soft and comfy insert. The insert comes in a variety of colors. The bassinet is good for babies from birth. This stroller can become a travel system with the use of an adapter and a maxi cosi CabrioFix and maxi-cosi mico max 30 infant car seat. The manufacturer usually sends the adapters to customers upon request.



Fold and storage

It is easy to fold it once you get used to it. The base folds for easy storage. The stroller seat and the bassinet does not fold. You will need both hands to fold and store this stroller. It is some what bulky so you will need a car with a big trunk like an suv to take the stroller around. It is also a little heavy so it is not the kind to take in and out several times a day.

It has a big storage basket that can hold all your essential supplies. It is very easy to reach from the back.

Canopy and handlebar

The handlebar adjust for height, so this stroller is comfortable for most parents to push. The canopy is big and extends to provide a lot of protection from the sun.



The stroller frame is made with aviation magnesium alloy which is durable and lightweight. The fabric is made with 100% pu leather. It features all wheel spring suspension. The wheels are made with durable materials. It features a rear foot activated parking brake for safe parking.


The stroller frame and seat adjust to three heights, 69 cm, 78 cm and 87 cm. Stroller seat reclines and is reversible, on top of being height adjustable. The seat fabric is water proof and cleans easily.


This stroller has a foot activated rear parking brake. It also has a wrist strap to help keep the stroller close to you always. The stroller seat has a five point safety harness and the front wheels lock to help the stroller ride steady on uneven terrain.

What are people saying?

This stroller has a very good review on Amazon and the manufacturer tries to answer as many of the customer’s questions as possible. Below are a couple reviews from amazon,

Final thought

Hot mom 3 in 1 stroller is a great luxury stroller. It features a reversible and multi position reclining seat with 100% pu leather fabric that is water resistant and easy to clean. The frame is made with aviation grade magnesium alloy. The wheels roll easy and feature spring suspension to make the ride smooth. It can become a travel system when the right adapter and a maxi cosi CabrioFix and maxi-cosi mico max 30 infant car seat are used.

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2 thoughts on “Hot mom 3 in 1 multifunctional baby stroller review

  1. Hi. I bought a Hot Mom stroller with bassinet combo 2nd hand but It was brand new and had never been used. It is absolutely beautiful and sturdy but unfortunately it did not come with a car seat. I live in South Africa and have tried a number of different car seats and none of them fit. I saw that some people say a Maxi Cosi should fit if you get the adapters, but mine never came with adapters and I cant seem to find the for sale anywhere. I’m hoping that you can help as I love the pram and really don’t want to sell it.
    Thanks so much, Amy

    1. Hi Amy,
      Have you tried looking on eBay and Aliexpress? These two sites carry a lot of these items. Read the reviews and hopefully you will find one that works. Also, try looking on the Facebook market place and Craiglist

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