Baabyoo Ultra lightweight Baby travel stroller review

Product: Baabyoo Ultra lightweight travel system Stroller

Recommendation: travel in a variety of vehicles including airplanes, everyday use for light errands. Not recommended for jogging.

Price: $216.66 to $249.99 at Amazon

Colors: blue black, light blue, rosy red, purple, red and black


  • It is made with aircraft grade alumina alloy.
  • It is impact resistant, scratch resistant and cold resistant
  • it is lightweight (from 10-14 lbs.) but has a reasonable carrying capacity (55 lbs.)
  • It folds to a small compact size that is easy to carry around or store in the trunk of a car or overboard in an airplane
  • The footrest is adjustable
  • Has a removable child trays
  • It has a large soft head support for the car seat and the stroller
  • The stroller seat reclines to multiple positions, including a comfy position for outdoor naps or on the go diaper changes
  • The canopy is big and adjust to multiple positions to provide plenty of protection from the elements
  • Both stroller and car seat has a fully adjustable five point harness
  • It has a removable oxford cloth cover
  • The stroller seat, sits high, away from exhaust and gives your child a better view of their environment
  • It has an adjustable handlebar which is non slip
  • The seat back is firm and does not sag
  • Front wheels swivel and has spring shocks
  • It has reasonable size storage basket
  • It has a fold size of about 35.4×18.1×10.2inch  which is suitable for carry on luggage for an airplane.
  • It can receive an infant car seat but this package does not come with the infant car seat

Ease of use and convenience

This stroller is very easy to use. First it weighs 10-14 lbs which makes it very easy to carry around. The frame opens and close easily and when it is folded, it is so small that it will conveniently fit in the overboard compartment of a plane.


The handlebar adjust so parents of different heights can push it comfortably. It has a five point harness that is easy to use and adjust fully. The storage is big enough for your essentials. The storage is easy to access.


This stroller seat reclines to multiple positions so you will be sure to fine a position that is comfy for your child.

The wheels roll like a dream, making this stroller very easy to push. The front wheels have spring suspensions that help make the ride smooth for your child. The foot rest is great and it comes with a cup holder for you.


There is a removable bumper bar that your child can hold on to if they like (rosy red and light blue design). The blue black, red black and purple versions have a child tray with a cup holder. It comes in multiple colors and designs so take the time to chose one that fits your style.

What are people saying?

So far on Amazon, this stroller has a 5 out of 5 star rating. These reviews are for the purple design. Below are some of the reviews,



  • It seems as though the various colors have different features, with most of the features overlapping. Some have separate handlebars and some have double wheel designs (amazon has more pictures and details).
  • The red/black and the blue/black designs are similar, while the light blue and rosy red designs are similar. The purple color is unique.
  • This stroller does not come with the car seat. If you need the car seat, contact
  • baabyoo for more info.

Final thoughts

If you are planning that trip and wandering which stroller to buy for the trip, then look no further than the Baabyoo Ultra lightweight Baby Stroller. It folds down to a nice unit that qualifies it for carry-on luggage. It is lightweight so carrying it around will be no trouble. The frame is strong so you will use it for long. It has a big adjustable canopy to protect your child from the sun and the storage under the seat is spacious.

Cheers Denise.

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