Mutsy Evo Industrial Edition Stroller review

Product: Mutsy Evo Industrial Edition Stroller

Recommendation: Everyday use

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (may change from the time of this review)

Colors: Blue with dark grey chassis, blue with silver chassis, grey with black chassis, grey with silver chassis

Price:$429.00 to $459.00


    • Lightweight and stylish
    • Denim fabric
    • Aluminum frame
    • Reversible stroller seat
    • 165 degree stroller seat recline
    • Suspension system and ball bearings on all wheels
    • Front wheels swivel a complete 360 degrees
    • Large canopy with viewing window
    • Height adjustable leatherette handlebar
    • Adjustable leg and footrest
    • Frame is design to switch between a stroller seat, bassinet and an infant car seat
    • Stroller is compatible with some maxi cosi and Graco infant car seats with the use of adapters

Ease of use and convenience

Stroller seat

The stroller seat of mutsy evo reclines to multiple positions, including a near flat position that is great for outdoor naps and on the go diaper changes. The backrest can adjust to four positions and the leg and footrest can be adjusted up and down. The stroller seat can be rotated to face you or to face the world as needed.

Reclining the seat, reversing its position and switching from seat to car seat or pram is so easy as you only have to pull on easily located levers and attach adapters. The stroller fabric is denim that is durable, stain resistant and comfy to the touch. A removable leatherette bumper bar is provided with this stroller.

The stroller seat has a five point harness that adjustable for height to ensure a proper fit for your child. The stroller frame can receive an infant car seat or a bassinet with the help of adapters. You need to remove the stroller seat in order to attach the bassinet or infant car seat.

The stroller seat is recommended for babies 5-55 lbs.


The front wheels can swivel a whole 360 degree; this gives the stroller amazing maneuverability. You can lock the front wheels to keep the stroller rolling straight when riding on uneven terrain.

Mutsy evo features all wheel suspension and ball bearing to help the stroller stay align and ride smooth. The stroller wheels are big and does well on a variety of terrains.

Canopy and handlebar

The canopy is big and has a viewing window for checking on your child. You can unzip the canopy to make it big and provide additional protection from the elements for your child.

Mutsy evo has an adjustable leatherette handlebar. This handlebar is comfy to grab and since it adjust for height, it is comfortable for many parents to push.


The storage basket is located between the rear wheels. It is big enough for all your essentials and have room for more. It is very easy to access, especially form behind.


Mutsy evo can be folded with and without the stroller seat. It is very easy to remove the stroller seat in order to achieve a more compact fold. If you need to get it even smaller, you can pop out the wheels easily. This stroller frame is relatively lightweight and easy to transport and store.


      • Mutsy evo has a rear foot activated parking brake
      • It has a five point safety harness
      • The front wheels lock to give the stroller more stability when riding on uneven terrain.

Final thoughts

Mutsy evo is sturdy and very practical. You can use it from the moment your child is born with the pram or infant car seat to when they are 55 lbs. It features an adjustable leatherette handlebar, a big expandable canopy with a viewing window, a multi position reclining seat, an adjustable leg and footrest and a big storage basket.

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